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  1. mj b

    How old was ultron anyway? I watched the whole movie but they never said anything about his age 🤔

  2. kk 5579

    For once we got an accurate construction scene in asia lol BAMBOOOOOS

  3. Yahira Rodriguez

    This trailer reminds me of Die Hard

  4. 100Hasake

    The way he said black, you can tell he's racist

  5. Miguel Abrantes


  6. Ojas Atmajeet ROX

    Why to release a clip of a released episode when you can show the clip of next episode.

  7. powerlinkers

    awkwafina is funny.

  8. Silent Gamer

    🤔 I must be one of the few that doesn't enjoy this series. Thought I'd like it but naw it's just not for me.

  9. Cade Deighniel Anes

    prime armor is the best but its not the only best like mark 50 85 kinda strong and 50 if tonys armor is broken and it gets fixed again

  10. Pallav Chettri

    This ep was sooooo good

  11. Noah Smith

    I didn't even know what tldr ment for until recently

  12. Johns

    What was going on wth thor face

  13. Trombone Man

    This was one of the best episode, it paid off for the previous episode.

  14. Joni: the friend's made sage

    Lowkey sound's like Solid Snake 🔫🐍🎮 8:56

  15. pestulio07

    For the love of GOD please get new writers for the next season. I was sooo excited for this show, but the writing, "jokes", and storylines are so cringe inducing it hurts. Captain Carter, evil Dr Strange, and the Zombies were fun, but this garbage is painful.

  16. Yᴏɢᴀsᴛᴀʀᴋ

    Darcy Is my Crush And she Stole The show 🥰😘

  17. D EM

    I remember sleeping on CA:TWS trailers cu'z cap had no appeal to me until I saw the movie 2 years after it's release... then Cap became my fav Marvel hero, and the scene from End Game when he was about to face Thanos' army alone made him my fav superhero in general. <3 really gonna miss Steeeb.

  18. SHYNE Carnival360

    What the helllll sooo amazing !!!!!!!!

  19. Crisfilms

    Looks lame as hell

  20. Badnam mans

    lovley bro


    Sentry vs captain marvel show that

  22. Guru Saran

    We want to see the fat thor again in animation it's suits perfect for this situation 😂✌✨

  23. king of by 1

    It anemi from spider man 2010

  24. Kervin Galvez

    yo marvel is there a episode nine in the show

  25. 9ine9ine1ne stoopid

    Captain party pooper ain't got nothing on main timeline Thor though.

  26. M C

    i demand that Tim discuss this on his podcast post haste

  27. SuziHIVE

    Looks like a huge axolotl

  28. Kev f31

    Stan lee cameo at amazing Spider-Man 1 perfectly explain what are the eternals doing during the endgame

  29. Dr. grover

    ngl the animation style heavily reminds my of genshin impact. crossover maybe?

  30. Minnie Fromm

    I have watched this SO many times now… fraction run is one of my favorite comic series of all time and when we saw the track suit draculas and KATE I squealed

  31. muhd hafiz m

    Is that elma?

  32. Ian Cruz

    0:21 i remembr how beautifully expensive shiny cal shield look in phase 1 then in te end of endgsme it looks like cheap paper tin. That look so then when back then it had extra thicc metal which made it more solid. With qualoty paint. atleast in civil war they got that most look back.

  33. Debbie Downer

    shes hot

  34. Dylan James

    this was by far the worst episode so far, couldn't even sit through the whole thing it was so cringey

  35. Tikaaa

    i was watching What If ep7 last night, and i fall asleep bcs i still didnt get their jokes🤣🤣

  36. Ali Allach

    Captain America and Bucky my favorite character 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  37. sRiNiDhi R.R

    This episode was like a breather given to us after all those dark episodes...... Oh Untill the last 5 seconds

  38. eka septi

    Nikiiiii love yaaaaaa

  39. ah huat

    lol ruin entire video to shang chi with this kind of music wtf

  40. Caden Cressman

    Wolverine game.

  41. Arturo Mendoza

    Candwikc boseman

  42. ProducedByNorth

    They did Ultron dirty

  43. Yehey

    This is the 2nd worst episode yet and the worst one in my opinion is the zombies

  44. Wicked Shades Productions

    The original name for this episode was, “What If…we threw a galactic MCU party”

  45. U M

    Can't wait to see it later



  47. KEMO XO

    I am waiting for these exciting events

  48. gnh

    Too feminine, she needs the Carl Manvers treatment.

  49. Reymark Casipit

    Wingardium leviosa

  50. black panther221

    Poor Thanos

  51. SombraLixo

    Just noticed, its the Asian comedian guy

  52. Sue Ladd

    Opening To Captain America: The First Avenger 2012 DVD

  53. JayAnimates

    Wait ...... What do you mean by bring the thunder?

  54. Reymark Casipit

    Thor: "I don't know anything about horse gods." Poseidon: 👁️👄👁️

  55. yappa08

    I think one of the main reason they picked Tron over Megaman is cause she's a popular use back in MvC2. Capcom listened to their fans and know who they want back. Unlike MvCI.

  56. Garrett Jackson

    I have a good feeling about this film

    1. Garrett Jackson

      If Jack Kirby was still alive he be like wow


    DAY 30 of watching this trailer until this movie drops in theaters

  58. Santiago Klappenbach

    Stop saying that he finally gets his solo. He doesn't. He has a woman sidekick that will most likely end up being better than him. Just like they did with Loki. Destroying male characters one by one, because that's how Disney sees equality. Not as being original or creative, but by destroying/diminishing white male characters. If it was his solo, he would not have a sidekick. Also it should've been a darker series going back to his style in Endgame, and not a dumb comedy with action in it. He deserved his solo show, but he didn't get it.

  59. JRC

    If you didn’t know, the great protector is a original Chinese dragon

  60. Wicked Shades Productions

    But what is Morris?

  61. Jack Holson

    sick nwo

  62. MasterOfMelons

    Can't wait for Hawkeye to be a background character in his own tv show.

  63. Sparty Fortune

    the fact that that this was just like the scene from age of ultron where they were partying turns out to have asgardian party

  64. Rey Skywalker

    Yesssssssss , oh yes bear marvel character.

  65. Peter Ming

    Just watched it last night, and already tearing up on the first fight scene. I've watched a lot of Kung Fu/martial arts movies from the pre Jackie Chan era up to present time: I'm telling you this is on another level already. I was expecting typical Asian Kung Fu plot with mafia, gangster power play and the likes (from the trailer), but was totally surprised and amazed by the actual movie. Need to watch again: on IMAX this time.

  66. Rey Skywalker

    Best freaking trailer for the marvel universe 😍😍🥰❤️🥰🥰

  67. Peter Ming

    Imagine having Tony Leung as your father and Michelle Yeoh as your auntie. Just watched it in cinema where it truly belong, and it was the best Marvel movie made to date, up there with Black Panther and the Avengers: Infinity Wars and Avengers: Endgame.

  68. Jared Anderson

    Tim on a Marvel thing wtf?? 😂😂

  69. Alejandro Morales

    Absolutely loving this animation style. So excited for season 2. I really hope we get a ton of seasons for this show. It's perfect for Disney Plus.

  70. Arevir Wehttam

    Combat looks awful, prob gonna be a hard pass

  71. Colbert Awesome


  72. Notorious

    Was that crap supposed to make me want to watch it? You'd have to have the mental age of an 8yo to find that scene funny 🤦🏻‍♂️

  73. Chone

    I hate how you take every chance to do the annoying "strong women educating men". It's so annoying.

  74. Colbert Awesome


  75. GhostKid

    this episode makes me hate captain marvel even more

  76. dart


  77. c4tgvrl .

    I’m here a year later :)

  78. Alexis Antonio

    Jessica stroup was amazing on iron fist, Congratulations!!! From the Dominican Republic.