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  1. Chris Calderin

    I have fallen a n d I can't get up LMBO

  2. Wendy Garcia

    Um would you land? Heck yes I'm going to land. Wouldn't miss this!

  3. Arnav Hemanth Mutt

    Step pilot I'm stuckkk

  4. panda4247

    While I agree with all of you who say it should (or even already is) a felony, I have a practical question.. How does that even happen? If you shoot the laser above you, the plane does not have windows on the bottom (does it?). You'd have to hit its front side, you'd have to be 10s or 100s of kilometres in front of it for the angles to work (or the plane would have to be poining downwards, which I suppose isn't the case here, since they just took off).

  5. le yio

    I have never heard english speaking people sayin Quebec so many times in a row. And even more surprising none of them sounded like the usual "qwooebec" we are used to hear

  6. starwarsrebel2006

    In situations like this, even if it slows things down by just a couple of seconds, I think it's important for ATC and pilots to read out their call sign numbers individually, so Delta One-Three-Two-Eight and Delta Three-Eight-Two-Eight.

  7. Tony Don

    "Oh no I'm stuck." "Help me step Cessna."

  8. ex59neo53

    All excuses are good to make new friends and have some beers :)

  9. jeremy41234

    Frequency change approved 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. le yio

    I like the pilot's reaponse tho 1:30

  11. Sridhar V

    Really nice to see the pilot coming to help immediately 👍🏼

  12. Andy Clemence

    I lost it when he used "guy stuck in his plane" as a callsign.

  13. Ricky Lowry

    Chinese pilot. Not surprised...

  14. starwarsrebel2006

    This ATC guy sucks. He's American and even the American pilots are having trouble understanding him. It could be a disaster if he speaks to a Japan Airlines, Air China, or other pilot who doesn't have English as their first language. Yes, I know the pilots all speak English, but there is still a BIG difference between someone who has English as their first language and someone who learned how to speak English so they could become a pilot.

  15. Joshua doe

    pan pan pan pan pan pan

  16. Gary Miller

    That is so dope! What a bunch of awesome people. :)

  17. Chris Sede

    I wonder if Japan has a retirement age for controllers. I could come out of retirement and help them out.

  18. Hdr H

    That description at 6:30 should have been at the beginning of the video! Throughout the video i was wondering who is phat and who is omaha, and who is bigfoot.

  19. Shiraz Souliman

    That's the aviator's spirit

  20. Dad Bod vs The World

    I am absolutely amazed at their opspecs allowed that. I fly for a competing Airline and we are not allowed to take off without an IFR Flight Plan.

  21. pm 110

    Very good call guys.....nice job!

  22. Maximilian S.

    This is absolutely amazing.. Unfortunately I have nothing to do with aviation at all.. Yet, would you look at that.. Two random pilots having an out of the ordinary conversation/situation and I'm smiling like a little child again because of how wholesome they are. Wish I could be part of this community of pilots but medical complications are a cunt and a half :(

  23. NotModz X


  24. Be Edward

    Thats is the right way to do standart atc comm, the atc just doing standart comm

  25. Chuck Manson


  26. BroEd

    That's why you need AAA😂. Pilots are the kindest people you'll ever meet.

  27. Mat Turner

    I hope Mr. Clurtelan hasn't read this comment section!! While he should be slowing down and enunciating properly, to be fair, why would they hire someone with an obvious accent that's hard to understand?

  28. John Mullen

    Shoutout to the guy that took a second to help, and even BIGGER kudos to the guy that got stuck and had the balls to call over CTAF for help. That's definitely a first for me haha absolutely outstanding all around. Some faith in humanity restored there! Also, if these guys aren't Canadian... they should be. 😂

  29. Jim Rossi


  30. v8 fastback

    Hey, thanks. While you're at it, can you bring me a cheeseburger?

  31. Kaliss

    Rip Skylord.

  32. Ragesauce

    "I don't have a pen but gosh I just so happen to have the number in my contacts" ohhhh that's a bad pilot if he already knows the number and he's lying about not having a pen.

  33. John Day

    Another good news day adverted, darn.

  34. Travis Edrington

    Welp. Guess you are a tower now.

  35. Doug Mapper

    I can sense the paperwork from here

  36. Gihanga Manvidu Gurugamage *

    SFO and Air Canada have problems

  37. Dan D

    The instruction was: "...cleared for takeoff, fly west-bound." The pilot heard, and read back: "... fly left-bound." The pilot made the mistake of misunderstanding and not clarifying. The controller did not likely hear the readback, since we could hear "fly left-bound". A couple potential ways this controller could have helped the pilot: 1. He could have recognized the garbled readback, and clarified with 114FA since he didn't even specify the runway in the readback. ("runway approved", should have been "Runway 25 cleared for takeoff" 2. He could have used more appropriate phraseology (though I get it.. handling GA aircraft all day at an exec would be super repetitive.). That phraseology would be: "N114FA, Runway 25 cleared for takeoff, upwind departure to the West approved." That might've helped the pilot. The blame could be placed on both the pilot and the controller in a few different areas. All we can do is learn from these sorts of mistakes, and by doing so - make the skies safer.

  38. Abe Kebal

    If this incident happens between my neighbouring countries, the comment section will be filled with people fighting over who's army is better than the rest

  39. Raghavan Parthasarathy

    How did he get instrument rating? I am sure non-pilots can read that back better.

  40. Jerry D

    Am I going to have to say it? The city or the waypoint on the map SHIRLEY. I am serious.

  41. Zoomer30

    About the only time I have heard ATC scared.

  42. ParadigmUnkn0wn

    If she'd just given him a proper vector he probably would've been fine. "Turn southbound now" clearly isn't working.

  43. ryan0io

    In before Mentor does a full reenactment, simulation and crm analysis.

  44. Kinetic Games

    Made me smile, very awesome that the other pilot landed to assist. From reading a few pilot comments, it seems like this is not too rare of an event. Isn't that a pretty big safety issue?

  45. Tristan Tzara

    Why did you cut it off there, now you don't hear the context for him saying he's a white guy, I heard the rest a while ago now its kinda awkward

  46. LouisPrudhomme

    I assume the Cheetah has some form of « emergency canopy release » system in case the pilot really needed to get out in an emergency? That was a funny one, haha. Also it appears that it was at night, so it definitely makes sense that there were not that many people on frequency, nor many other options to call than a flying aircraft. Phoning ground personnel, a dispatch’ for example, was probably useless too. Probably the most light-hearted «« emergency »» on Vasaviation. 😆

  47. Pepper Harlet

    I dunno man, I'm on the ATCs side.

  48. Aztec01

    Can't think of anything more educational than a long prison sentence in a deep hole.

  49. almafuertegmailcom

    Funny and wholesome!

  50. Abanoub Farah

    Part 61 training :D

  51. David Powell

    What a bitchy pilot. Gets himself into shit and then being pissy with the controller because he doesn't like the controller giving him requested clearance. Talk about a pre-madonna!


    Love it!

  53. Mark Evanger

    SALUTE SIR ❗️🌹🇺🇸

  54. TinTriangle Driver

    Was there another 2601 or similar on frequency? Seems odd to pull pilot up when using .9 for frequency and other shortcuts. Controller unreasonably pedantic.

  55. Robert MacBeth

    Hahah. Awesome the guy helped kinda embarrassing but hey we all may be in a awkward position one day.... best to help and all laugh about it. Makes fir good story for all parties

  56. AAV8R

    I’m glad you weren’t around when I was working on my ppl. My charts flew out the window of my C152 on my first solo cross country. The airport fire department came out to grab them for me. 😂😭🤪

  57. Chat Chaweewong


  58. Tommy Chan

    the pilot was clam as fuck he almost lost an engine but no other assistance required lol

  59. ChrisLStreams

    I love how the flying pilot was almost excited to land, like the situation was so silly he wanted to be the one to respond. Always good to see people helping people

  60. Sassy Railfan

    A&E should do a reality show on the JFK traffic controllers. But Steve would be the most famous and highest paid person on the show.

  61. bubbiee

    ATC needs to push the button THEN talk

  62. uprrslo

    It is kinda funny but I’m sure he made some friends.

  63. Mikael Biilmann

    The international language of aviation is English. Why are they talking le frog legs?

  64. P S

    WOW someone survived that!

  65. Michael R. Jacobson

    Well that’s a new one for me. Haven’t heard of any pilot(s) locked IN their aircraft. Awesome someone was around to lend a hand. Aviation truly IS a family!

  66. Mike Crake


  67. towert7

    You meet the nicest people in a Grumman, when you get stuck in your plane. Jokes aside, glad this worked out good in the end.

  68. Mark Beard

    Good job guys! Diverting to get a guy out of his plane is awesome!

  69. Rich Letram


  70. Seigfried Gustafson

    When they ask “Do you require any assistance” what they mean is “Would you like to declare and emergency?”. They can’t declare it for you. It’s like special VFR, I once heard a controller asking a guy desperate to get in the delta “Is there anything *SPECIAL* I can do for you??”. lol

  71. robo931

    So son of scab fly with Garrett Piedmont CA thought these guys were unsure? Kid needs to stick to promoting erectile dysfunction meds on his insta and leave the flying to the adults.

  72. Guy Mitchell

    Great work and landing A+

  73. F4 Fanatic

    Very nice of the Skyhawk to help this fellow. What a great story VASAviation, thank you for sharing. Love your channel and your content. You did an amazing job with showing my Dad’s gear incident at Chino in the Aztec a couple of years ago, I think it got pulled with some other videos a while back but I enjoyed it while it was up.

  74. MightYoungJoe

    WOW, the level of stress. Great job! I don't think I could ever do their job. Much appreciation for the ground and flight team.

  75. Brent Nuckolls

    Retired from the Railroad ..train crews pull this to !

  76. Luke Hancock

    I currently fly in the Grumman Cheetah. It’s an awesome plane and it’s super easy to fly in. It’s also super easy to get in and out of that’s if the latch works lol.

  77. PetrolHead Brasil

    "Sochi URSS" ?!?!?!?!?!?!!??! In portuguese, URSS = CCCP! LOL

  78. Donald Parlett jr

    Really 400+ dislikes?! That person served his country honorably and paid the ultimate price. RIP in your country that you so loved sir.

  79. PPG WhereEverett

    Controller error ! He gave one instruction ( maintain 7800 until established) and after the fact he changed it to 10,000 until established.

  80. Lewis Taishoff

    Pilots helping pilots. As it should be, and not only in the air.