1. Candypup ._.

    I have a question. Does every time the world end do we go to a parallel universe that’s slightly worse and since the world got destroyed so many times the technology was better in the past?

  2. Brandon Morales

    My dumbass used to think that Abraham Lincoln was the tallest person

  3. Obviously_Yuri

    Wait what,I’m ten and I’m 4’4

  4. king weirdude

    bruh this davinci dude balling, he got his own item in growtopia and his own editint software, he must be living good 😂

  5. meow plvff

    im pretty sure im not imagining things

  6. jordan_2806

    Hope the vaquita is still alive today 😔

  7. Andrew Brown

    I seen this on an episode on brain games

  8. Mariam Meliev

    Ppl wayyyyyyy back in the days used to be taller than mountains that they carved mountain as a home

  9. Zexrius

    Its a gift for your school life, a not so good whenever someone brings up your "dead pet", how you had depression, parents divorced, you're an orphan, etc

  10. You will suffer

    I guessed Germany.

  11. Lands Gutomweh

    What? Wtf why you know that r u kidding say to me how you know that i want to be genius

  12. Waqar Ahmad

    The vaccine is not a cure. The vaccine does nothing but if you get COVID you can’t die

  13. water tower

    I'm 5foot 4

  14. Aplhadog0072

    I'm a his and I'm 5 foot one

  15. DawnJonelle Cochran

    Why am I boy not playing basketball I mean you have the right height for that bro you would win every single time

  16. - { Marsh } -

    I thought its hong kong

  17. AkiraX13

    well it can be either 1/2 or 1/4 It can never be 1/3 why you say? 1- 1/4 explanation 2 children can be born either Male, Male Male, Female Female, Female Female, Male since we know the first kid will always be Male we can rule out any situation which the kid is born Female first (2/4 of the possible combinations) we keep only Male, Male and Male, Female which in is for itself half of the original 4 possible therefore the possibility of 2 Male is 1/4 2- 1/2 explanation Since its already known that the kid is a Male and will not affect the possibility we can rule him out completely and only focus on the next person to be born which would be only 1/2 3- why not 1/3 explanation There are 4 possible combinations as stated on the 1/4 explanation M, M M, F F, F F, M while some may argue M, F and F, M is the same, it is completely wrong. F, M would imply that the first child would be born Female which is not the case, therefore is considered a different combination. even if it is somehow accepted as a possibility the M, F/F, M takes 2/4 of the possible outcomes therefore it can never be 1/3.

  18. Aaron Lok

    Welp check out Confucius's height


    All that can be possible with one concept, diferent timelines time travel. Presumably, you cannot go back in time in your own timeline, only in other timelines, witch would make time travel not be able to change the future

  20. i like eating crossaints

    Damn the creator of school and homework just make us suffer like this

  21. Gacha-Luna

    My 15 year old brother is 6,3😟is that tall

  22. Dr. Jose

    The vaccine doesn't work all it does is prevent it from being able to spread so don't play your mind games mystery man

  23. Echt Raymond

    Half of the views are from my younger sister

  24. Abdelrahman Osama

    Bruh think space was just there was no air he was shaking the thing and he took a photo ok now be smart dumb ass

  25. Sir Duck

    I thought it was gonna be "never gonna give you up"

  26. Gabriel.H

    This is not the hero we deserve this is the hero we need

  27. HendrickBowman48

    Me 14 who is already 5’7 😎

  28. Irangeltx

    Not America. Edit: I’m American

  29. No Doctor

    I like to gamble I'll take 1 or 8 and snitches end up in ditches just saying

  30. cunt

    Iq is bullshit

  31. Savannah Jenkins

    Im seeing the colour verdestiomultewaura (Verde - stio - multe - war - ura ) Or more simple, Verstemarua . Or even more simple Verstmaru Its a shade of deep-red brown

  32. That’s nice bud

    I have tried to watch it, but after doing some research into the music of it I wasn’t able to enjoy the movie to its full potential

  33. Hugo Piedra

    I love u

  34. Rei Aditirta

    Is sultan 6.10 feet tall? (Btw forgot the name)

  35. Aiden

    Bruh you haven't watched avatar?go watch it,you are missing it

  36. CoOpErverse

    Dang even I'm smarter than that

  37. Max Mazza

    Me, an American wondering how tf we scored that high

  38. Illyasah Munajj

    I still never believe America’s average height for a female. I know too many that are over 5”6 including my mom but I get my 5”10 height from my 6”3 dad

  39. Rain Anderson

    As someone with dissocative amnesia, and literally no childhood due to this… It could be both, you would remember everything bad, but you would also remember everything good. But then again I’m just jealous of people remembering basically anything at all.

  40. Younes Ben Amar

    Go to islame

  41. Ethan Jones

    And they were both set on being totally transparent about their agenda, and that's what got them both murdered because the rest of the government was hell bent on keeping secrets.

  42. Clark Dimond

    You literally cant uinstal facebook from android phones

  43. bailey levin

    I have synesthesia so I see like 10% more color than normal ppl. It’s rly cool but also freaky

  44. _ĘRRØR_

    (This is not true I’ve done a lot of research on this fact when I was younger bc I was curious and I just looked it up again to make sure the record wasn’t broken)

  45. Crazy Kuudere

    Damn already 2 years ago

  46. Saanvika Shetty


  47. planet zeno

    I have an iq of 310

  48. Booby Egg

    This guy needs to get out of the house

  49. AssThiccAF JK

    It could also explain deja vu

  50. DeadShot

    Nas Daily would be proud

  51. AssThiccAF JK


  52. The Array

    Me finding out the code via radio: The government knocking down my door:

  53. Hōka 放火

    I am over the average woman height

  54. The Figy Sqaud

    Who else saw that man as a animatronic at the museum and it would stand up and stuff

  55. JamesTDC

    Nah dude I just wouldn’t buy a 300$ mug

  56. GachaLilyAfton

    *me asking my brother if he’s alive*

  57. Blob

    The most downloaded game is roblox

  58. KaleMan4627

    Lmao. I knew it

  59. Marisaa Dietz


  60. Leezerd

    My cousin and uncle are 6ft tall. My cousins a girl and my uncles a boy.

  61. AsianSlush

    Goliath is the tallest person ever

  62. Opi Begoob

    The point of a vaccine is to make you immune. If you don’t become immune you injected something else into your one and only body.

  63. F2P Xiao

    My uncle, who’s 6 10

  64. morgan_ rulus

    I actually got this question in my criminology class

  65. xXmlgamingXx

    The thing about IQ is that it’s not that accurate, so that’s not the most accurate way to measure it

  66. PatchworkRose567

    Two words. Messenger pigeon.

  67. Grayson Revius

    My other science teacher is 7ft

  68. Nazmy Zainal

    I hv actually met The tall guy "Sultan Kosen" i was about like 2 year old,i hv a picture of us taking a pic with him🙈✌

  69. Felipe Almeida

    I would sleep if I could lol

  70. Tiny x Pug

    I’m 10 and I’m 5’7 😐

  71. Yayayayaya

    > enter's the room > tell you that there's a stamp that is valued at 8.3 million dollars > doesn't elaborate further > leave

  72. Henry Golfer

    This man is trolling at this point

  73. The Little Devil Girl

    My teacher is 6,7

  74. WGAgaming

    This makes no sense. If door number three is revealed to contain a goat, you can eliminate it entirely, leaving you with 2 doors, one which contains a goat, and one which contains a car. It's 50/50 odds.


    What i learned from this video is that the world population is 8.2 billion. :)

  76. The Array

    I know for a face that the monopoly man has a monocle. I don’t give a damn what anyone says.

  77. ChantelFiore

    i knew it. i saw it one day 7B views