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  1. Kevin Rayan

    Nico always supports valterri coze he understands the pain

  2. T L

    Kind of hoping you get to jump in for Lewis this week That would be awesome 🔥🔥🔥

  3. SuchtyTV Niclas

    Me vs Niko: 1:45 vs 1:27 Feels bad :(

  4. Erik Saulkalns

    I just love how genuine it is.

  5. Paulo Roberto

    Nico, how are you? What do you think race to Mercedes in Sakir, this weekend?

  6. Omar Ramadan

    Song at the start?

  7. Seppomat

    nice video, rimac is one of my absolut favorites. Could you give me a link to the song that starts at 23:05? I know its a song from Artlist or Epidemic Sound but i dont find it :/

  8. Gabriel Wynkoop

    Nico: "AI will never know what is optimum." Mate's expression: "Challenge Accepted."

  9. Stefan Luedi

    Option 3 will shine everywhere. Black is just not enough eye catching. Orange is somehow boring and reminds too much on McLaren.

  10. Gabriele Naselli

    Please you talk the grojean crasch Sorry for my english i'm italian

  11. luisitos0011


  12. Igor Tavares

    The "Is that Glock" moment was a really memorable moment, it starts the hamilton era with a heartbreak moment killing massas's dream of a championship

  13. Igor Tavares

    Senna's race with his gears about to blowout

  14. SpaceSys

    Mate se usra ka grlica :D hahhaa, no svaka cast, ja nebih ni sjeo s njim od straha

  15. Fexel Beck

    Option 1

  16. Lorenzo Padrini

    Well I personally think that one of the best moment of this amazing sport is when Sebastian Vettel managed to win in Monza with the Toro Rosso in the rain. I love F1 but I love F1 more when it rains because rain has the power to mix up all the grid and to make the race super interesting to watch and spectate. But for sure it's way too difficult to drive in those conditions especially with a not-so-good car as the Toro Rosso was back in the days so I think that this is one of the best races ever ;)

  17. D C

    I love it when the test driver says "Nico what you have to -try- to understand is......" Obviously, he didn't mean anything by it, but to be fair, he is speaking to a Formula 1 World Champion. I think it's safe to say............ He understands. Lol 😂😆

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    2. Avant Delgatto


  18. Pedro Zeferino

    Option 3

  19. Mary Amber

    Request for her ID card.. Stop waisting your money on fake brokers.

  20. Mary Amber

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  21. Vj Guy | live video art

    Subbed to see you take it on the the track!

  22. Kive Bregza

    Black on Black with Black... batmobil all the way

  23. Ham mond

    2 quality drivers racing in there own race.. imagine if it was still happening now. Hamilton would still have some competition

  24. Kive Bregza

    Nico you are a super nice guy, always smiling and positive... and great driver of course. Love that you come here in Croatia. Hope you take that beast to nuburgring.

  25. Moisés de Oliveira

    Vai lá correr no lugar do Hamilton.

  26. Darren dorion

    You can mistake that for a McLaren no especially from the back

  27. Ali MSH

    Can someone please tell me what wheel he's using. Thanks.

  28. Kevin Rayan

    Man deserves more views

  29. javelinstodraco

    Most memorable F1 race 12.06.2020 when Nico Rosberg steps in for Lewis Hamilton for the Sakhir GP, wins the race, and both Nico and Lewis squash their differences and be best friends again like they were back in their go-karting days.

  30. Prickly Pear TV

    Option 3

  31. Hansen95

    Are you suprised that Romain Grosjean’s car could burst into flames so dramaticly and if yes did you think F1 should design their car diffrent in the future to avoiding something like that again?.

  32. Andy Towers

    The part is from bentley?

  33. leo climbing

    Love it absolutely

  34. Tomasz Budnik

    Porsche 918 registered as S GO 9181 belongs to Porsche. You can clearly see this as there is a lot of pictures from different car magazines everywhere so this need to be kind of press car.

  35. micketkeong

    Hi, will you go in as replacement for Lewis in Mercedes after he tested positive for covid-19?

  36. Dave Meese

    Most memorable for me was Singapore 2017, the vibe that night was something different. The half wet track and the 2017 cars really was breathtaking

  37. Rutu Bhagwat

    dear editor, please do a better job in blurring the branding on the steering wheel and the seat or just tell nico to put some tape on the wheel where fanatec is writtten

  38. Teresa Manco

    Il casco di Domenico Schiattarella. Diverso ma riconoscibile con i suoi disegni tribali

  39. Kevin Rayan

    such a humble f1 champion

  40. Daniel Mihajlovic

    The delta T is too low, even Nico got bored talking about all this

  41. HuRRiCSRB

    And that's the last time we saw Mate :D

  42. BK Detailing


  43. HuRRiCSRB

    The part where Nico talks about racing and setups and weight loss shows you why it's so hard to get into F1 and why he is the champion!

  44. Seshvir Seodutt

    Pls tell me you’re flying to Bahrain now

  45. Doesit Evenmater

    black ofc

  46. 63101

    great channel - you've got the Sub Mister!! :) There was many funny moments troughout the years - but the latest is Seb singing "who let the dogs out!!!" :) Cheers!!!

  47. Umar arif

    Nico to Ferrari 2022??

  48. Sunny Guptey

    Germany 2018, the title race turned upside down and the drama was just so intense. Or Brazil 2008, tifosi heartbreak at the last corner and lewis was flooded with emotion.

  49. Shammi Dharmappa


  50. Ahmed Naas

    I have Brazil 2008 and Abu Dhabi 2016! As we're here on your channel then I'll for for the 2016 AD race! I still remember Hamilton slowing the pack and you trying to not to crash, defend form behind and even attack and make some crazy attacking moves... You own it that day Nico, you are part of F1 history forever!

  51. Jesse Collins Lamberte

    Hey Nico, are you gonna drive that Mercedes? Lewis's seat is temporarily available. Will you?

    1. Robert R

      He can't even if he wanted too. He has been 4 years out of f1 without racing. The cars have changed too much for him to be competive and his superlicence is probably expired.

  52. Levente Horváth

    I thought the thumbnail is the final colour of the car, maybe you couldn't decide and painted it in all of the colours.

  53. morningrctn

    We need you on a race track as soon as possible!

  54. Ruben Napit

    This was so good to listen! Honestly, this is better than DEcameras videos about personal development and life lessons.

  55. Patrick E

    Looks like Nico always wants to paddle-shift 😅

  56. Goongumps

    Nico, you got another chance! Lewis tested positive for Covid-19....might be time to ring up Toto and the gang Edit: You were a year early...at least you got Bahrain right

  57. ppj1313

    Nico, in real roads, every car on the list is able to spin all 4 tyres easy all the way to 100kph so if you want better 0-100 figures just put better rubber. Over 560hp per ton for AWD the PU is no longer the weak link for 0-100, tyres-road are.

  58. BillyM213

    *Richard Hammond likes this*

  59. Emil Opffer

    British racing green

  60. Johann Paulo Camaddo

    Thanks for the great podcast! 👌

  61. boy638

    Just curious what's the secret prize?

  62. Holy Smoke

    lol blurring out the Fanatec on the wheel

  63. Luciano Fojo

    Optionn twooo 2

  64. John W

    HA! "...but I trust you." Not! Thanks, Nico (and Rimac!). That was an nice update, and great to watch it unfold.

  65. P B

    what software is this?