SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches the world’s most advanced rockets and spacecraft.

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  1. Arian

    What an inspiration. The stories of the crew mates are incredibly heartwarming. I’m so happy - such an incredible feat! Thank you for inspiring my generation and beyond.

  2. Hailey Russell

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  4. Clay


  5. Andrey Krasnokutsky

    Virgin Galactic: sends people to space for 5 minutes. Blue Origin: sends people to space for 5 minutes. SpaceX: sends people to space for 3 days.

  6. ISI

    I just want to say ,congratulations space x To make this possible.

  7. stephane B

    the launcher is not in ??

  8. siming


  9. julian’s toy


  10. Brian Devero

    Still haven't been able to find info on how they'll eat, poop, and sleep for 3 days... Is there any area in that tiny capsule to move about? Wish they would have spent more time on that... :)

  11. Mr Sensible Time Wasting Arrogant Tosser.

    Well done fakex

  12. Alien

    Good luck

  13. Daimo

    If I had to sit in a plane for 2.5 hours before it took off I'd complain. I hope they got a refund.

  14. james white


  15. damascusblade

    Can you add as a video component a very basic signal level meter so that your audience has a visual cue to know when to stop scrolling for audio?

  16. HiTTs

    when are they coming back ??

  17. Campa

    SpaceX 💯💯💯💯👏👏👏👏👏👏

  18. RUSTY

    Like this comment in 2040, If i will be alive i would love to see the start.

  19. Sam love diary

    4:28:54 Go Baby G 🔥 Thanks me letter 👍🏻

  20. Dominik Röck

    congratulations this is amazing!!!

  21. tpodole

    "Star Wars or Star Trek?" "one of my other favourites Stargate SG-1" "I'm a Battlestar Galactica guy" "I don't know if anyone else would have dropped BSG" "Oh I'm Star Trek (TOS)" This crew... Amazing.

  22. logesh waran


  23. Bobb Grimley

    Should have been a 15 minute video. Thumbsdown. Also .. rocket didn't go sideways first like the new rockets. Thumbsdown. Waste of 4 hours .

    1. Macho

      it was a livestream

  24. Aleksej Liosin

    We waiting for the appearance of Greta Thunberg. the planet is threatened by global warming. Are you serious? switching to green energy sources so the rich can fly into space it won't tell you on TV How many start of one rocket burns oxygen

  25. Mark Miller

    She left that pad WITH AUTHORITY and was NOT waiting around. Sheesh- what a sports car- I'm sure the lightish load helped but WOW! And the bonus? 39A and interplanetary again FINALLY!

  26. justin mas

    Wasteful, insane and wonderful...humans summed up in a single action.

  27. Crix

    This make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

  28. Gaule Gaming

    why that dr took all the name tag?? you guys noticed??

  29. Light Soul

    Кто не верит в это кино лайк😊👀

  30. Igor914624

    As a young child, I was privileged to be able to watch Apollo 8 circle the moon in 1968, and watch the live landing and moon walk of Apollo 11. I have been an avid space geek my whole life. This is as exciting as watching the initial moon trips. Hopefully we go back to the moon soon. I would love to see it live.

  31. shylockakita

    Not enough news or video about them... I hope it's not all gone wrong?

  32. Spencer Mcalpine

    I wish Spacex would be live during this mission. Its such a inspiring mission. So many people would donate more if they had access to seeing and hearing the mission. Myself, my wife and my sister-in-law watched the launch from the beach in North Carolina and having the stream on my phone at the same time. There were so many people on the beach and everyone was yelling and applauding! It was amazing to see Inspiration go up, the booster separation and then them crossing the sky to space. Absolutely loved it

    1. Boundzound

      @Spencer Mcalpine There will be a 6/7 Episode Docu series on Netflix. First 5 episodes are already out. It’s called „Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space“

    2. Spencer Mcalpine

      @Boundzound Really? Is that why there is no coverage? Doesnt seem fair. Netflix should have a live stream then.

    3. Boundzound

      Netflix owns the rights to all footage taken in Orbit.. Sadly

  33. Pat McDaniel

    Just Awesome.

  34. bigswampdog1


  35. opium32

    So... The whole point of inspiration 4 is surely to inspire people right? Yet how many photos have we had so far... Three??? Four??? Opportunity wasted!! What are they thinking??? Millions of people wanting to see what they're up to and they give us four photos a day.... How about a tour of the space craft?? One of the science experiments? Video from the cuppola??? Was so excited about this trip but it's a HUGE disappointment

    1. Boundzound

      Netflix owns the rights to all footage taken in Orbit.. Sadly

  36. Gaule Gaming

    15 sunrise and 15 sunset ?? is it real or they are just bluffing??

  37. wolverine30sp


    1. Ethan Roberts

      Not a hoax

  38. Tommy Tom

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    5. Chrish Gonzalez

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  39. SassyBashir

    Amazing, I just finished watching Countdown:Inspiration4 Mission to Space.. on Netflix in Australia and went online to watch them go to space.. praying for them all, can't wait to see them when they arrive back to earth.. All the best SpaceX and the crew..

  40. Max2coolMayur

    Shoutout to the camera guy for holding on to that thing 👏🏻

  41. Widyatmika

    instead going to mars, why we aren't fix the earth first?


    Elon and spacex team/tesla team are the greatest in the whole universe. Every time I watch this it feels like new.

  43. jay fizzle

    This is so amazing. How long before Elon Musk gets his Nobel Peace Prize because of his visions I'm sure not long.

  44. samu el

    *It's time to repent and seek JESUS* .He gave his life, and suffered the wrath of the Father in the cross, to save you from a eternal hell. For God loves you, but the sin must be punished. On the third day He raised from the death, showing to the world that He is God. So stop sinning and clean your life. He returns soon to judge and destroy the sinners. *Read the Bible.* *THE END IS NEAR.*

    1. Ethan Roberts

      Do you know what nation Jesus is from? Your imagination.

  45. John Mazur

    Shame, shame, shame SpaceX. All you're doing is using units you have manufactured to keep your business profitable. Just about as attractive as Trophy Hunters of old. Shame on you.

  46. James

    Hey, there seems to be an ongoing live stream by a channel posing as SpaceX ("Space X", with a space) with a "give 1, get 3 back" style scam? (probably). They have a screen overlay with viewer-funneling links, over what looks like the legit live coverage. Be warned.

  47. TunnelvizionTV

    Wow the gforce must be AMAZING! How many Gs?

  48. Daneel Olivaw

    minute 12 .. where from appeared that third tesla? A little before, there is a panoramic view with only two the crowd in the left, and in the right we see the shadows of crew that will take the next images with street angle. First tesla is one meter from the street, the view changes, end in next three seconds we see the first one entering the lane, and another one behind as expected, and the third appeared from nowhere. This must not have been live, and at editing the approaching of the third was not included, or the third approached at really great speed from behind the crowd, but how braked so fast to match the slow speed of the other two? really weird.

  49. Max2coolMayur

    Shoutout to the camera guy for holding on 👏🏻

  50. ADAM

    Just now I saw spacecraft I think or I dont know what was that a satellite!? But that was moving very fast around. Time:- 7pm.


    Why no live video or recorded video from this mission post launch ???

    1. Boundzound

      Netflix owns the rights to all footage taken in Orbit.. Sadly

  52. Orion belt Inc

    The drone ships have been tru some big booms

  53. Sandeep Karkhanis

    I am a team expanse and I think SpaceX philosophy is more aligned with expanse.

  54. Altamash Javed

    Who the fk dislikes this???

  55. Anna Elizabeth James

    Is there any people in there

  56. Mos Kito

    02:48:00 Enter the Dragon ....damn what i would give to be at their place.

  57. Lemaire Léo


  58. Rob Dyck

    Stop the video when an announcement is made. When two people talk at the same time, I can't hear either.

  59. Mateusz Cielas

    cant imagine 7 ppl inside

  60. RAZVAN

    Congrats! Many more successful ones needed ahead!

  61. Lakkana Saputantri

    Awesome ❤️

  62. Mos Kito

    People complaining about the costs, should ask the US Military first. The USA spent 42 BILLION USDollars PER YEAR in Afghanistan for the WAR.... and some dickheads complaining about this mission? Thats rediculous

  63. Alan Little

    Surprised someone didn’t think to put a microphone in the capsule. Hearing those Merlin engines at full thrust would probably be awesome. Hearing a launch from miles away is already incredible enough, but it must be spellbinding to hear/feel that sitting on top of the rocket.

  64. Rajith Pathirana

    😍😍 🚀 🌎 🇱🇰 love u Elon Musk

  65. Just Waking Up


  66. Adrian Skilling

    So lovely to hear friendly authentic and very knowledgeable SpaceX commentators. Loved the story about the first drone ship landing and hear the enjoyment of these brilliant SpaceX staff

  67. Michael

    That countdown was lit

  68. Norilang meng


  69. {-_-}

    @SpaceX: How long before each satellite becomes space junk that creates an impenetrable wall of flying shrapnel that would trap humanity on Earth?

  70. Ash Bayer

    started watching the netflix documentary and went to google to find out when and didn't realise it had already happened!!! why was this not bigger news!

  71. Fq Po

    Don't panic Ok😐

  72. Manoj Meena

    NASA & SPACEX both are best 🌌

  73. Nazz ZonkedOut

    4:17:20 🚀 ✨

  74. Robin Hannon

    Kinda disappointing they didn't show another shot of the booster on the droneship. But awesome mission besides that! :)

  75. Redbeard of Randomness

    Congratulation Hayley Arceneaux! The first ginger woman in space! We might be a very small minority with different hair and skin but we sure do make our mark and you are a credit to our people. I Hope you inspire young redheads watching the show to reach for the stars!

  76. Vladimir S

    Are you joking!??? )))) Watch the hands of the crew during the lift off and acceleration phase and stop being somebodies' fools... ))

    1. Thomas Kundera

      Where is the joke?


      😂 flat earthed can't even comprehend the fact that downlink wasn't in sync. Lol, you make me feel good

  77. Adrian Skilling

    2 hours to go and you are locked in your seat. Time to make use of those high absorption garments before lift off!

  78. juz3r1

    Which is the one from Afghanistan? Which one belongs to the LGBTQ+ community?

  79. manikandan natarajan

    congrats Inspiration4 team.

  80. Mike Stone

    SpaceX has done what NASA still hasn't done. In such a short amount of time and money.