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  1. Dhillon 13

    You see , when this video dropped THINGS CHANGED....

  2. sarah silver

    2:00 LENNY

  3. Ganizani Mwale

    As long as it comes with some strand-type games.

  4. An_Annoying_Cat

    the psychopathic murderer has a v mouth. of course.

  5. MaxV008

    Now this video is a real slam DUNK

  6. HypidPlays


  7. Matty B

    Guys Microsoft is the best! Uhhh hello? Games for Windows is a thing.

  8. Cobalt Crusader


  9. Ethan Sterling

    Richard! Michael! Michael! Michael! psycho mantis?

  10. Caleb E

    Im glad valhalla's out so much life brought to an otherwise wet towle of a franchise. story and gameplay are exceptional and even sometimes great still has that copy paste format with finding stuff around the world but it has more of a legend of zelda feel where most collectibles are associated with solving puzzles. My only problem is the opal currency and bugs such as getting stuck in walls. other then that, its the most captivating Ac game in a long time.

  11. Quinton Mims

    Don’t you fucking breathe

  12. Omar Al-Abd

    The most formal unbiased review ever , I should recommend this video to Sony themselves .

  13. ethan laliberty

    I love the halo clip

  14. Prashant Mohan

    Imagine watching this video today when she declared she's a trans-whatever.

  15. VenomSnek

    Imagine watching this as someone who knows absolutely nothing about Metal Gear.

  16. Kohen Williams

    That long elevator ride is there just for it to sink that, yes, he did just steal your damn soul level.

  17. Munjee

    "Sus is king" Feels different after amount us blew up

  18. Doot

    Ahh yes the dark times


    This was before the Big Bang.

  20. Henry Greenstone

    Yeah, I guess Knack was an okay game.

  21. Mrnarcox

    Aim « rt » ? Nah its just my eyes they aren’t enough powerful so i can read what is on the screen 😞

  22. Spledidy a

    DSP beat this BTW Also ymfah did it better

  23. zireael-21

    Oh yeah now DEcameras recommendation is getting better lol

  24. Ian Balaguer

    u already know ppl that were getting the ps5 and watched this are still getting it lmao

  25. Bob Sandwich

    The first strand type game and we didn't even realize it

  26. Machine Yadav

    All you had to do was to follow the goddamn train, CJ

  27. Adam Apodaca

    This has to be one of my favorite dunkey vids

  28. HarryCat8 Plays

    Imagine how much better this movie would be if Don Cheadle was in it

  29. MumblesTomato

    Don’t you also get an attack buff while in soul form?

  30. Nike Store Employee

    These graphics aeughhhhhhh

  31. Adam Ali

    Is that Eliot?

  32. xX_TH3_H0LY_SH1T_Xx

    2:41 I would say he predicted the future but it was pretty easy to guess

  33. anonymous_user

    I still wanna play this and eventually will because I'm sure it's a great game, but these graphics truly look horrid here, what a blurry low-resolution low-detail mess holy shit console games are ugly

  34. Mickey Fifel


  35. Bryce Plummer

    the third game should have been called banjon't do that

  36. TroyVsTheWorld


  37. MaxV008

    This video is a real slam DUNK

  38. Abc 123

    If only they did this when buying a Xbox or ps5

  39. TheSynniam

    Moral of the story: Don’t let a old man succ you

  40. Bladeousstriker 1

    like the new carrion 0:54 when is it releasing

  41. MegaRay220

    Old Snake playing in the credits is the most fitting thing

  42. Bryce Plummer

    you didn't even test out funky mode

  43. Sergej Keser

    I have to say, that was a damn good joke, the whole room was laughing

  44. GeddeyPuss


  45. Harofax

    Feels like dunkey is trying to play death stranding like breath of the wild. Like idk driving a motorcycle up a mountain, or all the footage of him spamming jump up a mountain are obviously not gonna work ya know. I think it just doesn't mesh with dunkeys playstyle, feels like he gets too bored by it which is understandable. To me it feels like a game of resource management more than anything else, not only in terms of blood/stamina, but also the gear you bring. Do you bring a gajillion ladders to brute force over that mountain? Or do you go an easier route infested with BTs and bring blood grenades etc. All of the examples of him falling/climbing I just went wait wtf is he trying to do going up that sheer cliff wall, you're gonna be able to jank yourself up it a bit but not get over it

    1. Harofax

      @Elijah Swanner gahahha idk, he has his meme videos and he has his serious review videos, this defs feels like a serious review for the most part. Ofc diehard fanboys will always come with the "it's just le epic troll dude xD" He seriously didn't like the game, it's not like he secretly likes it or something

    2. Matty B


    3. Elijah Swanner

      Looks like it worked

    4. Elijah Swanner

      He’s trying to be funny the point of him playing bad is to make people angry lol

  46. shaunthesheep24

    2:39 Thomas had to go. He had seen enough.

  47. Lucifer303

    This video is really educational Children should be watching this

  48. John Martoccia


  49. cannon

    What's the song at the end?

  50. ItGetsDerpier

    why did dunkey pay a white dude to set up his vr

  51. Aqua Walker

    Some conservative media I watch frequently might of biased me to hate last of us 2 before I even played the game, and when I got it on sale in that black friday sale, and There's a lot of gameplay and graphical detail that really carries narrative, like the cutscenes aren't everything in this story. I got to play as Ellie with Joel in a few flashbacks and they really respected Joel and they give a damn about him actually. People that are mad at the game are sort of projecting their anger at Joel dying onto the artists and creative minds behind the game. Yeah this ending is not gonna leave you with a cozy warm smile on your face like that last one, I feel like this game really made a crucial attempt to tear down some of the curtains we as gamers like to hide behind and y'know for some people that just sucks. I had to really rationalize with my enemy, and see the negative choices and blindsights on both sides. Abby and Ellie both use gritty and ugly lengths of vengeance to get their way, but in the end they all lose everything just about almost and that's just a consideration of the cost of vengeance, you have much more hope and things to care for at the beginning of the game that at the end and that's downright depressing. But in the end there is a flicker of hope for Ellie's humanity and that's reassuring for me, if she didn't show a shred of remorse by the end of the game I would've felt much different, but the story arc does come full circle though not perfect it does carry some nuance and depth to it. And it's not just Ellie either Abby comes around to at a point, (without spoiling) the characters really do lose so much of everything and it's sorta sad to see the Abby by the end a husk of what was a proud, athletic woman she's lost everything except one thing for her to give a damn about and that's why she could forget about her revenge and let it be so meaningless, Ellie realizes that and the vengeances loses meaning for both of them. That's what I could appreciate about the game's story without spoiling it, some of the gameplay in the game was really excellent, and for my preference the difficulty was odd but very customizable for some reason it was a solid 8 I guess, artistic value is really high in this really just look around and pick up the details I missed on the first run.

  52. Rockem Sockem

    She's a dude now lol

  53. The Taintanic

    Your videos always put a smile on my face even I'm at my worst, thank you dunk tank

  54. Aleksa Marinković

    Welcome back to the recommended videos from 10 years ago,how yall doing?

  55. Haamid Yasir

    The best video on his cahnnel

  56. Eugene Church

    Bad jraphics

  57. Stephen J

    Wow this was pretty serious


    'Ya can't hit what ya can't see Rudolph, you red nosed piece of shit' is one of the most overlooked quotes in this video.

  59. LambastinBastihd

    Oh, dunkey...

  60. SkyGod Rufino

    But why are these drawings actually good lmfaoooo


    Him whipping out the lightsaber is what sent me.

  62. Cyborg Soldier

    All i needed was KNACK BAAAYBEE

  63. Oaktales64

    7 years later- its still funny. Thanks for the memories

  64. Teguh Virmanto Putra

    that's your little sister but.. whatever it works

  65. Traoz

    The real question is, can you buy a PS5?

  66. Chanman421

    I liked the part where he said Rake in the Lake

  67. Blue Goggles

    The perfect game for masochists

  68. Amal Sultan

    Wow can’t believe dunkey actually created the first strand type dance

  69. omegastar19

    1:15 Dunkey predicting the 2020 US election republican strategy.

  70. Jamie Gioca


  71. Confused American

    7:12 This scream made the video for me.

  72. jinx uwu

    Pls nb3 vs dunkey pls

  73. suh mur

    i ALWAYS come back to revisit this video at least 3 times a month

  74. Hunter Covington

    You missed the Tetris from my particular childhood: Tetris Plus for the ps1. Had classic Tetris. And a new puzzle mode. Where you had to try to get this little archaeologist professor dude to the bottom of the screen. If you put a block on top of him, he climb up. And if he touches the top of the screen you lose. Had so much fun playing "The Professor Game" at my house

  75. Jusuf Ramadhan

    I want to watch dunkview about FF1 - FF6 on this video full version

  76. TheSadistic Buzzard

    Red dead has really fun moment that are awesome but most of the time I play it's mostly boring. I love the game and don't mind slow pace but I hate it when I'm trying to get 100% which is very hard if nothing happens.

  77. Angela Nixx

    Wow, a 20k subs dance party? You've already gone a long way :)

  78. Predictable Enigma

    Did my man just call Makoto a weak subplot? bruh

  79. mind your business

    I'm waiting for a pugb

  80. Confused American

    This truly was the first tail type game.