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  1. SoLo Jskiste

    When jankos moving to na is bigger clickbait than aguerooooooooo

  2. Ekrem Başarı

    İt looks all fine for reekkless, world class teammates etc. Except ugly thing he wear.

  3. Camo HH

    Jankos in Thumbnails is the way to get views


    1:17 now this makes me sad i dont understand spanish and i need to wait for highlights

  5. Noah Schnieders

    We need League only Stream highlights please (or for each game but I prefer league) Sorry but I have no interests in the other games and streamers bc I dont know them^^ No hate but perhaps something to think about <3

    1. Joseph Tom

      Yes but you're not the only one they're making content for here, you're not "we", so this comment is pointless...

  6. percebe785

    We all know jankos will go to NA next year and selfmade to G2, you dont need eyes to see that move

  7. stiLLa himself

    G2 is just fucking lovely overall

  8. Pau Bueno

    G2 players and streamers, all united against Na, I think that is beautiful

  9. balle balle

    the kevin durant of league lol

  10. ShortBus

    Why does this get recommended now?? 🙃

  11. always refs

    Holy shit that jankos clip is so old that at that time all thought damwon was trash

  12. Arnø Hurbe


  13. Sleven

    Ibai legit sounds like El Risitas (kekw) when laughing. Promising career.

  14. Daniel Tomecki

    How much for Jankos

  15. 天道

    PepeLaugh he doesn't know

  16. jelson95

    oof is this some straight up diss to Perkz cuz he went to NA ? xD

  17. Xpeezy

    someone make a starting car engine for his laugh pls xD

  18. Genca Genadijev

    whats game at 1:56

    1. Fernando C

      demon soul ps5

  19. Ron

    RIP Diego

  20. Barony03

    i love jankos <3

  21. Pabex Nezadek

    NA Leaving to Jankos?!

  22. Kaitri

    god damn that title scared me lol. dont do that shit to me g2.

  23. Oussama Radicali

    caps got oneshoted he said i miss my q i guess kekw

  24. Pewtha

    i voted for ibai

  25. Antony r

    Grande Ibai. Como quiero a ibai

  26. maigl 071

    Its so cool to see rekkles and Perkz in one picture 2 adc s for g2😂

  27. Iratxe Jaén Cabrero

    Ibai is not saying "Suck it, american people". He's saying "I love you, american people". Please don't lie to the people. He respects everyone and he would NEVER say that.

    1. Yvan Tijoux

      He literally says "A chuparla, americanos", wich literally translate to suck it. Am I wrong or I didn't get the joke?

    2. jorgelenny47

      YEP respect

  28. MrPerez333

    the subtitles when Ibai won are wrong, he was clearly saying "I love you americans, I love you, you were great too" /s

    1. tharrock337

      Thanks, really wierd that they would fuck that up so bad.

  29. Steboo

    the team feels different with jankos tweet, Perkz leaving will have a huge impact i can feel it... im hype for G2, but i cant help thinking about Alliance V2 for rekkles

  30. Эдуард Абзалов

    Lol.. It's pointless.. Jankos was explaining a different thing and he don't want to leave EU, just stupid click bate, his words took out of context and u know what I'm talking about if u watched this particular stream..

    1. Эдуард Абзалов

      @angel gil alamo man it presented as not like a joke according to videos name

    2. angel gil alamo

      It's obviously a joke when it's a stream highlights' video FROM his former team...

  31. Mica Stylinson

    4:03 Ibai said Thank you american people I love you <3

  32. Fescel

    is it aguero in first video?

    1. MrPerez333

      yes he normally plays among us with Ibai, he was playing lol for the first time in that moment

  33. Ant1 Rnld

    Manaty le boss !

  34. niktheorginal

    This format is great! I don't watch most of these games but the personalities are nice to watch

  35. ALPHA AUTISM 420

    yea boiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  36. z Pearl

    F lec

  37. Spyrol69

    "Suck it american people", man I love europe people.Lets go EU

  38. Pratik Mallick

    What's that game with the huge knight?

    1. Adrian Romero

      @Doomse ZTD yes it is, the last one actually

    2. Doomse ZTD

      @Adrian Romero Wait am I drunk or is this actually one of the Dark Souls games?

    3. Adrian Romero

      Demon soul

  39. ᴍɪʏᴇᴏɴ


  40. Wonyi Kauhi


  41. Karibar PL

    Od kiedy bedoes gra w g2?

  42. mrugod

    RIP Fnc Selfmade

  43. calvin kwan

    Jankos leaked so much stuff on his stream LUL

  44. Alexandra Jørgensen

    These highlights are great. Thanks for subtitles on Ibai even tho his laugh just makes me giggle

  45. Reyko Figueroa

    My boy said Netflix and chill

  46. Gabriel Cosovanu

    Last time I was so early Fnatic wasn't G2' s academy team

    1. Lionel Wang

      last I checked G2 was the one promoting FNC players to LEC champions.

  47. Santi

    Ibai guapooo

  48. Blake Hutchison

    If Jankos is washed up in EUW, just imagine the NA nerfs kicking in. (He is still going to dominate LEC for many years)

  49. Adrianna Szymańska

    The funniest thing is that they wont even win 2021 worlds. Change of Perkz into Rekkles is a small improvement. They needed to change Jankos.

  50. g a l a c t o s e

    totally off topic, but damn he's good looking. i never realised that before. yes i'm simping for him.

  51. Alejandro Ossa

    lo compro, esta ibai xd

  52. 轻松7-19陈云凯

    Ibai en la intro es sinceramente el mejor momento del video 😎👌🏻

  53. WAL KYY


  54. nok cap


  55. Zoe Primrose

    Now G2 has my dream roster! 😍 Good luck and love to see how this plays out!

  56. Zoe Primrose

    Now G2 has my dream roster! 😍 Good luck and love to see how this plays out!

  57. Kyle Vin

    why big change? MONEY ofcourse... .DUHH

  58. Francisco Sousa

    Rekkles is not happy.. But he wants the worlds

  59. drache1100HD

    Of u ganz Beat Them just join them

  60. Tsak Mpam

    If u cant beat them join them..... Dissapointed

  61. ZioIgnacio

    They needed another player to help the bad guys of jankos and wunder, the problem was not perks, it's those two, success rekkles I hope you succeed racing g2 with caps XD

  62. Facundo Rosalez

    Didn't knew Draco Malfoy was into gaming...

  63. Melissa Garcia

    You are nervous of the social aspect of joining G2, which is totally understandable. Anything you are excited about? Any hangouts, acitivities you want to do with them or any strats you wanna practice with them? Wish you the best Rekkles <3

  64. Wêlanduz Fullô


  65. OSKY


  66. Jordan Armstrong

    I'm so happy For Rekkles he seems like such a nice guy. But i also feel sad for Perkz as i loved him in G2.

  67. NickRoss NR

    i wacht it more then 7 times goosebumps every time

  68. Syncxy

    I wish I was in his position, just to say that

  69. Ivan D

    Kad je Tasteless uzeo EBL mozes i ti Worlds

  70. Limland 22

    Are they keeping everyone else?

  71. ImNuqz

    All EUL Teams gonna watch this for the call out 😂😅

  72. Óscar García

    i'm kinda heart borked but i'm so hyped to see this team in action

  73. Laurens

    In China they use the cashless technology for control. It's something I definitely don't want for the West.

  74. Barrufet 17

    You are the faking amo

  75. Zecko

    How can you not like this guy?

    1. YunAsolf


  76. Andrzej Koziński

    Next years title: Rekkles, are you Caps?

  77. DENZEL luanzon

    2:54 I also never thought that we would see this day that Perkz is on NA

  78. Hieu Pham

    Element flashback

  79. MaLiK

    225 Fnatic fans dont like this haha

  80. Javier Pena Gonzalez

    So when is someone gonna tell Wunder that Rekkles is on the team? The man hasn't stopped playing shadowlands to even eat