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  1. O'daine Bennett

    The youngster played well but Wilson Esbrand and Lavia impressed me the most. Mbete is an honourable mention as well. He was so good. Would love to see him play alongside Dias for example. Palmer's goal was just a beauty

  2. Untuk anaksaya


  3. Football is Love


  4. Agung Tranata


  5. Carlos Lagos

    0:45 gawt dayum 😩

  6. ruaz p

    Mantap bang foden, gokil

  7. TekkaiJon

    So what now? Has KDB been condemned to being a starter for the Carabao Cup? I hope not man.

  8. Onto Wiryo

    Palmer aj lh, ngk usah bli2 streker

  9. Declan Arbery - Benz

    Now Sancho is at Man Utd live moves fast

  10. Re:俺の前世もくちが悪い


  11. 22Jack1000

    Enjoy while pep still there…

  12. Bobil Wanjohi


  13. Russian Boy

    De bruyne celebrate like CR7 😂😂😂

  14. MuslimYouth313

    Well done Postchester City

  15. Mulya Group


  16. asher mc kenzie

    Note the difference Dias looks intensely at you, Stones looks away when he speaks

  17. YUSUF

    CityLona... 😘

  18. Ahanbiswas Class10A10

    Foden and De bruyne are really the best attacking midfielders in the world. I am a Liverpool fan but still Foden and De bruyne should start ahead of Gundogan and Silva . Torres really knows how to pull a trigger from the striker role and it is really happy to see Sterling Struggling. Serves you right Traitor

  19. Malayali Gamer

    Big city fan from Kerala😇

  20. Riadhi 11

    Subtitle Indonesia plis 🙏

  21. Amin

    Only admin which will show opposition team goals 👌😎 You're the best Adminho

  22. Abigail James


  23. Abigail James

    Foden should start replacing gundogen.

  24. Niko Modjo

    Emptyhad 🤣

    1. Uday Mahajan

      What about your emptywallet

  25. pajar jarwo46


  26. Vinay Chiplunkar

    Wilson can b in 1st team Use Olek in major n wilson for other games Kdb n foden back in form guys

  27. hereistand2008

    Even your manager asked for fans to support at the stadium it's still an Emptihad.

    1. Uday Mahajan

      Just like your brain

  28. Abigail James

    Palmer 💙

  29. ポスト


  30. asher mc kenzie

    Most Humble Footballer in the WORLD. How did Jorginho win UEFA footballer of the year

  31. Izemrane Chakib

    KDB, Foden and Mahrez when the three of them play City is another team

  32. Lilia Akli

    Mahrez is just amazing ❤️

  33. Ze king Shabd

    Looks like city played with team A but Liverpool Looks like team B who played...

  34. Andree Tran

    Where í the Aguerooooooo?

  35. Coach RD

    Next round, Man City vs Sunderland/Stoke/Preston/QPR. 😂

    1. Uday Mahajan

      I really hope it’s Man City vs Stoke

  36. Aniruddha Basak

    So .. Its 8-1

  37. KAYLOR 45.

    Pep will blow it against Chelsea on Saturday......he will over analyze the match and end up putting great players on a bench

  38. Ayush Khasid

    Man city seems playing fifa


    Foden 💙

  40. Fərhad Abdullayev

    King Manchester!! Manchester is Blue💎💎💎💙💙💙👑👑👑🏆🏆🏆🏆🦁🦁🦁😎😎😎😎

  41. Muhamad Faisal Iskandar

    Aduh kenapa kemren di lingga inggris ga bisa ngegollllinnn.. ...

  42. Kurbick San

    No matter how many goals they score, no matter how many millions they spend, no matter how many times they change their Jersey. The biggest teams in England is still Manchester United and Liverpool.

  43. KAYLOR 45.

    Foden is an amazing footballer

  44. iHDa mS

    Cool result


    Wycombe made fodden mad with their frst goal🤣🤣

  46. Wayne Wong

    Mahrez is so underrated

  47. Guilherme Batista Simoso

    De Bruyne is baller, mate!

  48. Zxenon

    KDB, the master. 🔥🔥🔥

  49. Abdikarim Omar

    On fire

  50. Pragya Patidar

    If Premier league teams played in ligue 1 this would be every weekend

  51. Rock Nongrang

    Foden is truly a baller

  52. techmm

    Awesome match

  53. Pynkmen Wahlang


  54. Frik0z


  55. Guy Landry

    I was ready to see loki’s face at the end there.

  56. Puteri Hijau

    Ini lebih is the best

  57. Ahmed Abir


  58. Ghanou Praha

    One two three viva Mahrez viva l'Algerie

  59. Halia Kunyit

    nice game cityzennnnn

  60. Blue Guy

    City Forever

  61. Aidan Barnard

    Wycombe avtually scored on these lot 😂😂

  62. Qorry Fadillah

    Cole Palmer R2+⬛

  63. nguyên nguyen

    Sterling, Jesus, Marhez, Aguero:all wooden legs, chances are many but scoring is too bad!Aguero scoring performance is too bad for his chances

  64. Feeling Song

    Foden 🔥🔥🔥

  65. Nilesh Saha

    Foden masterclass

  66. pe depe

    Cant wait to see Foden in his prime 😤

  67. yourlogichomie


  68. King Me

    Phil FODEN is special

  69. Gokuu

    0:20 Literally reminded me of Messi’s pass to David villa in el-Classico(5-0). Foden👑

    1. ciise cabduqadir salxo

      On the 5:0 match.

  70. Afif Harist 2005

    Line Up Manchester City Z. Steffen 13 (GK) C. J. Egan-Riley 56 F. Burns 94 L. Mbete-Tabu 79 J. D. K. Wilson-Esbrand 97 K. De Bruyne 17 R. Lavia 90 P. Foden 47 R. Mahrez 26 F. Torres 21 R. Sterling 7 Wycombe D. Stockdale 13 (GK) A. Stewart 5 R. Tafazolli 6 J. Jacobson 3 D. Gape 4 J. McCarthy 26 J. Obite 23 D. Wheeler 7 S. Kaikai 16 A. Akinfenwa 20 B. Hanlan 18

  71. Athuman Mwandzephe

    Where's Kayky???

  72. aj stapleton

    Foden is one topp class player Hes just gettin better n better under pep

  73. Whos Vikram

    What? De Bruyne, Mahrez, Foden, Sterling, Torres play against mighty Wycombe?

  74. Bhavika Bhatt

    Nice win by man city

  75. Mudit

    0:27 RONALDO stuff

  76. Sunil Sabar

    Draw or win..every game is something to watch in man city games ❤️

  77. bad boy

    De brunye is such a crisp