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  1. all about sports

    F. N and this song have the same flow

  2. Jesus Christ

    when he moans in the intro 😩

  3. Clutch Up

    This fire

  4. HeartlessCapalot-

    man this song better then a boogie WHOLE career stop playing fytb

  5. ezz devils01

    the best love u tjay

  6. Ash456

    Polo g and lil tjay need to make another song together they are both goats

  7. Crystal Rodriguez


  8. Bandcamp Devo

    Bruh tell me why this song hits entirely different

  9. Elijah Holman

    Anybody here in 2020??

  10. Ammaar Rasheed

    How does jake Paul's freestyle have more views than this god tier song. Sumns wrong here

  11. Preston Henkel

    great video 10/10

  12. NoahsWind YT

    🐐 lil tjay

  13. Ge ez Gameplays


  14. VIVID C1oudz

    Imagine having 4 million views ina week

  15. Emilio Medellin

    Mans on sum Justin Bieber type flow but it’s 🔥🔥🔥 it goes with him

  16. Solo Rxspect

    This is fire 🔥 🔥

  17. Emilio Medellin

    Soon as I heard move on I was like this is it

  18. Parker Hill

    the gtgtgtgt in the beginning was smoooooooooth

  19. Gregorio Cadena

    Better then polo g and nba young boy

  20. Erica Blanks

    Me wondering why I haven’t heard him on the radio 🧐

  21. SynnSzn

    This was heat

  22. Dunfy Midi

    yous a fuck nigga

  23. Santiago Davila

    Crazy how he dedicated an entire song to polo g

  24. TechWizify

    Realest in the game

  25. blarzar

    Sasha Nyagu liked this.

  26. Acronixs

    Brings back last year vibes at my school be4 corona. So basically before we went to Christmas Break we had an assembly, and some kid played this song at the end, the whole auditorium was singing to this, was the best day ever couldn’t imagine it being better.

  27. Kerstaina Mousasd

    19 years old but growing big

  28. ryan mcadoo

    i love this song

  29. Mark Luan

    He realeases to soon its to rushed everytime he releases the other song doesnt get attention

  30. cnister

    This song drops harder than Big smoke ordering his one large 9, two number 9s, one with extra cheese, and 2 number 45s, extra sauce and a largeeeeeeee soda.

  31. Farhan The Plug

    Who’s listening to this December 1 2020 🤟🏾

  32. Anonymous 277

    This hits different when u sing it to ur cush and she likes it lol will never happen to me😣

  33. adam goff

    this shit hit different when yo girl leave u 3 days after it come out n yall was together for years

  34. Potso Masiku

    Is that daneilla perkins

  35. rodr8060 rodr8060

    the beat is goated

  36. susanoo jynx

    1:30 kid laroi reference i think

  37. Hanh Pha

    Yang pilih allah like.

    1. john williams

      decameras.info/block/omd7hYODbNLNZmQ/video.html 💛☔️


    Nice song

  39. Hugo Flores

    best line "Got it off my Birkin, is workin she say she a virgin is hurting" Lil Tjay -Lil Tjay

    1. Hugo Flores

      Litteraly just woke up and im meeting with a girl i like so boys wish me luck Update:we have been meeting every day since and im staying at hers tonight Update it felt like she grabbed my heart threw it into the ground and broke it into a million pieces:(( Another update it still hurts but ill be fine ive also just been diagnosed with corona☹️ Ight boys another update we figured things out and were still seeing each other i also just beat covid

  40. Balraj Singh

    "Oh my god is that Avery??"

  41. Danny Garcia

    i am going to hear to this song when i am 100 if i make it

    1. Danny Garcia

      for how good it is

  42. Thoma A

    you give this a thumbs down, you a bitch.....

  43. Terrelle Johnson

    Love the song buh why people callin they girls bitches?

  44. francesco franzese

    Italy here pls 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. kronikal

    your leng

  46. Kristopher Deundra Smith

    decameras.info/block/i6CEcpOEfpWdgKc/video.html next star!!

  47. Rand B family

    The fact that he only has one girl in the vid 😂🤣


    polo g and lil tjay are so alike they would make the best soundtrack

  49. OpittyFN

    gll pow

    1. john williams

      decameras.info/block/omd7hYODbNLNZmQ/video.html 💛☔️

  50. Yonko Eagle

    dope af beat! probz to the producer! whats his name?

  51. Famous EDITS

    I made this edit of @lil tjay check it out: decameras.infoe23nO8vu_qg

    1. Sync Fraziex

      Cool edit!

  52. AI Almighty


  53. Mariama Diaby


    1. Mariama Diaby

      @john williams I did not like it

    2. john williams

      decameras.info/block/omd7hYODbNLNZmQ/video.html 💛☔️

  54. zay boypack

    Yo fn bro

    1. Mariama Diaby


  55. Prince Ahnanonu

    this song is so good I memorized it the first time I heard

  56. Brittany Morrissette

    Ye I am not

    1. john williams

      decameras.info/block/omd7hYODbNLNZmQ/video.html 💛☔️

  57. Mud Max180

    Trump 2020

  58. Rebecca Smith


  59. Navin J

    Ripp X😭😭

  60. lilpc gaming

    Yoooo here before tiktok check Nahh I’m jp

  61. Vanguard

    You will never know how I have this much of likes.

  62. Jahlier Williams

    decameras.info/block/hKSLnYKZqtaugJ8/video.html best song of 2020🔥🤝❗

  63. Nosiphiwo Magcaba

    Everyone of your songs r so full of meaning

  64. Jahlier Williams

    decameras.info/block/hKSLnYKZqtaugJ8/video.html best song of 2020🔥🤝❗

  65. Amelia Abrahamson

    Lil Tjay my guy he’s a goat rapper

    1. john williams

      decameras.info/block/omd7hYODbNLNZmQ/video.html 💛☔️

    2. Spitflare Mystic


  66. Yo Mexi

    You should do a song with a zombie theme video 🔥🔥

  67. John Zaky

    👆🌏Literally 99% won't see this but if you do, God truly bless you, stay safe, maskup and have a wonderful day. ✝️

  68. Infest Beats

    Who's still here in December?

  69. shoot 10xl

    True to myself took the world live long 4ever the king of New York

  70. Kabo Tola

    corrona entered the chat and doctors left

  71. jayden _YT

    hits you hard when you single tho lmao

  72. giovini johnson

    my girl dont even be doing dance moves in the shower my nigga

    1. john williams

      decameras.info/block/omd7hYODbNLNZmQ/video.html 💛☔️

  73. Shaurya Rana

    I’ve had this song on reaper since it realesed

  74. Nazeem Ali

    This the most lit song ive heard this year cant stop playin it.. respect tjay

  75. lil tjay

    he really got bslime playing the piano at the beginning

  76. lil tjay

    he really got bslime playing the piano at the beginning

  77. Clinkzzy

    Whos's listening in December 2020?

  78. Rayshon Coty

    do it for smelly

  79. Megan Bennett

    Black lives matter All life’s matter

    1. john williams

      decameras.info/block/omd7hYODbNLNZmQ/video.html 💛☔️

  80. Jae Barrada Atkins

    Sorry your in jail try get better don’t be a killer pls