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  1. Tota Fw


  2. Shawn Clapper

    Kinda sick of cartoons already I like when videos show the band jamming Idk but that's just me

  3. Paradox Paradox

    what eps is this

  4. Alaa Eddine

    10:22) He it is Who enables you to journey through the land and the sea. And so it happens that when you have boarded the ships and they set sail with a favourable wind, and the passengers rejoice at the pleasant voyage, then suddenly a fierce gale appears, and wave upon wave surges upon them from every side, and people believe that they are surrounded from all directions, and all of them cry out to Allah in full sincerity of faith: 'If You deliver us from this we shall surely be thankful.31 (10:23) But no sooner than He delivers them than they go about committing excesses on the earth, acting unjustly. Men ! The excesses you commit will be of harm only to yourselves, (Enjoy, if you will) the fleeting pleasure of this world; in me end you shall all return to Us, and then We shall tell you what you did.

  5. Deleted Devil Deleted Angel

    Morty: What about the reality we left behind? Rick: What about the reality where people enjoyed the old sonic design for the sonic movie?! The answer is forget about it!

  6. kordulus

    If only he scanned himself as a positive match.

  7. guilherme siqueira

    They don’t want you to think: RICK IS MORTY! So the & joke is to subliminally confirm

  8. 1K Sweaty Rikers

    oh wow this reminds me of growing up in Darwin

  9. MartyMcflyTimeTravels

    This is like MeowWolf commercial stuff

  10. Jack Laycock

    This video is the first in my life that has over 1 million views and under 5 hundred dislikes.

  11. Fell kun

    You know if Carroll had pigs then it would be even scarier cause they can eat a whole human body bones and all

  12. funncubesde

    One thing this shows me is that the CFC is asynchronous. You see that killer Rick has a lighter hair strain, when C137 doesn't have it, but later has it, then when he starts his rampage at the constellation base he shoots a Rick with a bald patch, so an old Rick, while he is still young. I love details like that, that tell you stuff, without treating you like a dumbass.

  13. Shark & Sloth Designs

    This is amazing

  14. Sanchu MC

    this song is dark as fuck

  15. Alejandro Santos caballero


  16. Cørey Blade

    0:35 I actually feel bad for him because he lost his brother it's kinda sad

  17. Yeyote F

    Tim with LaRue as his deputy make a great team. I bet they could run a small country together!

  18. needpit1

    What if the Rick that killed Rick's C137 family was actually smarter than him but lived outside the CFC because in his universe there was someone even smarter than him...

  19. empirial v2

    Garfield sound like Charlie from moist critical but he's a cat

  20. ZOREN

    I don't understand why he didn't go in the universe where his wife also was alive

  21. Melodias

    Plot twist Rick will hold picture against him self and find out he has a twin brother that did this to him

  22. The Grey Parse

    1000 points for attention to detail- The yard and driveway are still cracked from when the house got sucked into another dimension back in the first episode.

  23. Jessica Victoria Carrillo

    Kara, take notes from Speckle

  24. Evil Rodent

    Dekkar: NPR Tiny Desk Concert when??

  25. Travywavy1

    I swear north is singing but it’s Rick ????

  26. Kanye's Roblox Account

    Lmao Rick swipes everything off the table except his drink 2:26.

  27. Nick Rosenblum

    Can someone please find the song name

  28. TheRagingHardon

    wait so rick is gay?

  29. PJ Khaled

    "Eat shit from my So Hip Cruise Ship! ✨"

  30. HungryNine797

    I like seeing the ship new and shiny

  31. Federico caretta

    Looks like that scene in Looper when they show the time-jump of Joseph Gordon levitt's character


    If the central finite curb is the multiverse unlocked from C-137s multiverse. And there is an infinite number of ricks... Does that mean and infinite number of ricks did what C-137 Rick did?

  33. Wake up children of God your time is now!

    He sounds like a 60 yr old man but he's younger than me

  34. PandaChannel 18th

    lol fortnite.

  35. Robert Kenny

    I'm honestly surprised Cobra Commander escaped getting Mauled by the tigers.

  36. GribbleBit

    This explains everything, he is angry because he never got closure, and he is mean to the family because they're not really his and he knows he doesn't belong with them. Even so, he loves them and wishes he could have had that life. Man, this show is depressing.

  37. I don't know my name

    Aw geez

  38. salt water

    If Beth is a baby is jerry a nonce then

  39. Monkey Luffy

    Wow a good recent rbc

  40. Big Al

    I love this, it isn't the kind of ad that has the generic happy family, it feels like a genuine, off-the-bat ad

  41. 𝚇𝚌𝚊𝟷𝚒𝚋𝚎𝚛

    that was beyond beautiful.

  42. The Truth

    Asking real question, do people in High School actually make fun of you if you wear the same pants? I'm glad I wear uniform in my school so I don't have to feel ashamed because I my family cannot afford branded clothing, multiple one at that

  43. The Truth

    What if the reason Rick created Central Finite Curve is to protect the "normal" Rick out there. A lot of people seems to focus on evil Morty quote about Rick creating the Central Finite Curve because it's such a Rick move that he wanted to be the smartest man in the universe. But if we actually believe Rick still has humanity left in him, maybe the reason Rick creates the Central Finite Curve is because he wanted to protect the "normal" Rick. As we know, smart Ricks are assholes. Isolating them into a finite universe is actually a good thing for the other universes. Also, it's more likely that the one who killed Diane is one of the genius Rick, so our Rick tries to safe the normal Ricks from having to deal with losing their Diane. Now that the Central Finite Curve is broken, the normal Ricks are in danger, not from Evil Morty, but from the asshole smart Ricks

  44. Dank Hill

    Im the morty on the left :(

  45. CoastChillin

    To much anxiety need more ASAP

  46. Iron mat

    Alt title: Tales from the citadel 2

  47. Bruno Cendón

    The music composer truly likes Jean Michel Jarre!

  48. Von Wysl

    Game when

  49. Jez Moz

    Morty can be savage Rick also warns Morty being cocky

  50. joe fernandez

    One of my favorite all time scenes in the show, at least he got to experience love with her even if she doesn't remember him. This is why it just gives me a wave of emotions cause losing someone you fell in love with and knowing you will never see them again hurts.

  51. Juichibey

    Whats the ending song?

  52. beowulf916

    When you're playing Pathfinder and it's time to fight the Pain Taster boss

  53. EAprima

    Whether it went to the defendant's favour or not, thank goodness the judge recused himself from that case afterwards.

  54. Aixa Troche

    Love these

  55. Knightscroft Squire-Muldoon

    0:57 Sounds like Mr.Rimmer...

  56. Bronson Mostinckx

    Watching this backstory... got me hungry for some phonesketti & phoneballs.

  57. ollidragon

    teachers: the test isn't that confusing! the test:

  58. Max Miller

    I swear to god every so often Hannibal's voice creeps into my head, saying, "I think there's enough."

  59. DeathNinja126

    i feel like rick only flinched because if she actually punched him she would've died because people are known to do that after touching rick

  60. Sleepy Jean

    Hannibal was trying to save George Floyd.

  61. Derris Bynum

    I loved this episode sketch of Robot chicken, I laughed so hard with Sylvester as a guard and said "son of a bitch." I also loved how slowpoke Rodriguez kept saying "you are killing me you are killing mee." Brings me back memories looking at it staying up watching it, and I lost it when Arnold Schwarzenegger said "up up and away." 😂😂😂

  62. Ethan Coppersmith

    So what if the og show is how rick sees everything, but this is what really happening. Rick is just an egotiscal maniac

  63. The Proud Nerd

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

  64. Darkan

    Learning that the band both didn't speak English and had very little idea what was going on makes the whole thing so much crazier.

  65. D W

    Killer song! One of their best.

  66. SSJ Spyro

    Went from family man, to revenge seeker, to depressed drunk. Rick's life is pretty sad. He wanted to find the Rick who killed his family, but never could find him. After decades of searching he became a target of other Ricks. Depressed and drowning himself in alcohol, his vengeful quest had finally fizzled out. The killer got away, and Rick was now too old and tired to keep looking. He decided to find Beth in a new universe and try to patch his broken family. Living with the version of his daughter he didn't get to watch grow up. Rick may be a huge bastard, but everything that led up to makes you feel sympathy for him. He's just a man who's lost everything. Trying to live out the rest of his days with what little family he has left.

  67. Sounds of YeaziBa

    I'm starting to think the reason Rick can't find his family's killer is because it's the same version of himself, but from the future.

  68. Lukhanyo Solo

    There is no last airbender movie in Ba sing se

  69. Milkra

    Evil Morty in season 5 be like

  70. Conker The Game Day

    I Always Wanted to Go Through That Animal Crossing Portal

  71. kxrxkt

    *Cronenberg world gets created* I guess his math was off...

  72. emanh4keem _san

    Vocaloid noises lmao

  73. Johanthegnarler

    They need this montage looped for 8 hours so I can meditate.

  74. SnowyThePyroBear

    0:26 “See that’s all I wants to know.” Got me cracking up.

  75. Aarón206

    the macabre sky does exist and it is this work of art, to wait what it takes to see it

  76. nino brown

    That music>>>>>> I can feel that LORN vibe

  77. Badal D.Abnish

    the music adds a whole different ambience

  78. Satvik Keshtwal

    Wait but Rick never finds the Rick who killed his family!?

  79. That Online Mellow Alien

    Elsa : Why the hell was I not invited?! Moments later Elsa : glad I wasn't there-

  80. missdar alnazeer

    Why he killed all the Ricks??