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  1. Viduni Kodithuwakku

    woah GIGI and KENDAL

  2. Ashiwarya Prasad

    Priyanka u nailed it❤️❤️❤️

  3. λεωνιδία Fakiola

    Well 3 out of 10 isn't bad! Seriously who makes up these ridiculous lists?!

  4. Daddy Karl

    I agreed with all this list....👏👏👏👏👏

  5. Cindy J

    1. the women of color have completely blown everyone else away this year for beauty and style. 2. Anya needs to eat a hamburger. 3. I'll bet Gillian Anderson smokes reefer.

  6. mohamad jamal mohamud

    Porn actress get the jokes

  7. منوعات التیک توک

    تصميم ملابس حفل ميت غالا

  8. Nerf ball

    Harris you are absolutely stunning … with a shiny joyous soul 🌸


    The Queen's life of service should remind everyone of the huge, tangible power for peace and stability the British monarchy is for everyone in Britain, the commonwealth and for the world. In the 19th & 20th centuries the U.S.A, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Greece suffered in various ways civil wars, political storms, and dictatorships. This shows what can go wrong in the absence of a head of state which is above politics, which opposes illegal dictatorship and helps keep the peace. If there are many reasons England, Wales, Scotland, Canada and Australia have had no civil war since Culloden in 1746, having a constitutional monarchy is an important one. Of course the Queen & Prince Philip had their failings as parents, and Prince Philip could be tactless. Whatever mistakes the royal family have made, let us be grateful for the service they give, and the difference the monarchy makes for the better, in everybody's lives.

  10. eterna melancólica

    La amo, la admiro, la adoro y la miro ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  11. Anoosha PM

    Rihanna, iman and kendal were absolutely stunning

  12. Frederick York

    I love Angela Bassett as an actress and humanitarian. But, her dress looked like the offspring of Darth Vader having sex with a flamingo.

  13. Rouse Rojas

    Sarah Jessica look to old😱 at least 70s Older than her real age. Elderly people should wearing short hair.

  14. ps s

    These are the best ones... Like seriously!

  15. Tae Tae

    I get people saying they liked Zendayas dress. One is when I first saw it too. But now I really don't like it. ( also it my opinion please don't hate on me) Also When I first saw Kims dress I hated it now I love it.

  16. Dana

    I fell in love with her when she said....you have to do root to tip conditioner for bleached hair (THANK YOU!!) And listening to Etta James (saw her in concert 3 times!)

  17. Thorpe Perkins

    This is some stupid fuckin bullshit , pardon my French, Why in the MF is a woman playing James Bond ? It makes no sense, Hey Way to go idiots that make the Bond franchise, you’ve done it !! You’ve empowered woman by making James Bond a woman and Black at that , Way to go !! Now after the movie flops can we go back to a white dude ?? James Bond just happens to be my favorite movies of all time now they are ruined, Look if you want to make a black woman a secret agent then do it in some other movie just leave Bond alone , I tell you what after the black woman why don’t you put a Japanese hermaphrodite as Bond , that’s like making a movie about Jesus played by a Vietnamese geriatric woman, So Fuckin Stupid

  18. Shreya Sinha

    love the bgm!

  19. sheffieldgeek

    007 movies have garnered low receptions for the past few installments.... with this, i can only imagine much lower views.

  20. Agnimitra Sarkar

    She’s so beautiful and elegant

  21. Abelha Rainha Geovana Kimberly

    Lindas grande história dessas atrizes incríveis

  22. Faisal Khan

    Lily's flower dress was also really good

  23. pratik manavi

    Fools seek validation

  24. Ada Chan

    You seem like a kind and mature person, Awkwafina! ❤️

  25. Ananya

    Iman n gigi

  26. Shaw

    They are thin, they are beautiful, they are confident, they are famous, they are celebrities who can bring new to these clothes ordinary people never cannot wear.

  27. troublemaker833

    They look incredible. Also can we all agree that the 2018 Met Gala was just a different level? Not saying the others weren’t good, but I am yet to be wowed like that again!

  28. deb jean

    You left out the best.. TIANA TAYLOR. She looked AMAZING.

  29. U mu

    Iman is a Queen..the Queen looks better thn others..She is timeless, It's like the real Diva and actual supermodel saying let me show u girls how to dress.. Not did she just follow the theme, she was also a visual representation of what met gala stands for..Hands down to her

  30. Devon

    0:35 di mo nman sinabi, Sinulog pala tayo this year mare 😂😂😂

  31. Happy Lucky

    I loved the horse 🐴 dress

  32. Norma Sarno

    JLO the best!!!

  33. Happy Lucky

    Gemma's dress was awful :/

  34. Stha S

    She looks best whatever she wears because of her her confidence ❤️

  35. Swarna Biswas

    So if you don't have one. You need to go about trying to get one quite quickly

  36. Swarna Biswas

    I think you need to have a very thick skin

  37. Chanda Ngodam

    Gigi Hadid, Kendall,❤️❤️

  38. leti Sherlin

    Well,Gigi Hadid look gloowing&hardly pricesly Noble.

  39. krish Michael Vlogs

    The only thing that keeps me hunting is what if they wanted to go for natural calls

  40. raymond menendez

    Wondering what the people there thought about AOCs dress?

  41. Hans Solos

    is this the mid-transition journey? Bcos he is neither here nor there. Very confusing indeed.

  42. Celeste Keenan

    Did anyone get a load of what Cynthia Arivo was wearing? Good grief, she looked hideous. What the hell was on the bottom of her dress?

  43. Erik Duvald

    Notice how none of them wore masks at the Emmy Awards? Apparently rich and famous people cannot get Covid....

  44. Seldi Spencer

    Kendall Jenner and Lupita nyong'o are the best, classic. Dress with style

  45. For Music

    Zendaya and Gigi ruled it.

  46. Lenni Ayestiana

    Kendall jenner😘gigi hadid😘

  47. Atharv Agarwal

    I am here just for Aishwarya Rai and Deepika Padukone both of them are just amazing

  48. Vanik G

    What a load of BS and a preposterously sinful joke.

  49. Rated RY

    Yas queen! With this type of stereotype smashing maybe I can finally, one day, live out my dream of playing as black woman mario in the next super mario bros game!

  50. Tanya Bansal

    Gigi look 🤮

  51. mario basilio

    Hello and what about SJB???

  52. Super S Patrick

    Cannot believe that was Harris Reed's first MET. Iman's look was instantly iconic, she stole the show.

    1. Nikhil Tyagi

      Which country do you belongs

    2. Nikhil Tyagi

      Hi You are looking super cute and lovely

  53. Doctor Crusher

    I’m glad they ALL weren’t praying mantis’ (stick insects), only some.

  54. ever ever

    Please. Was that a debate statement. Was anyone 'for'? mm

  55. Mattie Chua

    Iman and Harris Reed 🙌🏼

  56. Daphne Leaf

    This year is kinda a boring year for the Met Gala. Very few of them wowed me. I don't think they'd ever top 2018 but still, even Rihanna had been a huge disappointment. Sure, she looked magnificent, but she always looks magnificent! This year's dress was just not as showstopping. (Looks comfy though.)

  57. Um E Habiba Khalid

    If you can't afford to wear full clothes, your bank balance is just a waste.

  58. Jem Allen


    1. Valérie Baptista

      The only reason JLo ' slayed' is that people were there to see the several times round the block duo. Their love is everything 🤢 it's like love NEVER existed before this couple.

    2. Steph Suarez

      Her style is always the same, boob showing. I never saw her wear decent and not too skin.

  59. Jem Allen

    Where's Jlo..she's one of the 3 that followed the theme of the MET..total crap. Wintour lost it's essence sadly

  60. FunFeedVideo

    OK fine they missed Billie and Lil nas x 😂 which there the top 2 of 2021 met gala

  61. Rico Gomez

    She complains about people mad at her for playing a white person. She is wrong. Then she compares her role to John Wayne playing Genghis Khan. Really? A role from over 50 years ago? You think things haven't changed a slight bit? How stupid you sound.🤦‍♂️

  62. N Lorde

    Anya Taylor Joy in not in Dior. She’s wearing Dice Kayek for heaven’s sake, Bazaar UK 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  63. JM R

    Anya Taylor-Joy and Micaela looked amazing! However... Sarah Paulson's dress was awful. It reminded me of the curtain rod dress that Carol Burnett wore as "Starlet O'Hara." I hope the huge sleeves trend dies out very quickly. They are not flattering on *anyone.*

  64. Ttegirb White

    This is bad because here is not Billie Eilish

  65. Priyanka Murali

    So many dresses with pockets.

  66. Benjamin N

    I am confused by these celebs. They advocate for vax and masks. Then they party without masks. Only the photogs, servers and assistants seem to wear masks.

  67. Ernest Harper

    It is recorded, that in the Last Days, "women will be clothed, though NAKED". No shame nor modesty. Sad

  68. Real One

    DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO 1)”Are you going to get vaccinated?” 2)”I think I am going to wait a little bit longer” 1)”Why are you being so selfish” 2)”How am I being selfish?” 1)”Because if you get covid 19, you could give it to me!” 2)”But you are vaccinated!” 1)”Yeah but I can still get it.” 2)”So if I get Vaxed, I could still get it.” I)”Yea but you should still get it because then you won’t pass it to me.” 2)”So I should get vaxed, but I can still get it, and pass it on to you” 1)”Well yea, but you still should get it. 2)”But you can catch it off of me, whether I get Vaxed or not!” 1)”Yeah, but you should still get it.” 2)”But Why????” 1)”Because it is the right thing to do. 2)”Who says?” 1)”The people who make it.” 2)”????.”

  69. Christopher And Stephanie Hill

    Love the masks….

  70. rento silva

    Blake 😍😍😍

  71. Rowdy Ti

    Ariana is a accurate cinderella and billie lookin like michael jackson inlove with both

  72. Leah Rachelle

    Rihanna 2016: 10/10 probably the best & most memorable Met Gala look of all time (although the 🍕 memes were still funny) Blake 2018: 8/10 Amal 2018: 2/10 Boring & not on theme Cara 2017: 3/10 I hated it but at least she always takes risks, even if just in the pantsuit kind of way 😝 Beyonce 2015: 7/10 Not my favorite met gala look from her, but still a pretty great gown Claire Danes: 6/10 She’s pretty boring with fashion usually, but Zac Posen does look great on her Priyanka 2017: 6/10 It was interesting but not amazing, & the fit wasn’t the best Rihanna 2018: 9/10 The jacket/cape could’ve had more shape to it Gigi 2016: 4/10 Not her best Met gala look Cardi 2019: 7/0 It was very interesting & unique, but also super freaking weird. Taking the hair cap off would’ve made it so much better

  73. Lisa Chocolate

    Jlo Zendaya Anya Penelope Kristine Stewart all stunning 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  74. Sophie Topham

    Absolutely Stunning 🤩

  75. FactsAreRacist&Fatphobic&NoMustache

    No one even bothered with the theme. See through dress is so overdone even diamond can't fix its boring now. And iman is gorgeous.

  76. Liliana Nichols

    It hurts a millimeter less everyday 💙

  77. Amazing Grace

    IMAN ... perfection! 💕🐝🇺🇸

  78. Mari Mini


  79. Chelsea Halliday

    I thought Grimes was #1