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  1. John Joestar

    Is Disk the go to breaks now.

  2. Lotfi Mouhib


  3. English Rain

    Awesome video! Wish it was 60 FPS though.

  4. Ali Abdullah

    Intense!!! I'd love to watch a race with both views simultaneously (of the peloton and in the peloton). It would be awesome. It's like that for MotoGP.

  5. Dean Productions

    Poor commentating again. Some of us want to know the winner at the line not 300 meters before. D grade commentating again.

  6. chair man

    TV companies take note. THIS is what we need to see when things start to get edgy.

  7. Dean Productions

    I am sick of the commentator announcing the winner before they get to the line. D grade.

  8. Estuans

    If this were soccer they'd be on the floor flopping around the entire race :)

  9. Harris Omar

    Well done UAE for organising this even in these difficult times!!! 🖤❤️💚🇦🇫🇦🇫

  10. Lionel Legoff

    1:26 Who are these two guys ? Bernal ?

    1. Andreja Ssvab


  11. DD DDD

    Need more of this. Need to hear the breathing and the shouting. Not just the sound of helicopters and motorbikes.

  12. Jose Lopez

    Looks like I-95 rush hour

  13. Francia Csaba

    Rider in blue drops sth at 0:55 and in replay at 1:11, and that caused the crash! Just have a look on the wheels of the riders behind!

    1. Andreja Ssvab

      Not at all.

  14. The Aviator

    Intense... I could imagine myself just shouting random stuff just to troll. My honk sound would be... “kaw kaw! Kaw kaw!”

  15. LittleJulio

    If you saw the final sprint today then you know how badass that clip is to see from that angle!

  16. robert phillips

    GC Riders require a team of hit men around them 2 keep them safe. Like a lot of SPORTS pretty verbal at crucial moments. Gr8. Except 4 the boys that fell...

  17. Gerard de la Rosa

    caleb ewan!

  18. Nick P

    More action in this one minute of cycling than an entire NFL season

  19. jatojo


  20. bluemystic7501

    This is how my zone 2 group ride ends up after 40 miles.

  21. cliff cox

    1:13, moment of the face plant. Terrible, literally right on his chin.. Grieipel still in the fight at 6th. What longevity

  22. Dana Black

    Told yall Tadej Pogačar was going to 🏆

    1. Dana Black

      @Slahudeen Hussain yea I know lol

    2. Slahudeen Hussain

      I mean he was the favourite and he was the tdf champion last year so it was kinda obvious but tbf He won it mostly because of the ITT not the actual mountain stages

  23. Lloyd Yu

    Tadej Pogacar! That kid has a lot more awards to win! He's just starting.

  24. Dana Bergman

    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 from Long Beach, CA USA

  25. Dana Bergman

    GOOD STUFF. 💪👍🥂

  26. Simon

    Caleb with a better clear run in - he was mowing down bennett in many sprints you can see it on his face when CALEB reacts and its all in these sprinters watch every muscle and pedal stroke of rider in front split second to react

  27. Jeremy McPherson

    If you like cycling videos try following lantern Rouge's DEcameras 👍

  28. thomostash

    Who knew American Flyers was an accurate representation.

    1. Lozza 888

      Still prefer to wiping that ketchup off the thigh

    2. ovathere93

      Yes!! Once you got it up, keep it up.

  29. Jim Jr44

    Brutal. These guys have toxic masculinity for sure!

    1. Jim Jr44

      @Fred Ol No problem! Actually I have never seen a video with this intense bumping, grinding and actually it seemed scary to me. At 76, I don't have to worry about 'toxins' anymore, but this video was really cool. Cheers.

    2. Fred Ol

      @Jim Jr44 nono, my bad. Should ve read that easily!

    3. Jim Jr44

      @Fred Ol Oops, so much for my sarcasm, my bad.

    4. Fred Ol

      There is no such thing as "toxic" masuculinity. A masculine behaviour can be good or bad, but masculinity in itself is never toxic or good. It simply is. Something i thought out today

  30. 3SidedSquare

    Wow Ackermann just gave up the sprint

  31. athena01100

    Wow awesome!!!

  32. Vincent Courcy

    What is unreal there?

    1. Navaneetham


  33. Joe Cool

    How my weekly Club race played out when I'm telling anyone who will listen.

  34. Joe Reynolds

    i must have missed it, but how did yates go from being 45 seconds down yesterday to only 35 seconds down today? is it a typo?

    1. Chad Dumlao

      Pogacar and teammate Polanc both got a 10 sec penalty for "pushing another rider" in Stage 6.

    2. Graham Tibbot

      10s penalty for Pog yesterday

  35. Carlos Alberto

    Like 405 freeway in the morning

    1. Carlos Alberto

      @Scott Baker true😂

    2. Scott Baker

      Not even. This is way faster. Hell I can walk faster than the 405 in the morning or evening rush hour.

  36. Rico Albrecht

    Roger Kluge 👏🏼

  37. Johnwick1758 Gaming

    My kinda thing..

  38. Lk Tah

    The most boring Tour on the UCI schedule every year.

    1. Slahudeen Hussain

      I'd say it's the binckbank tour

  39. ms112341

    might as well put a picture of the stage winner as the thumbnail and his name in the title if we are going to commentate the final sprint like this again.

  40. Max Mader

    Such a humble and friendly guy!

  41. Yuliyah Mills


  42. Francis S25

    The lotto train always lose it in the final kilometre, I sure hope they get it sorted because Ewan deserves a better leadout.

    1. Marco Brotto

      Quickstep and Morkov are overpowered...it’s gotten to a point that any sprinter in that team wins. Morkov the real mvp

    2. Slahudeen Hussain

      I'd love to see what Ewan could do in quick step , he has the ability to basically win every sprint stage he competes in.

  43. crnkspinnr

    Interesting how whole race took almost exactly 24hrs.

    1. Lionel Legoff

      For us it is exactly 48 hours 😄

    2. W

      For the winner

  44. Jaykooe Kon

    Must be some headwinds, Ewan start sprinting a little bit late.

  45. Mario Pereira

    Joao Almeida top 3 .

    1. Slahudeen Hussain

      No shit

  46. 비닐씌우스

    his teeth is okay?

    1. Arley Gomez

      If he didn't lose or damage any teeth, Adam must have a jaw made of steel.

    2. Slahudeen Hussain

      Not been announced what injuries he has yet

  47. Eric Reis

    This is the difference between amateur and professional races!

  48. jatojo

    Mørkøv decided to keep pedalling to the line this time. I wonder how many top results he could have achieved in his career if he hadn’t sacrificed himself for other riders in hundreds of sprints.

    1. Slahudeen Hussain

      Stage 1 of this tour he got beaten by the likes of van der poel and dekker when he was the sprinter because bennett got dropped in the crosswinds , but he did beat viviani amongst others.

    2. Brian Mitchell

      Totally. Bennet has been blessed with having the only lead out man in the last 200m, dropping him off for all these wins. But Bennet is a beast. If anyone hasn’t watched the Hammer Series it’s worth it. Crushes everyone

  49. Paul Solon

    Pls pronounce t pogacar name correctly

    1. Paul Solon

      @Binshuo Hu ja umim trochu cesky. I think but am not sure it is paga’cha Anyway this tv velon analyst pronounces the last name two different ways in same commentary.

    2. Alex SunMee


    3. Binshuo Hu


  50. Jerome Cafe

    Congrats Champ aka wheel.sucker

    1. Slahudeen Hussain

      Clueless comment, Ewan did that cuz his team fucked up in the last KM.

    2. D. Batt

      Aren't all sprinters wheelsuckers to some degree?

  51. Jahir

    Quickstep baby 👏👏👏

  52. bean

    i believe had not been for covid protocols, van der poel would've bagged this

    1. Slahudeen Hussain

      @Jaspreet Sidhu Are you talking about the GC or the stage? Cuz they're both deluded, he would've lost to Ewan and Bennett in the stage ( they are the 2 best sprinters in the world right now imo) , and if you're on about GC then read my other comment.

    2. Slahudeen Hussain

      No I think he would've lost a minute or so to pog on stage 3 and would've lost some time on the ITT to him too, for me it would be Pogacar,Yates and MVDP in 3rd

    3. joao matos

      Clueless comment.

    4. Jaspreet Sidhu

      Same boat MVDP would have taken it by far.

    5. Marko Podganjek

      Yeah, but of course, with at least 7 minutes advantage at all. After first day we can claim that. omg

  53. Danny Loo

    Stage 6 was about 3.5 hours long. I've found the action camera batteries last about 2.5 hours at most. Wonder how they were able to ensure battery life for the final sprint of the stage.

  54. Squishys Hellcat 702

    Not gonna lie though this generation is weak all they want is a sure thing bicycle racing is super boring now let’s go back to the days of heroics I’d much rather see a guy get caught 10 m before the line after 100 K break then a dude win a bunch sprint and these bunch sprints aren’t even that good this generation wants a sure thing I race cars and it’s the same thing they actually want to know what your time slip is before they race you

  55. jamslam5768


  56. Hunting Fishing Ireland

    #1 sprinter in the world. Sam Bennett. #1 Leadout in the world.

    1. Itz CornSzn

      For sure. They’re gonna dominate for years to come

  57. patrick M

    Possibly the best bit of cycle footage I've ever seen!

  58. Matthias Ehling

    Can somebody tell me where Froome dropped?

  59. David O Brien

    I'm glad I never watched these kind of videos before I made the leap years ago and decided to start racing. I think I would have been way too intimidated. Glad I did tho!! You get the hang of it 🤠

  60. HeidiLandRover

    Bloody hell!

  61. Carlos Alberto

    I would of been ringing the shit out of my bell

    1. David O Brien

      Gold, buddy

  62. annika keziah Lacson

    Did he say 53/11 gear when he sprint? 😬

  63. Timothy Skattum

    Absolutely brilliant

  64. marcus santos

    Looks like tour de mars...

  65. Renato Ribeiro Collyer

    Sensacional! Esse é o som da pulsação do pelotão 👏👏👏

  66. Ceazario Vogdan Zuleta

    Sagan is done 😢 he can't even in the top 10

    1. Edgar Lei

      @Ceazario Vogdan Zuleta No, but I do my research and don't assume that Bora rider = Sagan...he has 28 teammates, you know?

    2. Francis S25

      By that stupid logic Caleb Ewan is done...

    3. HeidiLandRover

      The BORA squad: 61 ACKERMANN Pascal 62 BENEDETTI Cesare 63 BUCHMANN Emanuel 64 KONRAD Patrick 65 LAAS Martin 66 SCHWARZMANN Michael 67 ZWIEHOFF Ben

    4. Ceazario Vogdan Zuleta

      @Edgar Lei are u blind?

    5. Edgar Lei

      He's not even racing the UAE Tour though?

  67. glenn oc

    Looks like my bunch ride.....only kidding of course. My palms are sweating watching this this wheels are almost touching.

  68. Nelson Timothee

    With Morkov my grandma could win. He's a machine!

  69. David Pinnington

    0.34 used to live their couple of years go - palm jumeriah - brick pavings bumpier than you think and the tunnel to the crescent can get scary with the painted strips

  70. Nelson Timothee

    Michael Morkov is the absolute best in the business!

  71. Lloyd Hlavac

    I'm having flashbacks to my racing days! ACK! 😲

  72. Juan More Mile

    fucking scary

  73. Erick D

    Omg !!!

  74. MVProfits

    It must have felt awesome. BTW look at those fans. So many people have now accepted the imposed narrative that the slightest human interaction is a grave danger not only to one's self, but a selfish act that can endanger others. If people don't wake up, crowds like these will never happen again. Yet they did for... all of human history, and there has been way worse contagious diseases. Wake up!

  75. Mol Far

    this is madness!! no... this is cycliiiing!!!:)

    1. Paolo Pretara

      I got the 300 quote, not sure if many others will understand.

  76. ocs Olympic

    Great vidéo 😍

  77. CycoWarriorx

    Lots of yelling... lol...

  78. Samuel Black Metal Rider

    The VIOLENCE!!! Wish there were the watts & heartbeats featured

  79. velvetpearls


  80. T K

    This is not how they learned it in ZWIFT