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Hello. I make very silly educational videos.

A show about London's quirky, unexplained unbuilt infrastructure, exploring bridges over nothing, tunnels to nowhere, and borders that don't make any sense.

Me and Mark Cooper-Jones (the comedian off the telly who used to be a geography teacher and really loves geography) team up to talk about the world's weirdest/funniest/interestingest maps.

What does the Prime Minister do? Who does the government? What does Right Honourable mean? If you don't understand the first thing about British politics, but you want to, this series was made for you.

Various other things.

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  1. Keeli

    1:10 Is that Gloucester?

  2. LabGorilla

    I cycled in London for a few years. Nearly killed twice. Once my bike went under the wheel arches of a bendy bus (before they were banned) and I had to jump to safety. The second time a lorry went through a red and I had to jump off as it pummelled my bike. Many of my colleagues have ended up in hospital in bike accidents . It’s just unsafe. Now I go by motorbike. Have yet to crash and have only melted two engines . You sir are mental.

  3. Steve Smith

    "meanwhile in Europe" Me in USA- "Wait a minute"

  4. Gadaadyn

    God, I love living in a Republic which rebelled against a crazy king 😜

  5. Sven-Arne Skarvik

    Much easier in Norway. There’s a definite official border between the North and the South and a big sign that says «Welcome to North Norway»!

  6. Marcus Been

    when he said “Battenberg-ed an eyelash” i lost it.

  7. Tyler Yuan

    Previously on unfinished London eh eh eh eh eh

  8. Bobby William

    The other Other Reason: Both Labour and Conservatives are the same party. The Bourgeoise Party. and their main goal is to protect Capitalism at all costs. Same with all the smaller parties. Spoiled ballot or vote for independent Socialist.

  9. Tyler Yuan

    3:10 wait is that greater London?

  10. Bobby William

    Watching in 2021 and just desperate for Socialism.

  11. sexygirlove20

    thumbs down...... you never answered the question

  12. FalrakTheDoob

    you forgot battersea power station

  13. Widya Santoso

    Now there's 272 stations- will Jay need to re-record this?

  14. PGRacer

    So they can win the reeeeeeeer of the year award.

  15. Marcus H

    “Your bloody right!”

  16. Labeeb

    I've never actually heard I Am The Walrus, so now the out of sync one is in my head :)

  17. Julio argumedo

    no mames estan bien pasados de verga jajaEhj9aehnma3e[0p9oghyjAE{-'0pjO-[0PHMAH-[0P ]NKA

  18. jule klemmer

    I came here from unfinished London and Politics unboringed and I had no idea that Jay Foreman is a brilliant musician too!

  19. Stephan Dolby

    Woking. That works.

  20. Phillip Wilber

    So much for those brain cells

  21. Agnostik Hayvan

    Nice try.

  22. Awesome Pinewood

    Now add Battersea Power Station and Nine Elms

  23. Euan Smith

    That's the best Rosetta Stone advert I've seen.

  24. Mirza Ahmed

    Americans pronounce New Hampshire in the correct ("shur") way. Not sure why they would pronounce English counties differently.

  25. Andreas Brummer

    The teacher looks like Richard Ayoade!

  26. Charlie Clapp

    C F C There's Leicestershire, Oxfordshire, Rutland and Warwickshire, Northamptonshire is next door, D G7 Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire, Huntingdonshire and there's more, like C F C Suffolk and Essex and Surrey and Sussex and Nottinghamshire in the centre, D G7 C Devon and Cornwall and Dorset and Somerset, Kent and what comes after Kent? Hmmm... F C Westmorland, Cumberland, also Northumberland and county Durham below, there's D G Gsus4 G7 Lancashire, Gloucestershire, Derbyshire, Cheshire, 11 more counties to go! C F C Shropshire and Staffordshire, Berkshire and Hampshire and Herefordshire next to Wales, there's D G7 Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Worcestershire, Wiltshire and Yorkshire with all of the dales, and C C7 F D Buckinghamshire's the end of the list, there's no need to sing anymore, 'cause we're G7 C F C not doing Scotland or Wales or new ones invented in 1974.

  27. rayranja

    I only clicked on this video today just to hear the map man song

  28. Arthur Terrington

    Rutland likes to claim it's the smallest county in England, and this was true at the time of Domesday Book. However City of London later took that title, and CoL remains the smallest county in England to this day. In terms of modern ceremonial counties, the de facto geographical counties of England; Rutland is now either fourth and third, depending on whether the tide is in or out around the Isle of Wight (yes, really!) The 'horrible' name of Cumbria actually gave its name to Cumberland. Although the county only came into existence into 1974, the term Cumbria(n)had been used for to describe the area a long time before that-- Cumbrian Mountains is a notable example of this.

  29. yoymate

    animaniacs if the warners were british

  30. formzino

    congrats on 1m subs Jay, thoroughly deserved

  31. Ozzy the Great

    That PS2 controller brings back some memories

  32. madsli

    I think in these vids, there is a bit too much of a focus on "lol XD le funny joke!!!1"

  33. Matt Nisenoff

    I have no idea what any of this meant but enjoyed the video. Thank you.

  34. adamus robloxian

    In your channel it says "very silly educational videos" and guess what in 0:26 the subtitles have the word "shit" I will unsubscribe if u do this in 2021 one more time.😐

  35. Mateo Demnika

    I like this channel from London 😊😊😊.

  36. fastmongrel

    How can you tell whether a person you have just met comes from Yorkshire. Just wait 30 seconds and they will tell you how great Yorkshire is and how proud of being a yorkshireman they are. Then ask them where they live and they will often answer "Surrey"

  37. Chris O'Brien

    Who made the opening theme?

  38. Cheryxle

    @Jay Foreman will you do a new song as there are new stations? I'm just curious

  39. Joshua Galvao

    Proud got i Egypt.

  40. Floglaya


  41. Ben Jones

    what's that thing at 10:08 in the top right corner?

    1. Ben Jones

      @Jay Foreman Huh! Thanks for the response 👍🏻

    2. Jay Foreman

      They’re called cue dots. On British TV in the 80s and 90s, they warned you that an ad break was about to start.

  42. SAINT DR3

    the first motorway wasn't the M1, it's the Preston Bypass (part of the current M6).

  43. Simone Worsley

    What about Norfolk and Suffolk? Where does the origin of those county names come from?

    1. Jay Foreman

      North Folk and South Folk of the Kingdom of East Anglia.

  44. yoymate

    stumbled upon this video mere minutes after finishing a playthrough of deltarune and that hit way harder than it should

  45. Frederick Albertson

    Lol Mad Cap’n Tom was at 4:40

  46. Vardek Petrovic

    Revived Camden? Isn't Camden the most crime ridden and poor area with most wellfare recipients in the entire southern England?

  47. AskeDominoMester

    There's new stations now. You know what that means? Updates! If he actually do that will be legendary

  48. PfhorShark

    The hitchhiker's guide theme song in there, love it

  49. ETS2 Timelapses

    If you'll ever feel stupid, then remember that there are people who disliked this video.

  50. Prevenge IX

    Such a better actor than the real Clooney!

  51. jazeolo

    I have never felt more victimised as someone from Rutland

  52. 760erator

    I’m from Leicester and I’m happy what it was mentioned

  53. Schnapps ist gesund!

    2:41 "Meanwhile in Europe" More like "Meanwhile in the Netherlands"

  54. Karl Frederich von Domberg

    Estonia laughting in the corner:we ha trams, trollys, trains and busses all are freee

  55. Nathanimal

    It's just occurred to me that Jay would be really fun to have on an episode of the Technical Difficulties.

  56. Bara' Istatieh

    I knew that was coming... that poor mouse!

  57. end

    Hello United Stater

  58. ThriftJunkGaming

    as an American I'll never fully be able to understand this.

  59. The Professor

    Gibraltar not england Well I am shocked

  60. SpongeBob

    List ist

  61. Food Nature & Relationships

    Did you all notice that bear? It was hilarious

  62. Rhys BC

    I’m from Sheffield, feel bad for me 😐

  63. Jay-Lee van der Berg

    I friggen love it xD

  64. Arthur Hall

    1st: I was immediately off-kilter from the get go because you changed the opening. 2nd) The south Sudan call-out hit too close to home

  65. Nice Name

    at the time of me writing this at 8:44 they have almost completed it and it is from some place out of london to heathrow which is sick as i use the line if i need to go to central london

  66. xXXDumbWordStupidNumberXXx

    0:29 My new idea for a law by Samantha Ung Ung Ung MP Basically, I think dogs should wear clothes. There are too many naked dogs nowadays. Last time I went to the park there were fifteen of them. Eurgh. Do we want our children to grow up in a world were there are fifteen naked dogs in the park? I don't. Do you? No you don't. So, my idea for a new law is that all dogs have to wear at least a jumper at all times. The end. P.S. You have completely wasted your time pausing this video.

  67. Michael Ball


  68. TSR1989FF

    Geologists take the Tectonic Continent Map as definitive; so I do too :D . Plus: It means we Brit's were *never* ""European"" (geographically), which is excellent as who wants to be lumped with France XD. (we didn't have over 30 wars with them just for the fun of it... though it was also for that)

  69. Honest Tortilla

    Hey I am annoyed by this video: Why does Amerigo Vespucci get to keep his Italian name but you change Cristoforo Colombo's one to some stupidity that some brit came up with?

  70. The Emperor's Shoeshiner

    But the EU was too cumbersome and confusing for you guys...

  71. zedxx

    I can't with the sock doing work at Starbucks

  72. Bahir Ibrahim

    There are 11 continents

  73. Ahmed Jafar

    Rutland: Exists. Map men: And I took that personally.

  74. Thecomu 005

    This song IS dead... RIP 😭😭

  75. Tucker Cobble

    it's sad to see it end, i hope further projects see the level of humour and mirth in this series though.

  76. OogaB0oga

    Oh my god, finally someone who does this too... I displace the lyrics of songs I know by one or multiple beats all the time, when I sing in the shower or whatever.

  77. Ty Bronx

    This is all very......archiac?? Why is still a thing?...