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  1. spydaweb

    I think Martina is one of the few tennis players who doesn’t care about contact lens 👏👏👍👍

  2. Vee Sun

    This match was so entertaining to watch. A very physical and high quality 5-hour thriller. How Tsitsipas managed to elevate his game and win while suffering from a foot injury was amazing!

  3. vuthina roeun

    love Emma, but guys do you expect her to say Emma beat me fair and square lol

  4. Avinash Anand

    We might as well start calling him lefty Wawrinka. He is so inconsistent, but when he is feeling it, his raw power will destroy anyone. Here's how I imagine Shapovalov's future. He will have success later on in his career, like Stan did. Daniil will be world number 1 by then. Daniil and Shapovalov will meet a couple of times at slams where Daniil wins. Then Shapovalov realizes that he is playing someone similar to Djokovic, so in their next grand slam meeting, Shapovalov will blow Daniil off the court.

  5. lordneeko

    I'm not a huge tennis fan...but I have enjoyed watching Djokovic take over the top spots in tennis. His eventually beating Federa(still my favorite) hurt my heart, and still a great match between him and Nadal...but he's just an awesome player to watch

  6. Петр К

    Маша. Красавица😍👏

  7. treee

    Leylah is my favorite player!! 😃😆🤩

  8. legen always

    You can't come over Serena. Never, Serena number 1.

  9. legen always

    Love to Sarena. Who opened the door for the younger generation to get interested in playing Tennis. Sarena a Legend, No one can take her place, because she is in a class of her OWN and she worked hard to achieve her goal, And also with the help of her family and cant forget her Husband.

  10. just dev

    Savage thumbnail of bweeh 👍🔥

  11. Vidya Sonavane

    3:59:01 love nadal’s gesture towards domi... domi also deserved to win this..😕for him. Glad that he won next yr with giving heart attacks to his fans in the process.

  12. S C

    Future Prime Minister

  13. Douglas Blowe

    All that cracked me up LOL

  14. weili6112

    I am tired of this grumpy Scottish guy. How many times has he complained about his opponents? Almost every time he lost.

  15. Emily An

    Brilliantly done Emma. The whole of the UK loves you. Thanks for bringing so much needed joy to us all.

  16. Xiao Yang

    What a final!

  17. M Delroba

    Wow 🤩

  18. Throw Away

    Lol this y'all's goat? Nadal or federer would never lose like this.

  19. Angela Anita

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  20. Emmanuel Jaramillo

    35:13 the commentator was right, Medvedev won the US Open just like Laver won it in 1969, Oh wait, he mant Nole pppppf my bad. XD

  21. travis coates

    Did she lose a single set?

  22. Alkaline Guru

    British mini Sampras

  23. Andrew Mandujano

    Who's here after Medvedev beat Djokovic in straight sets in the final two years later? 🔥

  24. moon shine

    I enjoyed this so much when there no grunting hint hint

  25. p hungmoe2

    Sometime, isnt the brilliance of the opponent but the the short coming of the challenger 😅

  26. Willie Jones

    I really like Evans’s game! I wish it was more effective in the modern game. It’s pretty to watch!

  27. my life


  28. Air Crew

    Fernandez posted 72 dislikes!

  29. Nino Grillo

    Come ha fatto la vinci a prenderla cosi bene?

  30. Milo Wright

    Poor Berrettini he got completely outplayed in the 2nd 3rd and 4th sets

  31. John Stromboly

    shame she will choke next year like Coco Gauf, Andrescu, Kenin and other one hit wonders , sad but true coz this is women's tennis today

  32. Matthew Stera

    Your racket cannot cross the net. So cool play but point lost.

    1. RTS

      ur racket can cross the net..this is the literal us open channel posting this

  33. raimunda oliveira

    Virei fã da Fernandez!! Joga muito!!

  34. watchinginawe

    Who needs nuclear power? This kid’s smile could light up the world!

  35. J R

    Thanks for sharing this Maria Sharapova match. It's hard to find quality video of any of her matches.

  36. watchinginawe

    Absolutely love the way she smiles and nods after she said Virginia and Tim gave her the belief to do it. It is so endearing.

  37. MAX__Apex

    Massive fan me

  38. Mathi Mathi

    Jhochovic go go finish u r dream 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. J R

    Thanks for Maria!

  40. J R

    Thanks for sharing this Maria Sharapova match. It's hard to find quality video of any of her matches.

  41. Vera Mcowan

    Dans got some great shots shame he met medvedev in one of his early games glad to see Dan back in action

  42. Swanky Wags

    What awful background music - sadly detracts from this amazing montage of stunning Emma Raducanu...

  43. Oscar Nicholson

    She’s actually incredible

  44. Dejaya8 Ahora

    Emma Raducano was the better player on finals day, but it's Leylah that was the giant killer at this 2021 U.S. OPEN. May both ladies face each other for many more years to come.

  45. EnEm Gee

    Out …. out ….. Out ….

  46. Brutos


  47. ☆ weirdest girl in the world ☆

    Lmap i love when he fixes his hair when hes ready he copyed that from a tv show lol

  48. Bill Fitzgerald

    She’s amazing

  49. mark P

    That game should be censored and too brutal for children

  50. Adam

    Novak was popular those days

  51. Melinda Watkins

    Love watching my girl shot her shots!! Very smart.

  52. Theo Bolt

    The future nr 1? Maybe dominating for a longer period? Would be nice.

  53. Oiling Gill

    Glad uploaded this extended highlight been waiting for it 👍🏻😀

  54. Shahid Khan

    02:03 Henman tells himself, 'need to keep it together', no lump in my throat.

  55. Spirit Donkey


  56. viv

    can the audience just shut up

  57. Neville Walker

    Does Murray ever shut his mouth. Always gawping. Pathetic.

  58. Vishal Gupta

    What a talent!

  59. Juan Quintana

    When the extended highlights of the Alcaraz-Tsisipas match?

  60. Daniel Söderlund

    Is there any way to watch the whole match ?

  61. Sophia

    I like joe

  62. Evan Kaplan

    Oh, great. Who wouldn't want to watch the worst final in US open history?

  63. Khepri

    Sensational. Slim Vs muscle

  64. HCaulfield115

    Gabriella’s shots are way better suited to modern racquets and strings especially the strings

  65. HCaulfield115

    Steffi’s slice was knifed and a great shot but I still don’t understand why she didn’t come over the ball hardly at all.

  66. Владимир

    Сейчас когда Медведев говорит, что пришёл выиграть ТШБ, потому что он знает, у него всё на ракетке, он будет бить и он попадёт.

  67. yourlarkivist

    So happy for you Medvedev!

  68. Nicolás Palma

    I thought Evans had a chance, with those slices and attacking the net. But Medvedev is just on another level.

    1. Harsha Vardhan

      I was little worried going into this match as Evans wouldn’t give much rhythm on shots and will suffocate danil. But med was playing on another level. That’s why I don’t accept this draw as cake walk as others said because 2019 danil would have suffered to Evans and even his second round opponent koepfer. Instead he cruised through them without losing a set so credit to his improvements. That proved to be useful in final.

  69. safiyavkp Abdul Raheem

    Emma in Bruce Lee level!

  70. Abadullah Khan

    Emma has one unique ability which no player every has. It is that she is a natural attacker but she can defend too. No player who likes to dictate the game like she does can defend as well in long rallies. So starting from Shelby, she started playing lal attackers and she, after reading them, and then dictated the game. Those players could not defend and kept on attacking. Leyla was the only natural defencer and that's why she was able to put up some fight in the first set

  71. Snoopy Bollox

    Where is she now???

  72. Yousef Bhoyroo

    Beautiful looking women


    So Russian can hack something other than US elections😁

  74. Charlotte's Head

    18:00 Tsitsipas preparing to return serve or preparing to catch the ball in his mouth😮🐶

  75. Sev Raonic

    Apex us open performance!

  76. Frederick York

    2nd time in a row that Alcaraz has retired against Felix with leg issues. I hope he gets better soon.

  77. Katy Engineer

    Happy to see a great player back on court. Andy inspite of a big n prolonged surgery u can defeat other players. Rafael n u deserve full credit. No other player can manage to play especially Rafael still the best after umpteen surgeries since more than a decade.

  78. Giovanni Urot

    leylah has enhanced the ontherise ground does emma! i welcome this future rivalry sooo entertaining