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  1. Michelle Y.

    Oh man this is so relatable and true I can't even *LAUGHCRY* 🤣🤣😭😭🤣😭 Trauma is funny 😁😁🤣😁🤣

  2. Venduhl

    Where was a Jam!

  3. xxxflowerprincess xxx

    Omg have you realised on Hershas channel she's doing the same expression as uncle Roger. How cuteee!!!!!!

  4. Forever TWICE tt

    you make me feel speciallll hahahhah

  5. LiviLovesFish

    Random costumer: No spice Uncle Roger: Goodbye potato head

  6. YourFriendlyMedic

    Love these videos! We should all chip in and get our cowboy friend a nice wok!!👌🏽

  7. Venduhl

    Today I learned. Chicken bouillon good stuff

  8. Torie Tiger

    I didn’t understand that and I’m white lol

  9. doesnt matter

    "wok fuckboy"😂😂😂

  10. Oane Visser

    Uncle Roger, did you just jump the shark?

  11. Justin Time For Parties

    His accent breaks at 3:24 lmaoooooo

  12. Darren Lefeuvre

    me love uncle roger he is nice but he wrong about butlins but i still love him make me smile or maybe to much msg

  13. Jess

    I accidently put garlic in a pan that was wayyyy too hot once the logic and will to live in me decided to start over it only takes a minute!

  14. Jim Anderson

    I do enjoy Cowboy Kent Rollins, this was a good crossover video, plus I got a great music recommend! God's Menu by Stray Kids is now in the Mix.

  15. saving gift

    Trigger warning for wegan people this wideo May contain flavour - uncle Roger

  16. Jess

    My mom always gave me her fish eyes and cheeks as a treat at dinner, my favorite!

  17. Dan Davey

    Please get in touch with cowboy and ask for reaction video

  18. Kim's Family

    1:09 3... 2... 1... GO!

  19. Tegan Dumpleton

    Maybe he puts olive oil in everything because its in his name lol Jamie OLIVEr

  20. J2dak dak

    she's gut a very cute face !! What s her ethnicity though?

  21. iamthebroker

    “This not a group discussion guys”...... awkward pause.....then goes to group for more discussion “so what’s your ethnicity”

  22. wearethefallenmusic The Cowboy has done it again with potstickers...

  23. diamondheat9

    Hands down don't trust this. Doesn't wash rice and has to drain after cooking? Never in my life!

  24. Acissej BG

    Celery is the base of the soffrito for most Italian sauces, most notable bolognese sauce :P

  25. JayLeePoe

    _oh my god that garlic! someone help her! hug this poor woman and guide her ... jesus, she needs Jesus!_

  26. jason leo

    where my 繁體字?

  27. BLZiTA 508

    Uncle roger is permanently burnt into my brain. Everytime I mess something up I hear him say "You fkd up!" And when I'm cooking and measuring he says "just use fingerrrr" also when cooking I hear "you know when to stop when ancestors say is enough" sigh... Should I buy an orange shirt now?

  28. vbddfy euuyt

    Uncle roger: who puts celery in sauce Italians with their traditional bolognese recipe which contains celery: are you mocking us?!

  29. Prones

    shes so nice and funny. i like her :)

  30. Loaf Boii

    “DONT PUT MORE SAUCE!” Omurice: *nervously sweats*

  31. 공차빨대도둑

    Why no korean??????? I can't speak english well roger

  32. Mike M44

    I love Mr Rollins cooking. He is a real cook and knows how to make almost anything on the trail.. Uncle Roger is funny comments though., I would recommend a wok for Mr Rollins to make his fried rice, and without that sauce he added at the end.

    1. vbddfy euuyt

      Uncle Roger: No No No Things bouta go wild

  33. Dingi Hmar

    After watching Uncle Roger for two whole day i have to go and buy rice cooker 😀😀

  34. Dani Dee

    Uncle Roger AND Felix Lee in the same video? Yes, perfect! 5 stars for sure!

  35. Dark Eyes

    Uncle roger is so upset of 6:08 and 9:01 he put left and right leg off of chair but he's middle leg is going beyone from chair haiiiyaaa ... why you lie why you lie to us uncle roger haiiyaaaa

  36. Cameron Jellison

    Considering most white people his age wouldn’t even use salt or pepper, this would be a godsend.

  37. Lachaz Gaming

    You sound like Russell Peters imitating a Chinese person.

  38. JD LNZ

    Uncle Roger should make a “Teaching White People How To Use Their Hands To Eat” tutorial!

  39. SadakoMoose

    Show me! Show YOU! Kikko-Man, Kikko-Man! o 0o/

  40. danisha861027

    uncle roger haiyaaa

  41. Lennox Miller

    Uncle Rodger should react to Grumpy Missile

  42. John Gun

    So why she calls it’s special fried rice pal

  43. shoeurenda

    Hiiiiya uncle roger... you need to put yourself in his shoes. Fancy dining to cowboy is not fancing dining to you.

  44. BooDotCom

    ˋHaiya green again today. So sad´ I‘m ded.

  45. Asger Hougård Mikkelsen

    Cat watching the taste test: finally now hooman get tortured Uncle roger: don't feed this rice to hooman Cat: no mom don't feed me that rice, (dead)

  46. Comrade Fire Crystal

    i just notice that jamie oliver did the same thing as auntie hersha. he did not wash it and he wash it in the midle of cooking the rice

  47. Gilbert Amoguis

    Hey Uncle Roger, can you make a reaction video on Kichi Kichi Omurice by a famous Japanese Chief in Japan. I guarantee it will make you say " fuiyohhh".

  48. Chusnuniati

    Kenapa aku baru menemukan channel youtube ini? Uncle roger is so funny 😆

  49. Sei yong Bibi

    My soul went out when the garlic burned into fuck

  50. Sei yong Bibi

    Burnt garlic

  51. Sei yong Bibi

    Uncle roger: her chopping so bad even the garlic tried to escape🤣🤣🤣🤣

  52. Comrade Fire Crystal

    Jamie oliver/british people making an asian food the wrong way Asians : And i took that personaly

  53. Sei yong Bibi

    Uncle roger: haiya

  54. larry Jabonillo

    Hi uncle roger i really like durian from philippines

  55. bill_ cipher1211

    "money dosent go on trees" -uncle roger me: where do we get papers? uncle roger: trees me: what kind of material is money uncle roger: paper me: did you get it

  56. Abstrakt

    hahaaa **mimi**

  57. Werop erom Deen I

    Why do i always hear egg fire rice when he says egg fried rice

  58. abraham limarga

    Wooo ya ya

  59. Tim Davis

    Because it was for his uncharted show?

  60. Sans Sans

    You should see tanboy kun (indonesian food vlogger) making a steak with micin (MSG) and bon cabe (Chili powder)

  61. Redjoker

    Wait until Uncle Roger learns there were Chinese shops all over the western US

  62. Mithcal Sn0w

    Uncle roder i am worried that some lady called vegan teacher will attack you

  63. anonymous person

    This video is Fuiyoh

    1. anonymous person

      I in singapore but my singlish sucks aiyoo

  64. Shythalia

    I love it everytime his face gets distorted whenever he says "white people". 😆

  65. Jayendra Pujara

    dude move on from fried rice.

  66. blushuwu

    Thanks for the Heineken 0.0 ad uncle! I’m so happy! I sent the website to my dad. Hopefully, he’ll see it soon! 💕

  67. Puppyistic

    2:33 Haha that face tho xD .And also I can't control myself everytime he say haiya even tho I am Malaysian

  68. Patrick P.

    It' so painful,seeing uncle Roger in pain ,this is like Guantanamo to egg fried rice and uncle Roger 😭🤭

  69. Nicole Yeow

    Jamie Oliver not happy

  70. Feel freedom

    *Still waiting to Uncle Roger to react at Nino's Home fried rice

  71. Y/N Official

    Uncle Roger is probably me if I made an reaction video😔

  72. Bradley Lim

    Hi uncle roger I am new here and who is the aunty that u hate so much

  73. AsuraWraiths

    Uncle Roger: No No No Things bouta go wild

  74. diapason89

    I will now call olive oil "white people oil."

  75. ARandomPerson

    Uncle roger: Do you think banana leaves grow on trees? Me: yes.

  76. Ray Mak

    I'm so super hungry

    1. Vedant Chawda

      Get out of the comments Broooooooooo !!!!!

    2. Jackson杰声


    3. Ignatius Bruno

      Bruh 2nd reply if you see this like me i am a dog

    4. square with a mustache


  77. Ray Mak

    That's a really expensive shoe

  78. Ray Mak

    How are you doing in Malaysia now? Hehe

    1. Lil bit

      Wait he moved back

    2. Jammy Jammich

      Dude how are you literally everywhere

    3. Puppyistic

      Haiyaa,why do I see you everywhere!?!?

    4. Cyka Vodka

      I mean tuak

    5. Cyka Vodka

      Just eating durian and some legen