Making videos about the craziness that is football down south. Videos by Robert Clay and Josh Snead.

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  1. Randy Bombardier

    You've got nothing on ole Nebraska. Imagine being in the same conference for 110 years. Yeah, sucks to be we.

  2. Jerry Umfress

    These videos are hilarious🤣

  3. Antonio del Rio

    Skit is sad but TRUE.

  4. aegisofhonor

    still not as incompetent's as Big Ten (Fourteen) refs.

  5. CynicalApex

    LMAOOOO, this is amazing as always

  6. Phil Duritza

    Not 100% sure but I think we’ve seen this scene-stealing actress on SEC Shorts before, about 2 years ago! If I’m right…she totally stole that video from Josh too. What a great talent! Someone sign her with an agent.

  7. John Loye

    they didnt say anything about the Mississippi State punt that was returned for a touchdown after one of the officials blew the play dead

  8. Whgu ybnm

    And we missed an opportunity to bring in his brother who called the MSU game and forgot about downing the ball or playing with multiple players with the same number….



  10. Josh Dyess

    AUBURN SHOULD HAVE WON!!! And Zakoby McClain did not committ targeting!!!!

  11. Joel Anderson

    “By the time they realize it it will be a couple series later and we will have so many more terrible calls by then they won’t even remember this one!” 😂😂😂😂

  12. ez money

    Lol the hilarious truth

  13. David Gilhousen

    To eliminate home cooking, do away with conference refs and bring crews across country to do games. Refs from Oregon and Washington should have no bias in a game like Penn State - Auburn. You might even get a higher quality ref. - Become a referee, see the country!

    1. Whgu ybnm

      I just hope they have their big boy glasses on for the game at Jerry's World this weekend.

  14. Shutter Lag

    SEC Shorts is the best thing about this football season! war eagle.

  15. Cheap Shot

    That face has HURT written all over it

  16. Mike blick

    Bama has sucked the life out of the SEC, now they're sucking the life out of the CFP.

  17. michael krivak

    The coaches will let any student play QB😂🤣 I'm a gator fan and this is still funny.

  18. Reece Faircloth

    Need one for Miami

  19. No Thanks

    It's the hope that kills you... - Ted Lasso

  20. Brandon Hollings

    Did I miss something where was ole miss

  21. H R

    You have to choose - the history of ole miss football in 3 min

  22. Joe Rex Music

    I feel as though this is the level of delusion these guys must live in.

  23. Casey S

    This was good, now do pac 12 refs

  24. A guy named Kirby

    What would be nice is if we could find out who was officiating each non-conference game. It would also be nice if officials would be held accountable. If you think SEC officials are bad, check out Big 12 officials. They'll call facemask on the person who _received_ it, and until last year, the Longhorns never got called for targeting (in any game that I watched, at least). Of course, every conference has their own botched calls, even with instant replay. It seems to be a theme.

  25. David R

    Being an Ole MIss fan, this is funny

  26. Gambia’s Grandma

    Kid can act 👍🏻

  27. Cris03 09

    whos here after they crushed south carolina

  28. Mrs Graham

    Why did I get chills watching this…even a year later? Lol

  29. George Anderson

    As an LSU fan who knows how the next season went, this is wonderful.

  30. Jim Adams

    This would be funny if it wasn’t absolutely true. Officiating in general, and in the SEC in particular, is horrible and getting worse every year.

  31. Jason Rogers

    Why Kirk Herbstreet !!!???? Why he sucks up to Ohio State get him off this channel

  32. Christopher R.

    This may be the best one of these EVERY well done to everyone involved lol

  33. Joe Hanick

    Duh Miami.

  34. Cotton

    Reminds me of a UT Fla game where the UF QB threw a pass into the end zone with 0 seconds on the clock. The ball bounced off the receiver’s chest and was called a TD, costing UT the game. I guess if the ball touches the receiver, it’s a catch.

  35. GeneralShadow

    We might need to buy back that Hot Seat....

  36. ddebenedictis

    The sarcasm is strong with this one 😂

  37. Barry Johnson

    Anyone see the LSU Central Michigan game where they put the ball on the wrong 45 yard line?

  38. Fredi Hayes


  39. Roma Holcomb

    Roll Tide!

  40. Eddie Daves

    Brother I loved it...we need a new big ten shot...thanks

  41. Dallas Wood

    Pretty decent over the top Midwest accent lol

  42. MegaMr46

    He needs an Oscar for that Performance

  43. Christopher Arnold

    gunner stockton is now committed to uga lmao

  44. Jason Sadler

    ‘98. SEC football. Count this UT fan in.

  45. James Wallace

    A number of years ago, I remember Colorado was given five downs. They scored on fifth down and won the game.

  46. Skeeter Skoville


  47. Kat Craig

    I think that this is the funniest one yet. I laughed too hard at this.

  48. Steve Friery

    Did Dr Pepper deliver his kids? Just sayin'.

  49. Samuel Maxwell

    Penn State has no ground to complain. Like a Big 10 team was about to convert a 3rd and 12 anyway. Plus, the targeting wasn't even the worst. Auburn had a clear safety with Noah Cain's knee down with the ball still over the goal line. Did the refs call it a safety? No. Did they even review it? Of course not.

  50. Steve Friery

    I just hope they have their big boy glasses on for the game at Jerry's World this weekend.

  51. Tyler Hecht

    Here after week 3, he may have done the impossible...

  52. Brody vlogs

    1:56that was a bad call in the real game Zakoby McClain did not target the penn state player.

  53. Tyler Hecht

    2:10 I wish this actually happens. Also this girl is gonna go places.

  54. Christian Boekhout

    No mentions of the refs in the LSU game placing the ball on the WRONG 40 yard line?

  55. Hero Blake

    This is priceless. What a great welcome to Texas.

  56. Pro Potato

    I can now say that cardboard cutouts have been to more Bayern Munich games than me.

  57. Zachery James

    Watch this with the subtitles on. Every different time you watch it, it says something different as Arkansas’s locking the door lmao

  58. EA

    Nothing about that Memphis home cookin?

  59. Jason Pratt

    "NOTHING! -- absolutely NOTHING!" -- someday, when a channel needs to represent Arya telling off fans for how her arc in GoT ended, this will be the go-to actress.

  60. Jason Pratt

    *boos of the desperate need for a tiered targeting penalty so defenders stopping advancing runners from crossing the goal line don't get ejected* -- speaking of tiers, the subtitlers are clearing s-rank again!

  61. Ethan Cook

    Lmfao that was way too accurate

  62. Zachery James

    Lmao I flippin love these shorts.

  63. Kittyhawk's DCS Channel

    You guy crack me up. Love it.

  64. Adam Mauer

    The Florida Bama game had atrocious pass interference calls against both sides extending drives that lead to tds 🤦‍♂️ but I think Florida got the brunt of it in the first quarter . Then let them play the same way the rest of the game and didn’t call it 🤣🤣 ooooooo fml go gators 🐊

  65. MrArob826

    This one was AWESOME

  66. Alex Breuer

    Refs were particularly bad in the Auburn Penn State and Alabama Florida games this week.

  67. admiralcapn

    Sideline reporter: "What report did you get on the loss-of-down situation?" James Franklin: c o m p l e t e d e a d p a n

  68. P Danny

    That was so crazy when they called 4th down on 3rd down

  69. Sludge Factor

    That was embarrassing as an SEC fan! Maybe the worst officiated game in the history of sports! When you blow two calls on the same play and that’s still not your worst mistake…😳

  70. Deto Qcney

    Shout out to the kid - she can actually act

  71. Clifton Connor

    I'm really shocked that you guys had the 🥥🥥 to actually bring attention to the SEC refs in that Sec lost to BIG10 Penn State. It didn't help.😂 Kudos.

  72. T Ev


  73. Beatman 100

    Dam that hurt smh

  74. Tim Gooden

    This was their lamest video

  75. Abraham Drinkin

    But in all seriousness, Ok, Texas, Arkansas and Missouri should be in the same pod

  76. GM Vlogs

    Arkansas comin around

  77. Scott George

    Longtime Longhorn, first time subscriber. I’m bracing for all the lambasting to come to us on this channel. Funny stuff

  78. MegaMr46

    That aged like fine wine

  79. MegaMr46

    1:51 well that killed the sad atmosphere