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  1. J C

    That includes you to bucko

  2. El Tercero

    Im not in the medical field, but ive heard it too often. Finish the ENTIRE Freaking Z-pack. I think thats what its callwd. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 daily dosage was for it. I forgot if it peaks at 5, 6, or 7 pills in a day.

  3. Isaiah Cuvos


  4. Akash Kv

    I got it too

  5. Akash Kv

    I used to asthma my doctor told to avoid oily food for atleast a month after two days I went to fast food restaurant and there was him standing right in the middle of the way I took a u turn

  6. spixcynachos


  7. Throw communists out of helicopters

    Gross, I fucking hate people.

  8. メキシコ人

    I ran for five years. Never tasted blood 🤔

  9. sharon chavez


  10. Mabel Hartman

    when you take the eminem song a little too seriously

  11. chooch `

    Probably from running with a mask. What idiot does that

  12. computingsupport Llc

    That’s explain it, I was wondering why I tasted iron in my mouth. See kids that’s why you should consult your doctor for everything.

  13. Bunsenn

    I don’t taste blood, I just taste a coins, and now that I think about it coins taste like metal, and blood also tastes like metal, soooo…

  14. Lynn Reese

    I think that is incorrect. I think the capillaries in the nose transfer blood into the tissue at a faster rate. And the blood is close to the olfactory sensors.

  15. T C

    Is she referring to a condom as a “mask”?😷👺🤿🎭 (I’ve heard of a condom described as a “raincoat”?!?🧥🤔 ⁉️🤦‍♀️🤦🏽‍♂️ ⁉️ 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️ ⁉️

  16. Coffee Mom


  17. Tisa Young

    She can't come to my shop with all that.. she needs to not get anything done that's gonna cause this.

  18. J. M. Walters

    At least i know i can trust you

  19. HereForOneThing

    Ya’ll ready for the fall?

  20. Dela cruz shane

    May I know what's the title of the kdrama?

  21. 니나

    And now i bet that she is jealous

  22. arnaldonyc

    He explained that’s it normal without actually telling you it’s normal but the dummies……

  23. Briana Donovan


  24. solseventhorizon

    Hardened cement

  25. Remi Rosee

    You’re so handsome are you married ☺️

  26. fernandAaAaAa

    men just look so good without a beard

  27. Cried2dreamagain

    Anyone else enjoying the slowed down version of Stan/Thank you? Honestly watching this is such a mood.

  28. Toggle Mutt

    Even so No. You cant drink during or after sutures XD

  29. Sarasue McField

    If you do it the opposite then it would be right 😲😮😲😮😲

  30. mayra poaquiza

    Me gusto q este la cancion de bts de fondo

  31. Lyn Guy

    She's just following the science as it is being rolled out ever other week😁

  32. Deyvid Flores


  33. grace hanny


  34. Marjorie Strait


  35. Jan Blackman

    Why is that stupid woman wearing a mask while running

  36. Juliana Lane

    I’d rather be fat thanks

  37. Moses m


  38. Roxana Gutiérrez

    Por esa canción te damos 👍

  39. Carolain Gonzalez

    Que mentira😒😒🙄

  40. Matt Mckain

    imagine being so stupid that you wear a mask while running outside

  41. Stephanie Brossman

    To easy

  42. miss B miss B


  43. C R

    I have the batclip because I don't enjoy neck pain lol

  44. Nihit Khunteta

    That was exactly my reaction when she said that! 😂

  45. gvi341984

    Everyone was fine before Google was pushing the common cold coronavirus pandemic

  46. Nicki Rippa

    Yes.. Murder people because you dont like this video. Lmao

  47. just_janen_

    I totally feel naked without my mask, I mean the regular mask 😷

  48. Mikan Tsuwumiki


  49. Restoring Light Church of Christ Pastor April Shine

    Very educational as I have been getting a blood taste into my mouth sometimes and the Dr said my bp was high so might be something to keep track of.

  50. Xx_Moonlight_xX

    Cause I’m i. Love with bengimain Franklin yuh

  51. Sophie_Arkenstone

    You cut your hair!! We need it longer! Love you from Texas!! You make me laugh all the time, also always so respectful and educational too, love your videos!!!

  52. Frederick Kriesel

    And hasn't been brushing her teeth. *The Bentist gasp out of nowhere*

  53. Nathan De Souza

    Why run with a mask?

  54. Partyboyker

    Hated this video. Stop interrupting, I can't even hear what happened to the hamster 😤 plus, your reactions are WEAK! This was like NEGATIVE out of 10 entertaining !

  55. freakShow

    If your doc says you shouldn't eat fast food then just eat slow food 😑

  56. Jessica Payne

    I had a resident doctor in the room when baby number 5 delivered himself. She was so shocked by the situation her reaction was very similar to this. I could see her mind blank of everything she'd learned in medical school. Luckily it came back quick enough for her to grab the baby before he went off the end of the bed.

  57. Sandhya Soma Sundaram

    Wow... Great Going 👍👏

  58. Evil Fairy

    Ha!! It's the same girl who said got chlamydia even after the 2 dosis lol

  59. Aniqah

    Please 😭✋ the sound of him scratching his beard lmaooo

  60. Greekpower Greekpower

    If you run with your mask . You are going to harm yourself

  61. Lazy Alchemist

    He reminds me of my ex. Meaningless, I still wonder what was reason of our break up just meanglingless!

  62. Emerald

    This chick is hilarious, can't believe so many people buy her jokes hook line and sinker 😂

    1. Emerald

      @Emily I have no idea, I've just seen her in a couple of these reaction shorts

    2. LifeOfADoctor

      I love her content

    3. Emily

      O who is she? I’ve seen her before but never knew her name

  63. Starship Quail

    Thank you for putting out some excellent info on the vaccinations. That you're doing this without shaming people and instead just giving straight facts shows how professional and caring you are! 😄🤗

  64. Lissa Z.

    Yet another reason why I run 🏃‍♀️

  65. abcdefghi jklm

    Well Im gay so I never needed a mask

  66. Madeleine Gooi

    🤔😅 is that a joke?😅

  67. Parsa Saedi

    He should cover it better next time.

  68. Mark Goodwin


  69. M C

    Deleting posts dr? Lol Triggered?

  70. C Y

    Mine turned out to be a pulmonary emboli two different occasions. Freaking painful

  71. You're Offline

    The pharmacist clearly didn't understand what mask he was asking for...

    1. Aniqah

      @𝐁𝐁𝐇⁴ Ngl it triggers me but it’s almost smart

    2. 𝐁𝐁𝐇⁴

      I hate your pfp and username

    3. Aniqah

      You’re pfp and username is everything

  72. Emerald

    Too many comments: OMG SHE SO DUMMMB Y'all, it is OBVIOUSLY a joke about the masks tending to get foggy, calm tf down

  73. Maverick

    hmm my box of masks says it doesn’t protect for covid tho 🤔

    1. Maverick

      @Spencer spencer oh ok thanks

    2. Spencer spencer

      Because that's not how masks work sweety. Masks protect others from you by limiting the infected saliva you spit all over the place when speaking, coughing, sneezing ect. Wearing a mask will provide no protection if some anti-mask asshole coughs in your face. However if everyone is wearing a mask, then the spread is greatly reduced, because covid is about 1000x larger than a molecule of O3 or CO2, meaning it can't just freely float in the air. It needs to catch a ride on spittle from your mouth, this is why masks help reduce the spread and limit the amount of surfaces you infect with your infected saliva, because the mask absorbs the majority of these saliva particles as they exit your mouth/nose. ✨ This isn't complicated ✨ we've known this for ✨ hundreds of years ✨

  74. ThisIsKiki1


  75. ThisIsKiki1

    Awww don't give me that look, Doctor, we both know why you're in the Chick-Fil-A xD