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  1. Savy Love

    Iman reaction was the gold icing on the cake

  2. Frankie d

    This guy is so.pretty

  3. M MM

    I love his honesty about life. It is scary and weird and not easy to be young and experiencing new things.

  4. Jakub Engelhart

    I wonder if she likes Huey Lewis and the News

  5. Vancessa Mar

    I’m literally in love with her accent

  6. Andria De Filippi

    am i the only one not impressed by this effort?

  7. verygood

    So elegant and beautiful !

  8. M MM

    A gentle soul.

  9. Upoma Khandaker

    She looks hot. And like her personality also

  10. Post papss

    Bruh he lost 20 mill

  11. Rlbluv12

    I love her self-confidence and how she’s so comfortable with herself. So beautiful.

  12. Sebastian Bangen

    This guy friends with everyone. You wanna know why? He never lays it out. Even in full 24h docs like this he is withholding most of the personal and detailed information about the people he knows. He doesn't flex with it, I can tell Uzi really appreciates and protects his friends. Big respect for that! Famous or not, people need to stand up for eachother not only themselves

  13. Trevor Reynolds

    Oh my god... he is just a guy

  14. Safina

    They have each other on another level. ASAP You are so amazing. You really make her be herself. Great.

  15. Nicolas H.

    Where his mf diamond on the forehead is ?

  16. Geonbae geonbae Go away go away

    I literally almost cried watching this, she used to be a baby 😢

  17. Emperor Schwab

    Stay entertained peasents !

  18. Emperor Schwab

    Stay entertained peasents !

  19. Zakira Naqvi

    Lmao Priyanka you're Khopra looks hideous

  20. Roslyn Samuria

    i love her whole vibe keep on keeping on 🤩

  21. Gem Gem

    Am I the only one whose noticed but Justin always says “love you so much” ❤️🥺🥺🥺

  22. derrick jennings

    MV rất hay, i like it 😬👍💔

  23. Kevin Clavijo

    Heavenly Bodies and Camp were the most ICONIC

  24. Eve Escobedo

    I astral projected to mars on whatever timeline. She and elon hosted me. 👍

  25. Elif Bayraktar

    she has a beautiful complexion and i love her eyes <3

  26. Isreal Karrie

    The sedate love spontaneously screw because cost conjecturally explain until a taboo curler. understood, subdued decrease

  27. Switchblade Somi

    Love this man. His enegry is different

  28. Yan Prado

    Coitada da maquiadora … custava nada deixá-la maquiar com o rosto inclinado pra cima e mexendo no celular !!! Eu como maquiador acho uma falta de respeito com o profissional , independente de quem seja ! Poor makeup artist … it cost nothing to let her do her makeup with her face tilted up and fiddling with her cell phone!!! As a makeup artist I think there is a lack of respect for the professional, regardless of who he is!

  29. O Diário da kell

    Ela fez cosplay de boi da maioba(bumba meu boi)

  30. maru_tan

    What has this poor lady done to her face? :(

  31. yoo beep beep

    how much she paid u for that caption

  32. Lourdes Moreno Fernández

    Hija, es que eres guapa hasta con la cara limpia. Bss

  33. Isreal Karrie

    The harsh jewel intraoperatively need because gosling tinctorially post forenenst a necessary wall. silly, daffy anethesiologist

  34. zinniea

    she’s so cute but when she walks she slays

  35. Oliver Parker

    she did not just use SUPERGLUE on her FACE

  36. G

    Ssoo pppretttyyy

  37. anais ib

    no <3

  38. Gorilla Da spinna

    Vampire vert

  39. Ej Ridenhour

    The reveal was crazy I give him that 💯

  40. NybriaG

    Where is the Yara Shahidi interview With Keke at?!! I was waiting for that.💔💔💔

  41. P. O.M.N!!

    Uzi just told his funs" y'all wait,i gotta dress up" Who can hate this man honestly 🤦🏽‍♂️

  42. D D

    The night she met Joe.

  43. Riverbreak

    That British accent he did lmao "Oim very excoited."

  44. cuzIcan


  45. slick lifestyle


  46. Riri

    Hey love u💗

  47. Golden Girlyyy

    Please do Josephine Langford!

  48. Adrian Ann

    She's very beautiful💖

  49. Magic Lee

    Powerful woman I like her glasses

  50. Isabel García

    Tradicional? Eso se lleva en España? Pues debo vivir en una cueva al parecer jajaja

  51. John Naoum

    I feel like a better title for this video would be “7 minutes and 35 seconds with Lil Uzi Vert”

  52. Laura N Minney

    The style of the dress is great, but i didnt care for the color….it is too light and it made her look even chubbier🌸 instead of a peachy-nude, a MAUVY-nude would have been more elegant! More Marylin. They usually dress M.M. and stronger colors 💖

  53. coyote gen 3

    this is trash.

  54. Viktoriya Shaykhuzina

    “You know we’ve met when I was 17?.. you remember this?..” sound like he was a bit afraid she doesn’t because he really does. Sweet baby

  55. Kashfia Islam

    I really want to be 6’5” like redhead volleyball player Meredith Doyle but I would much rather be Megan Fox’s height with blue eyes than be redhead volleyball player Meredith Doyle’s height with brown eyes. 🎭🩰🎨

  56. leonel

    es tan bonita😭❤️

  57. hanna

    I love how she is in love with herself🥰

  58. Gamers Squad

    Where the diamond at?

  59. Bjorn Gill'ard

    The hole in the head are killing me

  60. Keke Rosberg

    that wig tho :DDDDDD

  61. Onjelie Linn

    Maluma is FINEEEE

  62. Jason Ward

    decameras.info/block/n5xponWql5XfpZc/video.html #wokedreamsx100 🐐🐐🤑🤑🔥🔥😈😈

  63. xoxo coco

    beautiful sweetheart!

  64. Akwasi Agyeman

    I would not want to spend 24 hours with Lil Uzi Vert.

  65. logical being

    Hailey is an angel for me until she got married bc I just feel like she did it for fame. Coz how can you fall for a person just within 2 months. Like a fkin crush lasts a maximum of 3 months. So even to be sure about ur feelings, you'll need to wait for 3 months. Then it'll take another huge time period to be sure bout his feelings. And then everything is perfect and you'll get married. But then the statement given by Bieber in 2016, "what if u end up marrying Hailey?" makes me feel that they actually love each other. But who cares whom I like and whom I don't??🤷🏻‍♀️😂 Hope they're happy in their lives