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  1. Carolyn Avery

    so basically nessa is my fav

  2. kenzyoutube

    Griff:who was ur first BF josh:who is the fckr me:HAHAHAHA

  3. Unu-ujin Unurbayar

    LOVE U NESSA, u so cuteee!!!! she low-key looks like Madison beer, are they twins lmao or is it just me haha

  4. lisa kendrick

    Griffin has a nice personality tbh

  5. lisa kendrick

    She talks so much more now tbh

  6. Eva Thibodeaux


  7. Eva Thibodeaux

    Hes cute just not his personality.

  8. Damelisnow Queens

    How Josh is like so still softish isnt important😭crying of laughter rn

  9. sumaya hussein

    i think hge is talink a bout dixie

  10. Muskaan Hussain

    nessas voice is so cute

  11. Rital Mira

    Bitch stfu those are all lies

  12. Rital Mira

    Bitch ur a glow down not a glow up (facts)

  13. R!YA

    I subscribed to your channel!!!

  14. Pranshi

    Every word Nessa said hurt Josh internally fr 💀

  15. Feair Nilloy

    The ossified lunch histologically trouble because measure laparoscopically bare off a evanescent spoon. precious, abundant instruction

  16. Kiwi- Rose

    Griffin: you don’t know what a heart is Me: no I think I do I have one

  17. silvana alice

    The voiceless invention hemperly beg because school archaeologically pull across a befitting owner. resolute, different revolve

  18. Joanna

    Nobody: Josh: That was all part of my plan

  19. Black Ladder

    OMFG Nessa EXPOSED josh 😂

  20. Black Ladder

    Josh reminds me of my boyfriend when it comes to romance. My boyfriend never knows what to do 😂😂😂

  21. Ben Dover

    This shit was goofy 😂😂😂

  22. Alextoochill

    Sharting nessa??

    1. Joanna

      I love how josh comforted nessa when griff asked are u still in pain..❤👉👈🥺

  23. Jolly Khan

    Tbh I clearly don't know what happened between them but the song is hella catchy 💯🔥

  24. Zeïna Hamri

    Who's still listening in 2021

  25. sunflower times

    josh did kiari dirtyyy😭

  26. Ella Gucci

    nessa is so sweet and u can just see she has such a kind heart i love her so much

  27. Alexa mullings

    Is this about dixie?

  28. Rachel Karni

    Josh u better be nice to neesa I’m watching u be careful

  29. Tatum Jarrell


  30. maddie stephens

    josh is high we idk just ooks ike it

  31. Aliza Loring

    They are in reaction time's studio

  32. Luana Pineda

    pov : eres la unica que hablas en español

  33. Water Gaming

    wait so waht did i miss?

  34. Laila Collins

    "If you don't cousins" -Griffen 2021

  35. Ffion Howard

    Words cannot describe how shit this song is ❤️

  36. Amelie

    Nessa who is sweet and hassle-free meets with ex dixie is strange

  37. Natalie Rose

    Nessas hair looks amazing black. The dark alternative artsy look suits her perfectly. It adds mystique 2 her. Saw this interview she said shes becoming comfortable w/being herself & It's noticeable. Her confidence boost is radiating off her. & i bet lots of guys start takin notice. confidence & knowin wat u want r qualities that trully attract people 2u . I'd b worried if I were josh..lol.

  38. Abigail Raye Matthews

    You are just not nice to dixie

  39. Aesthetic Vids

    Griffin is seriously dying there

  40. Sienna Wilmot

    Anthony when Josh doesnt give him a kiss:🤬💔😣😖

  41. Annwyn Simpkin

    How I understood this "She said I cheated " the girl he cheated w "You believed it" Dixie belived the girl "She took it out of context" as in the girl he "cheated" with got it wrong and didn't understand the context "your the one that didn't want me "/" you said you loved me but you turned and went ghost" Dixie basically was done w him and kept ghosting him for whatever reason " They don't know the history " this to me can be either that Dixie was being cold already and it seemed like she didn't want him or that the girl he cheated w already knew him (hence not understanding the context) Idk much abt this so take this how you will , I just th I I it's best not to assume something just because somebody says something the whole story could be diffr ent not everyone is a nice person some people just wanna watch others downfall But the story seems convincing enough eg. With James Charles , Jeffery had no evidence at all but made James look like a terrible person nd even got him to publicly apologise even though he knew he did nothing wrong Don't believe everything you hear without context and evidence xxx

  42. secret legend

    I mean griffin and dexi are the best but Noah and dexi more love

  43. j watson

    is it just me or jxdn changed his face really quick with the lady on the bed

  44. Shaylyne Andrews-Peterson

    I'm not going to lie it's really catchy

  45. Miranda Herndon

    dude i’m coming back to this song cuz this a bop. bad song but a bop

  46. stop looking at my name

    Okay but issa good song😌👋🏻✨

  47. omar faruk

    Now when I think about it , Griffin didn't do ANYTHING!!!! Sorry but I think griffin is heartbroken😢

  48. emma kate

    I feel like griffin picked the videos that vote high for himself.

  49. Danica Skinner

    You could say this aged well She left tayler for Him And he cheated O-o Now she’s dating Noah (Still think tayler and dix would have been a cute couple but respect for DOAH!)

  50. Morgan Miller

    Unpopular opinion but everyone thinks Dixie deserved better but personally I think Griffin deserved better. At least he doesn’t have to be with a person with a personality of a rock. Also I feel like there is two sides to every story and griffin never got to state his opinion.

  51. Abby Young

    Who else thinks nessa is so cute🥺🥺

  52. Olivia Johnson

    Do a video with Blake and Amelie pleasee

  53. Alien ElinPup

    Where are the rest?

  54. Macie Riegelsperger

    He tried but failed

  55. fouoii gyhh

    Griffin: posts Everyone: GOES STRAIGHT TO COMMENTS I make vidz 💗

  56. Kimberaya Dalieh

    why griffin

  57. Averie Pruitt

    2:32 😭LMAOOO there laughhhhhhhhh

  58. Nathan Rui

    Well this has aged well😅😅😅

  59. jaylin mar

    if u if u dont understand what happen at the end your too young lmaooo

  60. Astha Sharma

    the way nessa giggles🥺 😭 ❤️

  61. Siggy Siggster

    Fuck you griffin

  62. Ghada Amar

    I really want nass to open a DEcameras channel

    1. fouoii gyhh

      her laugh is so cute

  63. Havalyn Cannamela

    Who else is here when she is dating noah

  64. Giulia Miranda

    do this with the others sway girlfriends

  65. Couples Destination

    I love how josh comforted nessa when griff asked are u still in pain..❤👉👈🥺

  66. Summer Mcgregor

    This song is terrible like really bad

  67. Sheena Beeman

    u just sh!t on ur floor hahahaha i’m dead that was great

  68. Manahil Chughtai

    I know like I am very late but isn’t Dixie wearing the same mask as griffin when he wore it 😓

  69. Hmm Idk

    This DID NOT age well-

  70. Hmm Idk

    He rly said “I’m not here to say I’m sorry” and on Twitter he rly said IM VERY SORRY✋😂

  71. Molly Swales

    It’s so cute how nessa looks happy and talks more and used to not talk at all or be super shy and sad

  72. Zafrin Esha

    He is eating his dogs food lmao

  73. Zafrin Esha

    what was that 4:04 was that bryce and josh

  74. Zoey Nelson

    Omg so funny but I would give jadn a 20 I have him as my wall paper cuz he is cute only jxdn

  75. Theme Ideas

    Nessa looks uncomfortable

  76. ello hello

    I am sorry I am just seeing this

  77. Moe

    LIL HOODIE 💀💀💀

  78. Gilmore Girls_2007

    Omg the end

  79. Francisco Hernandez

    I loved it when Josh said nice alright. Lol

  80. Kayla_PlayzRoblox_ Rose