1. Alycia Cosar

    every one: watching the vid me: wondering where there parents are all the time...

  2. John Sarte

    I’m sad they are so good I just why!?

  3. Phoebe Linaker

    watching this after their break up ,

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  5. XxAmber iscoolxX

    I didn’t know Brent talks to himself...

  6. noah bays

    Love you too I did this prank on my friends

  7. Samina Naeem

    i love this video

  8. Meghna Baishya

    Jeremy and Andrew easily would’ve won

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  10. Ava Brocklehurst

    This is the best video in the world

  11. Alice Minh Tam Ngo

    I sor Ben have a bogy

  12. Scott Jones

    All I have to say is hahaha..... The Scorpion tho haha.... Wait no the trantchala tho...... No my final one the fricking snakes tho Ben said it was fricking nice 😆

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  15. Maria Gonzalez

    I think dom and sofie won cuz they r so freaking cute🥺😌💅🏻

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  18. IcyRobloxy

    Mom: Brent! Brent: what? If that was my scenario! Mom: Icy Me: what Mom: WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE SAYING WHAT TO!?

  19. Boryana Dimitrova

    Sofie and Dom winning and not even being in the thumbnail

  20. Malia Briscoe

    You say

  21. Micah Gross

    Andrew has been doing a lot of things with Lexi and I think Andrew has a crush on Lexi

  22. Malia Briscoe

    I’m. A fan

  23. Kayelynn Suzanna

    I love Lexi's laugh

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  25. Azrah Sami

    Please can I have your address

  26. Oscar Olvera Sanchez

    that was weird when the random person just like pulled up the shirt and showed it and im like WHAT THE HECK

  27. Anna Janczura

    Lexi is going to win because she Has a better body lol

  28. lylahbug

    dom so likes lexi

  29. Azrah Sami

    Hey guys can I have your number

  30. Ashley Wilburn

    hi Alexa Rivera

  31. Reyna Casas

    I like dom and Ben

  32. Uzma khan uzma khan

    eva is isn,t beautiful her smile is to big that we can see her jaw Brent new girlfriend Pearsons is more preety than Eva who is agree like my commet

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  35. Kelly Hannon

    I wish I lived in California because I love your channel and I sorry u need to live with brent

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    😂😆 I love your videos

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    pirson or lexi h

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    Hi I love your videos

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    First person to get diabetes challenge!!!!!!

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    Omggg am a big fan of you lexi

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    Bexie😞 we need you back Who agrees 👇🏽

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    Brent and Pearsion Brent and pirson

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    Who ever is reading this comment congrats

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    Becca was amazing!!! Hahaha she sent it!😂😂😂

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    You guys org 24

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    Oh so that’s the Natalie who Ben was ‘dating’ 👀😂😂

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    Jeremy and Lexi hensler would be cute 🤣😂🤣



  52. Sanaa Ismaeil

    I like the questions

  53. Scarlet Coughanour

    lexi that dosent count u left the house so ya

  54. Tia Macdonald

    Try and convince me that Brierson is not the cutest couple. I dare you.

  55. Ãäshí shármä

    Lots of love from INDIA

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    Yes I would notice it to BIG

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    make bexi come back please

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    Hi 👋

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  60. Katharine Esposito

    Do it

  61. RSparks&Valentines

    Omgosh how sad I feel bad for Ben but Andrews kinda cute I meannnnnnn

  62. Katharine Esposito

    Two years of kissing.

  63. hen ko

    the fact that dom was happy and wagging his tail like a puppy

  64. Samer Abdallah

    1:02 Lexi:That one was a fail! Captions:That one was available! 4:25 Lexi:Hot cheetos... Captions:Monkeytoes!!!!! LMAOOOOOOO🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    It is spelled different

  66. Audrey Bredenkamp

    Have you changed your name

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  68. Maisie Bromfield

    Dom:the sorry one because he is a simp for Lexi Ben:there sooooo big Pierson:you da man

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    I love u lexie

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    Love you lexi

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    O sheeep

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    I love it I want it pleasenow

    1. Nana Einstein

      The food is yummy I want it🤬😎

    2. Nana Einstein

      Lexi lexi you are the boss ceep doing it so funnyI love you guys good thanks and you are the good member of the group bye

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    That looks so real 😮🤭😮

  74. ᴊᴇɴɴɪᴇ거듀갿

    I like how they all were black

  75. Nana Einstein

    What be girls and don’t copy him I am so angry and your vlog is agly so you see🤬😎

  76. Gayatri Vengala

    Why did you break up? You guys were the best couple in the squad.

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    i subscribed

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    I toucht your name was Lexi but it’s Alexa witch won is it?🤔

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    You both are so nice

  80. Damyanti Patel

    No don't 😭