Dr. Dana Brems, DPM
Third year resident physician in Long Beach, California
#1 Podiatrist on social media w/ 1,500,000+ followers
I make medical-themed short videos to educate, motivate and make you laugh!

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  1. Gacha X

    Omg I hate when people get words like there and their + your and you're confused. Thank you, somebody who can spell

  2. Gabay

    Uuuuuuuhhhhhhh yea THERE IS zombie spider parasite but no chance for them to catch us yet

  3. Anik M

    Plz do a collab with Dr Mike

  4. Sisters4Life Sanaa & Yusrah

    POV: you watch the video and cover the other two, then you watch it again the cover the other two then you watch the last one and cover the other videos just to see one by one

  5. curtis m

    Doctor's body: What is that? Ebola? I've already had that. We have a battle plan drawn up already. 😂

  6. Pajais Yang

    And please make sure they’re sterile

  7. Jaden Torres

    Ok yeah but CLEAN YOUR SCREEN

  8. Demoknight Gaming TF2

    if a tiktoker is my surgeon i am dying asap

  9. TheKoreyVolcom

    oh that is, the wors’t screw, a grammars;

  10. Heyoka

    The doctors that wear white coats are the ones that probably lack recognition or attention in the workplace. It's like that veteran that wears his uniform everytime he goes out.

  11. PopcornBoy 44

    she is our sugar-mommy

  12. Enejy

    Do people not know what free time is

  13. wh7sper

    don't forget about money that she legit makes from tiktok lol and yt

  14. ajd2393

    I think it's all for show. You post that you are single then make a separate video about the responses. Ran across 4 videos with her with the same formula. Tell me you are full of yourself without telling me you are full of yourself lol

  15. Susanna

    It’s disrespectful to the title she earned through years of school. It’s disrespectful to her as a person. Just don’t.

  16. Gauravshcl

    Why ur shoes so dirty?

  17. Wolv Pack

    Wow. This is A BuTIFUL MOMENT 🥶😭🥶😭🥶😭

  18. Justincase008

  19. Link Xiaoyu

    Ik his video was supposed to be funny but I found it annoying.

  20. Justincase008

    You're awesome Dana!!

  21. Narinder Kaur

    Different kind of needles have different work .....yeah injection is also included in this ...great information about skin 👆👆👍

  22. Justincase008

    Dana, you are SWEET!

  23. Bella !

    Lol they don’t even know what you are

  24. Mark Fischer

    I thought you were going to say it was when you realized that you amputated the wrong foot. That could ruin your whole day.

  25. G. C.

    Please go to work

  26. Wsp Figures

    I was grown-up being respectful I’m used to calling people Miss and Mr and Mrs

  27. David Scherer

    Um, depending on where you're from, people do call people Just "mister" or "misses" and it's usually a sign of respect. Cutesy pet names are weird, but generic terms of address are not pet names, and these vary geographically.

  28. Talsong Kingslayer

    I have always apologized for things I didn't need to because I was taught that women need to be sorry for everything we do that might be perceived as wrong. Not anymore. Unless I truly screw up, I'm not apologizing anymore.

  29. Tre King

    😂😂😂 I like her

  30. Alexx Maynard

    As someone with a disability I was happy when I first saw them making this.

  31. AutoDriven

    "Terms of endearment", my guy. If you want to be endearing, you'd call them by their title, as they basically earned it. That guy just got really mad that they don't get want they want, don't worry, I had the selfish sense of entitlement. You got called out. Just relax bro. And learn from your mistakes.

  32. yes

    almost perfect loop

  33. Jaee Ponde

    You didn't study 8+ years to be called "sweetheart" the hate comments can see themselves out

  34. Dylan Commander

    Oh we forgetting the last year and a half of all the doctors getting covid and dying from treating patients ?

  35. Ticc cat

    bruh, anyone can use

  36. First name Last name

    Well that's with flavoured yogurt

  37. angryviking

    ok but can u be my mom?

  38. Senpai

    I saw pet names and i was like: I don't think someone would call you cheese puff

  39. *~kíkí ตαzҽ~*


  40. sonet mollick

    You can understand what's going on inside a human mind 👍

  41. Jennifer McCulloch

    People need to stop caring what they look like. If you want to wear the mask wear it. If you are being safe then don't. Live your life. The only reason you think people are glaring at you and judging is all in your head. And if it's not then you can't notice them staring if you keep your eyes forward and stop paying attention to people around you. Mind your business and let others mind theirs.

  42. Tapiwa Mutasa

    Or you could have just gone to South Africa without all that work 😭😂

  43. bless me achoo

    Well duh, her suture pad has strong immune system. It don't get infections easily 🙄😒 /😂

  44. Seth Davis

    Imagine having a PhD. And giving a fuck about tik tok followers.

  45. Cypruss Tk

    I don't need the app, my hands are blurs

  46. Karthik Meti

    It's not surgeon vs Normie... It's iPhone vs Android

  47. mitch Brooks

    Shouldnt matter about money loom at that cute smile

  48. Khhff Khggg

    She was moving the camera a little, maybe that helped?🤔

  49. James Ford

    I wish someday i see you in onlyfuns)

  50. James Ford

    I wish someday i see you in onlyfuns)

  51. Abdul Hannan Abdul Matheen

    👏😅 She is so nice to her boyfriend to do this. P.s that dude is gross for letting the dead skin gather soo much

  52. Lulu the cute puppy Dimaano

    What's the name of show you used

  53. Lowkey

    Place your hand on a table as the one on the left did.

  54. -Gay James-

    Lol perfect comeback girl 😚

  55. Trap mash 420

    that guy needs to shush no matter how much add rev he gets he will still be under 6 foot

  56. G S

    You must be a suck Dr. Youre5 on YT way too much.

  57. Cakee

    Yo it do be looking satisfying tho ma'am

  58. B35 Sainuntluanga

    Can they also do it for femur or other bone, so that short people can grow .

  59. Moulendu Mal


  60. Charles Friscia

    I don't know how you can be a foot doctor..I'd be like Uh get that crusty thing off my table..What is growing on your big toe and here's a clipper now cut those yellow overgrown nails...I guess it beats the rear end though

  61. Olivia's fidget n memes

    Can you roast me

  62. Chill Dude

    This is not roasting or "barbecuing", this is straight up first degree murder☠️

  63. Gon Freecss


  64. Saira family

    After listening this pasient be like Oohh god please save me😖

  65. cloakedpunisher

    Get off of the media it happens.

  66. Frog Frog

    I hav thought of some scary stuff like the sound your neck makes if someone snaps it what to do if you had your arm cut off and bleeding everywhere but never having my foot get ran over by a car

  67. Primate Monk

    She work very hard to show off (both physically and mentally)

  68. Vipnesh Kanwar

    Name this filter

  69. Thraxterstonsonbeanmc-hamiltonberg

    Nope you do to much