1. Tasharii Rivadeneira

    We just love to see you seven doing what you love. So happy to be an ahgase.

  2. Micaela Quispe

    Thank you Jinyoung for co-writing and co-composing ENCORE

  3. Jayce Lee

    Lemme just say, LOVE Tim's energy lolllll

  4. Katie B

    I’ve gotten so much content this week between GOT7 and BTS...we are so blessed. I’ve watched this MV so many times 🥺🥺😩💜💜

  5. Micaela Quispe

    This is the most beautiful MV ever

  6. Tris Caliston


  7. damarys

    jesus christ it's videos like these that make me forget how famous they actually are??? I loved this!

  8. Micaela Quispe

    Going higher

  9. Micaela Quispe

    Keep spinning

  10. Sri kusuma D

    When i see u again jinyoung💚

  11. ASMA

    أحبكم أحبكم أحبكم أحبكم أحبكم أحبكم أحبكم

  12. ASMA

    أحبكم أحبكم أحبكم أحبكم أحبكم أحبكم أحبكم

  13. ASMA

    أحبكم أحبكم أحبكم أحبكم أحبكم أحبكم أحبكم

  14. ASMA

    أحبكم أحبكم أحبكم أحبكم أحبكم أحبكم أحبكم

  15. Bárbara Naomi

    Keep going

  16. Rowena Rojas

    Every time I watch this encore music video my tears can't stop falling, I'm crying coz they are still there singing for us and they will never leave us,I truly love this boys,I'm a mom of six and I think I love them more and more because of this guys.💚💚💚

  17. Patcha Wang


  18. Paola

    I'm just so content man. I don't know how else to describe it. I'm content.

  19. Debora

    Just doing what Tim told us to do lmao Btw love jinyoung the glasses

  20. Hayley Manning

    Mark: It's been a long day Jinyoung: *Singing* It's been a loooong daaaaayyy 😂 Also, I'm lowkey loving the crucifix on the studio wall! ❤🙏

  21. Yağmur Güner

    Uyku tutmadı bir kez dinleyeyim dedim

    1. sormayın bilmiyorum

      Aaahaaa bendee

  22. R

    Got7 is best friends

  23. rosi jimenez


  24. rosi jimenez


  25. Marym 774

    تسجيل دخول 🌚🖤❤️🔥

  26. Tamricko Varda

    Очень душевное видео)) А как Гаты спели Team Wang И под раздачу попал Югем и Бэм такой мы спели все , почему ты бьешь только Югема. Бэма хороший друг. :D Джексон не бей Гёма он твой главный фанбой. ( ╥_╥ )

  27. Mola

    재범이 어디있나 했네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  28. rosi jimenez


  29. rosi jimenez

    como desearia que esos 7 años fueran asi, siendo ustedes mismos sin que nadie los obligue a hacer cosas que no iban con ustedes. Realmente los admiro demasiado, aguantaron por tanto tiempo, ahora es cosa del pasado. Estoy segura que todo lo que viene son solo cosas buenas porque es lo unico que se merecen. los amo mucho y espero estar con ustedes por muchos años mas.

  30. Turkısh Ahgase

    Çok tatlısınız canım çocuklarım

  31. Kim N

    GOT7 and ahgases forever :)


    got7 i will always be I GOT7

  33. Igot7 Bam


    1. sormayın bilmiyorum


    2. Yağmur Güner


  34. Lisbeeb Portillo

    I love you GOT7!

  35. Lisbeeb Portillo

    Thank got7!

  36. Zara Khan

    They have the money to make a high budget mv but chose not too to show the real got7

  37. Fatemeh Jabbari

    Team wang team wang yayyy

  38. Ranaa Ghaib

    God7 forever💚✊💚

  39. //.strqwxberrii x

    GOT7 FOREVER 💚💚💚💚💚

  40. Kim N

    Keep spinning ENCORE, ahgases! Fighting!!

  41. Prdiisef ‘


  42. Alex evenor Portillo vega

    I love got7!

  43. Sindy Fuentes


  44. Master Of Disguise

    Aww this is so sweet! I want MORE!!!

  45. Am Jess

    Got7 forever!!!! ♡♡♡

  46. เจี๊ยบ ชุติกาญจน์

    Love You​ Got7​💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  47. Theara Moeur

    #Got7FOREVER ❤️

  48. Nur Fadillah

    i love you got7

  49. Maria Gartner

    Lucky to have GOT7 ♡

  50. Annette Lopez

    this song makes me so happy🥺

  51. SneiderM07 Morantes


  52. Hellos Everyone


  53. Dorothy Li

    so cuuute

  54. Êmille Rodrigues


  55. starla

    low budjet mv with high quality moments

  56. got71


  57. Ronak Azizi

    Thankyou for everything guys

  58. Annette Lopez

    who’s here after watching the behind the scenes because :’)

  59. Thediahzflo

    I just want to say thank you for not leaving us Got7. Thank you for staying

  60. Cecilie Madsen

    I came here from an ad on Instagram, I’m so happy they finally have promotions for their hard work 🥺❤️

  61. L A

    Thank you Mark ❤️❤️❤️

  62. Thanpicha White

    I’m try so hard to look for Jayb

  63. Tatiana Hernandez


  64. Khomapat Kulpa


  65. Dal Jn

    Son los mejores

  66. ahoo krm

    You guys pretty much well done

  67. zy _

    low budget? sorry but this is one of the best of your mv guyss

  68. Vianna Nolen-Peters

    Okay, let’s do This!

  69. Did you wait long? I’m so sorry

    i love these guys so much but i’m thinking about leaving this fandom. i thought ahgases were like the nicest fandom, but there’s actually a lot of toxic people too

  70. Sara Laaroussi

    I feel like I'm gonna be a fan :))

    1. Flori Catina

      You wil love Got7 more and more!

  71. Mehr Banoo


  72. Denise S

    I love how they were all directors for how the film should go! love you all.

  73. Tai B_ARMY

    Meus neném

  74. Cynthia Lopez


  75. Shiinalover101


  76. minsung 97


  77. azza j


  78. Doua Chafai

    Now everyone can the lines he deserves

  79. igot7 2


  80. Ghazale Bagherinia

    I was always curious about the proses of recording mv, this behind the scenes show us the proses so friendly from mark's view *-* i really like it....