My name is Arun Maini. I'm a 25 year old Economics student whose life's passion is Technology. I try to make videos that are to-the-point and as content-packed as possible, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, a sub would be massively appreciated! 🙏

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  1. Teddy Farrell

    Please review other stuff. I love the phone content but really want you to review other stuff as well.

  2. Shuvam Bhowmick

    did arun just subtly rickrolled us all..well done

  3. Nightly

    I'd recommend watching Internet Historian's video about Fyre because he mentions the actual price people paid for tickets which was WAY less than the 250k sum you see being tossed around

  4. Cookie_ eater9000

    Song had been taking a loss on every Playstation they released

  5. Safwan Oman

    I am big fan if Robert Downey J

  6. 025 Badhan Kumar Ghosh

    Give me an iPhone rather than breaking them. It really hurts. 😶

  7. L0nley p0tat0

    I have the PS Vita and just now remember that I did have it

  8. Dian Alnazib

    Hey arun why don't you review microsoft surface 3

  9. Sumanyu


  10. Taha Yaseen

    Wow , good...

  11. blitz fn

    when your the only one one using edge

  12. pazzysnazzy20


  13. AzaanGames

    @Bungeepete So... you are telling me that if Arun didn't have a perfect voice you wouldn't have subscribed to him.Your are the worst if you wouldn't subscribe to him.AND THE PEOPLE WHO AREN'T ALREADY SUBSCRIBED TO HIM,WHY THE HECK ARE U EVEN WATCHING HIM,GET THE HECK OUTTA HERE.But if you subscribe to hm now it's all fine stay here.

  14. Ali kadum

    I was thinking to buy one of this iPhone And now hate it 🤣

  15. f anwar

    this vid should be named reveiwing fake phones

  16. Ayodele Isaac

    Arun @5:13 "and if you are enjoying this video a sub to the channel would be super..." Me: ...come say it! SAY IT! Arun: ...Man. Me: YAA there you go!

  17. Bananaman

    6:46 Perfect prediction!

  18. Krish Yadav

    i would like black magic if i had money but that's because there's in-built fan that could be more effective than blacksharks outer fan but they still look alot sexy

  19. BABAYE1G4

    Did he just say white "beaches" 😅

  20. John Malone

    Did anyone notice after the 32:30 mark that Chad Kroeger popped up

  21. Anonymouse

    Why is there so many bots commenting here???


    I wish someone would looka t me and buy me one of those phones

  23. Geeta Deka

    You are the boss

  24. Ari

    As an android user, it blows my mind that these options are missing in a phone that expensive.

  25. BaconManDoe

    4:54 kinda sounds like he is rapping

  26. Deep.

    7 full 20 sec adds which i can't even skip... My God.. Dude is trying to be the next billionaire 🥵

  27. Masuma Sultana

    What is the title song

  28. Saad Amin

    Messi's phone not kidding

    1. Saad Amin

      It between 70000 180000 usd

  29. Rao Asad



    Oooo “fail-tastic” I’ll be sure to add that to my dictionary 😉

  31. Big Chungusus

    Are you saying supporting trump is a bad thing?


    How awesome to name your fails ‘fail 1’ , ‘fail 2’ , etc so I need to watch them all to see what the fails are 😏

  33. COLDSavageGOD


  34. oneuniquegregyr

    I didnt like the pixel because of the 12 mp cam because i thought the pictures wouldnt be so good, but now i know, that it is better thenaks :D

  35. Sabit Al Razi

    there are fools sitting on the throne 🙂

  36. Kirsty Neill

    Any chance of a bit of help, Currently using Samsung a21s due an update but needing as much storage as possible not to fissy about the latest and greatest just something usable with a good camera any recommendations?? Thank you

  37. Bullet1520

    The sad part about Kinect is that the 2.0 version is amazong technology, if a little bulky. It's got a good camera, decent microphone, and good depth and motion sensing. what killed it was Microsoft's decisions in implementing it, but I got one for use on my PC with an adapter, and i won't use anything else as a webcam until I find an alternative that beats it in every way.

  38. Borno's Creation

    what else can you expect? this is Mrwhosetheboss

  39. Penny Netherton

    Me watching this in 2021 thinking about the iPhone SE and iPhone 12

  40. gamer king

    1:02 the smile when he said that

  41. Lil Yeet

    No they have not

  42. Localtrapsquad TV

    Disagree right off the bat. The flat ends are 10x better than the rounded look

  43. 2bored

    arum roasting every company worst nightmare

  44. W h O v E

    Phone will be phone 😎

  45. ChocoJR Gaming

    Im gonna need that one plus x ray 💳💥💳💥💥💳💥💥💳💥💥💥💳💥💥💳

  46. Avery

    I actually still have a 3d TV. I've barely watched anything on it, since there's ZERO content for it, and I've lost the 4 pairs of glasses that came with it. I own a VR headset now...

  47. KvAT

    A few minutes into this video and I can already tell that OnePlus guy must be someone selling on a roadside shop somewhere in Southeast Asia lol xD Those're definitely the sound of two-stroke bikes.

  48. Alexander Swed

    Not mentioning LeEco is a crime :D


    Internet explorer: you took everything from me Chrome: I don't even know who you are

  50. nikhil manikonda

    He is getting better with the dad jokes

  51. Minecart Off the rails

    Fifa soccer 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


    £37BILLION For an app this government is deranged

  53. Yunus Emre

    It's sad to know that it will just run regular old stock android :(

  54. stevens Chris

    11:03 that was insaneee!

  55. Abdullah Haider

    *SEEDCYBERSPY* on !G is the greatest among all hackers💯💯

  56. Rhythm Authority

    MrWhosTheBoss: DEcameras App, Chrome, or Safari Me on Firefox: :(

  57. Abdullah Haider

    *SEEDCYBERSPY* on !G is the greatest among all hackers💯💯

  58. bruh mcdonald

    not me with a 3d tv and an xbox kinect 👀

  59. Gavin

    Im a android/samsung guy

  60. Ouch

    30:24 I just watched Internet Historian's video about this. What a coincidence

  61. bruh mcdonald

    not me with a 3d tv 👀

  62. Tracer Bullet

    That ad was the most subtle Rick roll ever

  63. SmaranRai

    Apple should also add zarchiver in appstore its so useful app

  64. DoctorAtomTNT

    Bro, i remember Onlive. Good days.

  65. RYDOZOr • 12 years ago

    Androids are a whole new level.

  66. PhoenixV1

    nice video

  67. Raj Pandya

    *people in comments* - what will be 10/10 fail *me* - something like windows 11 running android apps

  68. Nayishth Bheemal


  69. Jasper SOO

    ahhhhh rick roll!

  70. Hasni Hossain Sami

    It's funny AMD's solution after flopping with more cores than Intel was, well, even more cores.

  71. Technically Breathing

    How on earth is justice league movie related to tech

  72. Shab Lan

    Should i go for mi 11 ultra or iPhone 12 pro or pixel 5?? Which has the best camera?

  73. Ryan Boby

    4:42 eye of Agamotto 😮

  74. Clearprototype7

    The Samsung galaxy camera was kinda like the Samsung galaxy S4 zoom

  75. Jam T

    Sadly it's banned

  76. Swagus Dennus

    Tbh Kinect was kinda good but it fell off but it can still be used to other stuff than 360

  77. Farvez Mosharaf

    Buy $1 screen protector change every month

    1. Farvez Mosharaf

      i.e if needed

  78. Psychotic Coconut

    Poor Huawei wasn't even responsible for their fail☠️

  79. Avika's Rainbow

    Oh my started just I clicked 😮🥺 You are actually to your point 👍🏻☺️