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  1. FictioNal Guru

    Who is here after bloody satya's videos.

  2. عبد الله الي رب العباد

    To the WWE, please do not sabotage the union more than that. But it is necessary for the mind and the prudent not to underestimate any competing union, and I hope the WWE president does not sell the union, because at that time, what is not expected will happen. Keep the wrestlers and let them innovate like the old eraLike Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Undertaker and Batista, let the wrestlers play freely. You are bigger and the other leagues are not better than you at this. I hope Mr. Vince McMahon reads this. Please compete with AEW and defeat them.Undertaker retired and Triple H retired as before and left in front of him the cinema and Hollywood, and you, Mr. Vince, could you leave a new Undertaker in it. It was possible Brie Wyatt, but he went over, so you have the alternative, which is Finn Balor, so take this young man well and Brock Lesnar took advantage of him and made him compete and appear in shows And they gave payments to wrestlers without reducing the value of other wrestlers, such as Dolph Ziggler, Bobby Roode and Baron Corbin, with no chance to play for great titles. There was no match between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley for a strong title, the rules of the union to return like the old era of hard core I hope the wrestling federation wwe thinks about this and I am one of your advice and thank you

  3. AJ Styles


  4. Mike H.

    Old school memories.

  5. eddievaldivil

    Was hoping Charlotte to beat some sense of reality to Alex to the point that she gets “concussed” and returns as the Five feet of Fiery

  6. Thor Odinson

    U can tell Roman reigns is actually happy for big e .

  7. Darm Bains

    24/7 belt has always been a joke till now.

  8. Justice Hernandez

    NXT 2.0 more like NXT CHAOS

  9. fαιzαи є яαzα

    Congratulations Kofi Kingston

  10. irfan

    Kon kon india se h

  11. Muntashir Ornob

    1:58 that epic look

  12. Michael Dixon

    Rock laid the smackdown on T but he didn't Booker him up for very long

  13. Prajakta Jagtap

    Charlotte always win the match

  14. kilari talks

    excellent never quit ....😍

  15. Ricardo Angulo

    Al babo le pego un reation

  16. Titin Rohatiningsih

    42:57 pro player is here

  17. Adam Knight

    It still blows me away that people thought he faked it...

  18. hhh hhh

    1:20 he's a goldberg fan he's even got his tattoo on his shoulder

  19. Gamal Stan

    Yes Mariel.


    Only love head of the table roman riegns ❤❤❤❤

  21. Pawan Godara


  22. Ab Bhatnagar

    If racism had a face

  23. Amila perera

    Raw and smarkdown live play your chanel

  24. Jay King

    When u fail at the main roster u can always return to NXT for a job lol

  25. Juhaiver Pasague

    Whose 1 to 5?

  26. Damor Hardy

    Ali 💪

  27. KnucklesWTD

    There’s not enough talent just end it

  28. Sarkar D

    Roman rocks

  29. IRBOI


  30. Mistah Miggy

    I love how everyone is going to continue to call him Steiner!

  31. Douglas Snyder

    While I have NEVER been a fan of The Great Khali, I would have to consider though that this Falls-Count Anywhere match for the WWE Championship against John Cena at the 2007 edition of Extreme Rules to be one of Khali's best matches in his WWE career.

  32. Said Khalid

    This sure is a long match

  33. Emmanuel reLx SwangBang

    Seth Rollins is Proud to be Happy Corny Seth. 😂😂😅

  34. war glaives


  35. Anu Chauhan

    Undertaker entry have a true example of royalty

  36. Roman Reigns

    Thk U all for Ur Support My Fans 💙 💙 💙

  37. Naveen Dara


  38. Roman Reigns

    Wtf, rollins always has to save Ambrose from me

  39. MiamiLion

    Roman raings and John Cena are a great team

  40. Raúl López

    Grandes Garza y Carrillo!!🔥🔥🔥🤙🏼

  41. war glaives


  42. ABDLJLILE 2000

    ترجمة إلى اللغة العربية من فضلك WWE

  43. sagar sondarva

    Big E and Nikki didn't just cashed in their MITB contract, the cashed in their hard to get to the peak of their success...

  44. SL0W

    That segment was epic.

  45. Jon Stolfer


  46. Neeraj Dooky

    Lash legend reminds me of Cameron

  47. awesome hero

    That black mass was supposed to be on the chin but black hit on the shoulder of cole. With the speed of the kick, that botch can't be seen. Anyways good match.

  48. James Mc Dowell

    Yes yes yes yes

  49. Kucch Bhii

    7:28 watch a botch 😂, Cena didn't sell & khali was kicking him like Football 😆

  50. Maurice Sanders

    She doesn't need to join the bloodline she needs to do her own thing as a successful heel

  51. John Doe

    Finger death poke was stupid

  52. Ren Nohara

    no suplex city in ufc

  53. IFowzツ

    El comentario en español que buscabas

  54. Antiwan Bell

    Mandy NXT Women's champion Gigi & Jacy tag champion Will be the best female stable

  55. Said Khalid

    I just heard paul heyman's voice

  56. markar07

    Ambrose could easily play the Joker

  57. Angel Rodriguez

    Finn shoulda low blowd Roman lmao

  58. ABDLJLILE 2000

    تحية من المغرب المصطفى علي

  59. Mohamed Osama

    ترجمه بلاغيةالعربية

  60. Shadow Legends

    if roman loses his universal title at extreme rules i will never ever watch WWE shows again

  61. Ren Nohara

    Wtf 🤣🤣🤣

  62. Yohanes S

    love the faction and the team's name but i kinda feel sad that they have a new entrance theme, "buried alive" was way more suitable

  63. Julio Chevante

    Bliss is heel (also the character is tired AF) Flair is heel (she can’t be anything else) smh

  64. KYyva

    I LOVE 5 feet of fury 😍 😋

  65. Colan

    Love and support from Singapore. All the best in ur career.



  67. abeng kocomon

    Lemah anying licik, mental tahu

  68. Coolhunk Rider

    Brainless khali

  69. Velocity Bravo

    I came here to see the crowd walking out 😂

  70. louis hobson

    That's why it's called nxt2.0

  71. Aws Ali

    Bron sounds like Scott more than Scott himself lmao