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  1. Beneq m

    This is beatiful

  2. Maria florez


  3. suru jha

    Who is comes in December 2020 ❤️

  4. Sony Esposito

    I so relate... :;(

  5. Mimi Gemtessa

    Who see his in 2020 👇

  6. Lee Lewin

    Let’s all check back in a few more years and see what comments we liked and how long ago we commented

  7. Mhedz De Castro

    Just watched by curiosity

  8. Rabbi Vlogs

    Monster 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Warren doG

    Old justine Bieber is super cool

  10. Miraculous ladybug Story

    This is how many People's are watching this december 👇🏾

  11. ken. desouza

    lol u really searched for this and went to the comment section and pressed newest first 😉

  12. 88PianoKeys

    I loved to cover this song!! Such a powerful song 💖💖💖

  13. Anushka Singh

    U are gifted❤️

  14. •BlueDrawz•

    Don’t worry I understand I wanna give you a big hug because why does nobody give a fuck about you you are amazing stay strong I hate how people hate on you, you made your feelings through your songs and nobody cared that’s shit! You should now your fans still care for you like me! - •BlueDrawz• P.S. don’t cry you have us

  15. Lisa Marie

    This song is 🔥 for Christ, when no one is around Jesus is holding , holding , holding me . Times are BAD YOU HOLD ONTO JESUS HAND DONT EVER LET GO♥️🌹🙏

  16. Danica Brcan

    I LOVE U JUSTIIIIN AAAAAAAAAAA❣❤❣❤❣❤❣❤❣❤❣❤❣❤❣❤❣❤❣❤❣❤❣❤❣❤❣❤❣❤❣❤❣❤❣❤❣❤❣❤❣❣❤❤❣

  17. RG RyanGaming

    Miss these years...

  18. Christine Carlisle


  19. Lisa Marie

    Praise Jesus he is the only way♥️🙏🌹The Truth,Way ,Life.

  20. Akshat chettri

    Your look is tik too star followers 1.9crore lucky dancer 😉

  21. klarita Vieira


  22. Maxime Durand

    2020 on est la ou pas

  23. Nilsein Pizango

    Quien se atreva a decir que Changes es malo le cae un putazo

  24. Compiscastel !

    Sigo llorando mucho con esto

  25. Asia Howard

    I love it

  26. Angie alexandra Vasquez marcos

    Beautiful voice justin bieber❤

  27. Minkin Thawon

    I am eating cat food :)

  28. Sagrario Echeverría Bojórquez

    We all need Love.

  29. Tamika Johnson Swope

    There should be a love band flickering on stage while lil J is standing there. Shoot it in yellow with a gold hue. It'll be dope. Consider this professional gift as a hoist to the creative process and hopefully an offer of my opinion later.

  30. A Neve

    Power Nintendo

  31. Akshat chettri

    Like 1.5 crore is best but dislike 1.1 crore 😂

  32. Mer Cross

    Thank you lord!!! Use your people to change this world heart by heart! Amen lord!

  33. Shadow 40015

    Yummy- Christian version

  34. Judy Karisa

    happy 🎄🎄🎄🎊😘

  35. charcsworld

    4:15 is that fez 😳

  36. Sagrario Echeverría Bojórquez

    You are Special Justin. ♥️

  37. Jonelle Graham

    Off course

  38. Julianne Hernandez

    young Justin was a meme but he's lowkey a bop now.

  39. Aishe Murra

    I've never hate Justin and I'll never hate him.This is the saddest song he has ever made about his life and his past. Do you understand? He is talking about Selena. He had everything. What about now? I miss Jelena. 😢

  40. erico banados

    youtube recomended this to me after december

  41. Peteribss Rybka

    It's just cringy

  42. victor sels

    I heard this on the radio and it broke me a little. Justin having all the fame and attention when he was young. And apparently, it's not always worth it. People always criticizing what he does only because he's famous. Money and fame don't makes a human. Kindness and love makes a human!

  43. Raynelle Harmon

    This is sad

  44. Judy Karisa

    Happy holidays 😘😘😘

  45. Komal Sharma

    This is the best song I have heard in 2020. :)

  46. M F


  47. Vince

    POV: you're here after watching Oh Santa

  48. Miraculous ladybug Story

    How old was he looks like a kid😳

  49. Leo Loredo

    Ilove Justin Bieber

  50. Sircumsczixszyo


  51. Siddharth Modi

    Masterpiece 🔥❤️

  52. Siwa Nara

    Followed by Tik Tok 💓

  53. Saad Erraissi

    I'm gonna leave this comment here and I will be back hopefully next year Merry Christmas everyone ♡

  54. Miraculous ladybug Story

    I know this song but din't know the name

  55. Davins

    Música antiga dá poha

  56. munchkin

    DAYUMN BOI😰😰🔥🔥🔥

  57. leslie

    Que lloremos dice 🥺

  58. Avha Dey

    Love u bro

  59. Ann

    Little monster apoyando

  60. Marie bernadette Waletzko

    Ich liebe dich ich liebe deine songs wie du tanzt das mag ich am liebsten

  61. Hey Whassup

    Justin bieber has now won the best food documentary film award

  62. Mostafa Hafez

    Who is watching it before 2020 😁😁

  63. dorsainvil wilson

    11 M DISLIKE 😱😱😱

  64. Bianca.

    i'm in loooooove with this songgggg 🥺

  65. Joy Nyambura


  66. Odustin Odubele

    Molto yummy

  67. Things

    tf is pizzagate and whats the meaning of this song

  68. rock palace

    www.faithfreedom.org/sinas-challenge/ archive.org/details/DebatesOfAliSina www.faithfreedom.org/ffiprologue/ www.faithfreedom.org/Author/Sina.htm

  69. Lisy Hernandez

    Oh momma Leah so much good dancing I am so good at dancing I can do the moon walk without shoes but the ladies are better than me I can’t even do what the ladies are doing

  70. Benjamin Carelli

    My name is. Cousin Jonathan. Parkerson I like JB’s. Style even. Purple hats

  71. Éva Soualmia

    Ich liebe dich 💋 💋 justin Bieber


    yoooooo!! pause @1:52 and see what she's reading LMAOOO

  73. lia alqaro

    the king

  74. Tho Chan

    Ingat.... Ada allah....

  75. Éva Soualmia

    Küsschen 💋 💋 💋

  76. Isabela Silva

    cadê os br🇧🇷

  77. Lauren Millson

    Uhhhh, you hair

  78. Éva Soualmia

    I Love Justin Biber

  79. Silvia Vaca cruz

    Es lo mismo para los q no tenemos nada y lo damos todo de igual forma el pago es el mismo nos sentimos solos la vida es diferente para cada persona el dolor y las vivencias son únicas de cada ser y no siempre se gana veces lo entregaste todo y te sientes el más solitario del mundo a un q tengas hijos esposo pero para esos mísmos tu no existes y mucho menos tu dolor y tu soledad a nadie le importa 💔

  80. Aditya Pal

    Yes ❤️