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  1. AS Gaming

    So good

  2. Wati Brian

    What Ben?

  3. Troop fn on 60 FPS

    I want to play Kay

  4. Mate Gorgodze

    How is jarvis playing fortnite. Isn't he baned on fortnite

  5. footy- pro1o8

    Ok Frazier i see you


    to hurry the kiss is in the minute 11:23

  7. BlueOulu


  8. Abdullah 2460


  9. VG-_-physco

    Dont u love jarvis

  10. Skull Assulter

    Frazier:finally a date without camera. Jarvis:are you sure about that

  11. Skull Assulter

    Why u been here for 5:34

  12. Kevi Aliaj

    You good at spying people

  13. Mini Fresh

    Bro he should actually be with Alexa

  14. aiden perricone


  15. rexkaif

    Ugly kid Frazier

  16. Bradley’s imagination Station 2

    Kaylen sucks H1ghSky1 he’s good Jarvis is better tikos 4 times as good as tikos 6 times better then faze H1ghSky1

    1. Bradley’s imagination Station 2

      But for fortnite it’s Jarvis then tiko and H1ghSky1 then kayelen

  17. TSC Weight

    suprise your chef with 10k on his birthday

  18. game Carlson

    how many ads

  19. muzzamil durrani

    bruv fraziar was playing with the actual bots like what

  20. Sahar Musaad

    Doing a video with the best fn players and you don’t include ninja tsk tsk

  21. Pooja Tyagi

    Never seen jarvis swear so much before hahahah

  22. Cedi Apilado

    They finally Kissed😘, Hoping for next Part😂..

  23. Anthony Hurndon

    Jarvis too good man.

  24. rose chase

    Bring the bolt to the cops

  25. Agge Bagge

    What is it with the pickaxe

  26. Braggston Posey

    is sommer and jarvis dating

  27. Yuro Smooth

    Man got caught lackin 🤦🏾‍♂️

  28. 3ON1

    I’m soo hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Mixalis Eikospentakis

    Einai kanena elinass

  30. Jasper Johnson

    He’s said Justin Bieber 50x already. Like if you agree.

  31. Vein Yt

    Finally he got a good girl Alexa is very nice person

  32. Uncle Yoda

    *Amazon Alexa*

  33. Doom Xd1


  34. Wizard -_-

    bro that isn't zoom

  35. SLR Slayzzz

    She’s on her Home Screen

  36. Pango

    I was sweating when Kay said that the teacher will be here any minute bro, its like I’m actually here mate

  37. Gabriel del Carpio

    Frazier: Jarvis what r u doing!! Jarvis: ...... Wait what who’s Jarvis 😂😂😂😂😂 5:44

  38. Sheli Kern

    And this is so childish


    they are so insaneeeeeee

  40. Caydon Lewis

    who saw the cup facing up words on the boat

  41. r4dical

    Who is watching after jarvis in 2020

  42. Abdul Bari


  43. Viperzz

    the most scripted stuff ever

  44. Harry Beavers

    Who is here after he got banned

  45. Aq Blowz

    Alexa is the one 🤩

  46. Fav

    Mr beast wanna be

  47. YT-jackjackstorm


  48. YT-jackjackstorm

    Alexander is such a nice person and she and him where happy when they won

  49. Eliza Zając

    Jarvis: landing On turbine Kay: damn that's crazy

  50. Maximilian Silvestru

    The best trio ever would be: FaZe Mongrall NRG Benjyfishy FaZe Jarvis

  51. NadaFadi Awada

    man hes annoying

  52. Aryan Kannan

    This script is the best ever

  53. Sandro Guruli

    broo kay was like:what are you doin step BRO

  54. Curt DaBoss

    Kay said “ fish UNFORTUNATELY cannot drown” ....... wow


    Ur right I got elimenated by mega

  56. Sara Tosti


  57. F2 Gaming

    Jarvis is misterstealyourting

  58. assist

    Fraser got exposed 9:09



  60. MVME Gaming

    At 6:41 Frazier said amnal not animal 🤣

  61. KxWy

    Is Lana Rhoades😂😂

  62. Daniela Fernandes

    That actually looked so cute

  63. miyou3playz_YT

    8:08 you dont get alot of money World cup with 3 million dollars:

  64. icy Ffg t

    That was mad thing not gone a lie

  65. Liam Ltc

    Jarvis is going to ruen it fore theam

  66. Coin Lazer

    Who is here in 2020

  67. Coin Lazer

    This is a lie

  68. Davidext _

    they are killing only bots lol


    Gaylen is a crybaby he will never be in FaZe

  70. Kizerlez Sweat

    I remember when I was waiting 10 houersfor this

  71. sufiyan mahmood

    Who’s more better Alexa or Charlotte

  72. Frxst Is simp


  73. Matheo Lervåg Woll

    i kan do it

  74. Killerblue 1080

    I'll save you the trouble of watching the whole video 11:23 there you go

  75. k.o_toxxic

    Yo at 9:13 u can see him look up at Jarvis 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  76. Alvina Kekana

    She as a boyfriend

  77. Veronica Chopra

    That jarvis

  78. justinrollins88

    Fuck that she i guess is pretty cool 😎

  79. James Hetherington

    I like uoo and her too

  80. Lizzy And Zack Gaming

    If I was nikan I would want 20 patties in my burger 🍔