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  1. Transformersboy64 A


  2. maddox gaming

    This is me cause i get bullied

  3. Alexander Van Ness

    Facts 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Clay-Bones

    33k dislikes, 32k comments

  5. WOLF

    0:44 see that twitch. When he yelled? Very telling...... poor Nova.

  6. Thomas Evans

    The only Cd's And music i purchase now :) Life's been much sweeter!.

  7. Philip Damon

    I know where I'm going when I die, right to Jesus. I'm very sick with my autoimmune system attacking my body. And now, some of my doctors suspect cancer. I'll find out in January. Guess what? I'm not afraid at all! I'm blessed because this has drawn me closer to Jesus than anything could ever have. View my testimony posted on my channel. In Jesus is hope folks, no where else. I can't imagine going through any of this without Him.

  8. Nee B

    Bro ..... Please do a song about Flat Earth : ) WE could do it together ???? : )

  9. Cool it Kyle

    Just going to say Nova is VERY good at making videos!

  10. Kylie Faye Meadows

    You such a good singer and I hope you'll see this comment and yes I'm a girl but I love you music

  11. Match Box and Dave?

  12. Kyle Kener

    Who else wants more moonwalking from Tom as captain corny? He killed it lol

  13. Cuzzo Crew

    Such a good mecage

  14. unicorn lover

    My uncle did not tell anyone how he felt and he hid that he was sick then when he finally went to the docters 10 minutes later we found out he had cancer that same day he passed

  15. james shanks

    the make up artist is crap i can see the bald cap lines lol

  16. TheKnob Goblin

    are you ever going to correct that blatant lie you said in mac lethal sucks video where you tried to say youre worth 12 mil when in reality youre only worth just over 100k? he was actually literally worth more than u and u straight up tried to lie about it, all the credibility for your "truth" goes out the window when u straight up lie in your songs. love ya bro but you exposed the hypocrisy of yourself. also youre not fully independent, if it wasnt for nova getting u studio time and having her old connects from def jam help mix and master and produce your tracks, youd still be a soundcloud rapper. just bc you didnt sign a label contract doesnt mean youre fully independent. youre borderline independent at best, with ALOT of help.

    1. Brad Blackmore

      you sound super salty by this all. calm down buddy it's ok.

  17. New Moon

    Not a bootlicker

  18. senthics

    u have black genetics tom, all you knew was to get the FUCK outta there.

  19. TabiKat Forever

    😜 Please get more tattoos, I don't think you have enough.. LMAO!!!!😏Sorry couldn't resist...🤪🎄😆🥰♥️Tabi

  20. Christian Decker

    Sounds like my mans sayin bad nudes

  21. MichaelShar

    3:33 😂 has me dead

  22. 张茴体

    love you from China. Fly to the sky my man.

  23. isaac curry

    Growing up I lived in really bad neighborhoods and my dad would leave a pistol under our pillows or anywhere you could keep them close but these kids aren’t the problem they only react on our actions and pick up what we do. We have to look at ourselves before questioning our children why they act the way they do

  24. Sir HighRoller

    This song came out at the perfect time😂😂😂 fuck PC shit

  25. JoicSeth

    Woah no need to send Twitter bankrupt