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  1. Marius

    RemindMe! 1 year

  2. Michael

    Noooo Perkz stay in EU, team swap with Caps in Fnatic! NA is so bad...

  3. Jumpin Jesus

    FFS, now I'll have to watch LCS as well

  4. Magariz

    Man LCS is going to be hype this year. HUGE roster changes. Someone finally lit a fire under the LCS and I cannot wait to see it take off. Perkz is definitely going to make all of NA midlane step their game way up.

  5. NocturnTTV Tg

    NA is that bad that they have to buy europe players

  6. Leon Sixt

    Well I have high hopes for him now

  7. Penuer

    el video este parece que lo ha grabado mi abuela con el movil

  8. Yinnie Sins

    I never liked C9..... until now

  9. sokin jon

    "Everytime I see that smug midlaner's face...."

  10. NibyTak

    Thanks for everythink what you did for G2 ang GL in new club !

    1. sokin jon

      he is not just a player he is a leader as well

  11. Visual Error

    @Cloud9 Just released Perkz Salary isn’t that confidential

  12. A M

    NA: we will make our own American teams, with all European players.

  13. Michael Averett


  14. Michael Averett

    Let’s go!

  15. Lukasz Sz

    Why TSM couldn't buy him. REGI BOUGHT WORSE MIDLANE


    The story in this video was so bad.

  17. Paul Jack

    That means Fnatic vs G2 is out, in 2021 it will be G2 vs. C9, respect NA, respect.

  18. DJ MANOX


  19. Kayden Wong

    anyone know the music for 8:30? amazing edits!

  20. eatcheesekobe

    Hmm coming to play mid, I wonder who he's going to do since he hasn't played mid competitively in a hot minute.

    1. SophineSophont

      He was playing it competitively in Spring 2020.

  21. Zenvadois

    I think a lot of people have forgotten that Perkz is an incredibly good mid laner, because he has played adc in recent years, because he is flexible. You will all be amazed.

  22. CrazyUncleJamal

    Tbh if they ever lose a game I'm literally calling this dude a clown

  23. bajner L9

    Perdera su nivel en NA :v

  24. xFlippie

    FlyQuest Faker coming soon.

  25. its

    im c9 fan form beta

  26. Esdras

    Watching lcs only because of perkz <3

  27. EXETER D9

    Damn no comments in years

  28. Alaskan Malamute

    Lane Kingdom is coming 5:15 Poor Jack spent all that money on Perkz he cant afford a decent jacket..

  29. Dr. benatia

    he is not just a player he is a leader as well


    'So, you finally won the NA LCS Championship after 6 years... what did it cost you'? Cloud 9 ' Everything! Sneaky, Nesquick, Worlds

  31. CrowdTzy


  32. drowsydrip

    C9 Perkz!!

  33. Marcus Hübner

    i hope he doesn´t retire, when he´s not making it out of the playin´s at worlds 2021 :(

  34. J Xue

    Best CEO dude.

  35. XA

    one of two things happens: he threw away his career by playing NA or c9 can finally do something once again

  36. hahaxdlol

    This Is Perkz's teammates? I feel sry for him... Hope he enjoys retirement!

  37. Simeon Petrov

    I believe in his words, we gotta watch him. This guys is crazy af. Good luck Luka!

  38. Huntress

    Just give us sneaky back

  39. leel

    imagin perkz roleswaps to top now

  40. iSustain

    I feel like his talking with regrets. Just saying.

  41. Fran Divjak

    4:35 he tried his best to not quote Trump KEKW Sretno buraz <3

  42. Alexander Heim

    Elevating NA from a wildcard to a main region again by getting out of groups :D

  43. Jake Morand the Momoz

    I wanna see g2 vs c9 in worlds or msi finals

  44. velvet Hands

    I want to make NA great not again it's never been great honestly

  45. SON GOKU

    thank you

  46. BeaverToothe

    As much as it hurts me to say because I live in NA, the LCS is where great players come to die........ C9 has a good roster, and may Bjerg as TSM coach will bring them up to speed, but I still don't see LCS holding a candle to these other leagues.

  47. Rainzs

    Imagine if NA with all good eu imports wont be able to get in quarters next worlds. That would be cringe.

  48. Glory Andy

    Wow glad I bought a C9 jersey in Vancouver, Canada 😂 It cost me $80 😅

  49. saba qobalia

    he will never gonna win worlds cloud 9 imposible even quarterfinals

  50. Bora Sarıoğlu

    i'll never move to NA - Perkz

  51. M Chi

    but he's never won worlds..

  52. Soopafly

    Would've been great if Perkz came to NA sooner. We could've watch Bjerg and him battle it out.

  53. Lordess Hannah

    I´m still crying over the fact that he left G2 :´( I´m a big G2 and Perkz fan, you´ve got a really great player now, treat him well! ;)

  54. Nerf Faker

    why is he using g2 chair?

  55. Andrzej L

    „Win worlds” xDDD

  56. Apple Baron

    What is NA? I only now The Land of EU Mid-laners.

  57. aola wili

    "I can just play top lane as well" - Holy shit what a chad

  58. jjla95

    Rekkles vs perkz

    1. aola wili

      If they bring back sneaky I will watching LCs.. as bad as it is

  59. LEFTED

    Do I understand this correctly? To introduce himself in North America, he makes fun of NA LCS?

  60. Migue Gamboa

    " I don't main one rol, I main League of Legends"

  61. Lady Logart

    Best wishes and good luck, Luka❤ You'll never walk alone!

  62. ClaymoreTheGreat

    F in the chat

  63. Viktor Vitai

    And in the video he sit in #G2Army seat :D

  64. HappyNoodle

    Wasn't he adc?

  65. White Seven

    Such a waste for Perkz.... He will be wasting his talent here

  66. Catherine Faufra

    Good luck have fun ! I felt like you needed this and I'm happy you could make it happen !

  67. AlbatroZZ 666

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this was the fall of C9.

  68. dark elvis

    why changed good team for lower tier team ?

  69. Yamibi

    Yep... so now I have a fav. NA team. Lez go Perkz! Guess you missed Zven a lot :D

  70. Nando Borchardt

    2:03 lil MVP in the back

  71. Skyrah

    Rip perkz why would you go to na lmaooo

  72. oeddings fromcanada

    What a waste of talent

  73. Riixon Yaga

    Hahaha low NA low C9.. Sad story Perkz =(

  74. Simthembile Mpabanga

    Just from the amount of Tradh talk coming from this guy is enough o make me want to watch LCS next year.

  75. Simthembile Mpabanga

    Guess Perk is never going to make it out of groupsat worlds😂😂

  76. Simthembile Mpabanga

    If they bring back sneaky I will watching LCs.. as bad as it is

  77. agreen182

    I really would rather not get too hyped over this because offseason hype is always precursor to incredible disappointment. BUT IT'S ACTUALLY PERKZ, THOUGH!

  78. daniel sullivan

    Let’s go c9!

  79. Marius -


  80. GeLo Langit

    Give Fudge some love haha