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  1. KingHades NCFC

    You mean to say Curbs?

  2. KingHades NCFC

    The real question is how do they go a whole 4 hour race at top speeds without running out of fuel? Not to mention hours of combined qualifying before the race even starts

  3. Samuel Jayachandran

    i look forward to a driver winning the title without winning a race in their entire career.....the most Nico Hulkenberg of world championships. ooohh maybe someone who wins a title without getting a podium?

  4. nextlevel2426

    Why is this girl even talking about f1? Max never said not to ask him questions about silverstone, he was pissed because he and lewis addressed the situation multiple times and the British press kept on pushing the issue..

  5. Carl

    carlando was my favorite

  6. Gay mOnGoose

    the lighting gave u a hitler stash there mate lol

  7. FortyNighty Player

    should have just done Sochi

  8. Ricky Spanish

    Red bull used to be Jaguar F1 team.

  9. Nascar&JDM Fanatic

    Someone will hate me for this but I prefer NASCAR pit stop over F1, because it takes much stress because it takes 6 men to change tires, refuel, clean and remove debree and fix the car if damage, Nascar's advantage over other sports is its durability like Rally Cars, that's why pit crews also have multiple tasks and adding even more stress because they fix the whole car's body such as the body and the frame. I hope you can respect my opinion

  10. Basement_Elmo

    Alternative title: top 5 reasons why F1 tik tok sucks

  11. Mugnai Marco

    The worst f1 driver ever was Giovanna Amati.

  12. Mentor Zariqi

    This kid’s good, he should probably join Mercedes or a big team like that

  13. RJSRdg

    Then, as now, the race ended when the winner crossed the line. Any cars on the same lap as the winner were allowed to complete the race, lapped cars would only complete the lap they were on. As McLaren, Trintignan, Brooks, and Brabham were the only cars not to be lapped, it wouldn't have mattered how long it took Brabham to push the car over the line - had it taken half an hour, he would still have been 4th. Indeed, had he abandoned the car and gone for a lemonade, he would also have been 4th. Pushing the car over the line made no difference either to the race result or to the championship.

  14. Ian Kaye

    Romain Grosjean

  15. GM Perez

    Just imagine an F1 car pitting every 3 laps.

  16. Star Lord

    Imagine if WEC was in Olympics and they had to drive until every other Olympics game was over nonstop 💀

  17. Drake Smith

    Is ers the same as kers wf1

  18. Spartan

    Max should be experienced enough by now to know that trying to go side by side with Lewis through turns 1-2 was just not on. He should of just tucked in behind and used the better drive out of turn 2 from tyres that were up to temp to overtake. Lewis would of had no answer. Start using that thing between your ears Max. Winning the championship requires more than just driving skill. Just a opinion from a neutral F1 fan.

  19. Tyler VanOrman

    When men where men

  20. Saiye Rugara

    Alonso's streak is only 2 races because he was 11th for whatever that was in Belgium.

  21. Brambora

    I like how Matt is so happy

  22. JS Alvarez


  23. Matyas Fekete

    What about just a square?

  24. Saab Guy

    Is the orange t shirt guy trionic seven? because it kinda looks like him

  25. Eddi Cardillo

    Fun fact there is no italy

  26. Christian Ramirez

    red green!!

  27. Holden 05

    Mazepin plz he his hilarious in Formula One

  28. john molloy

    schumacher should be on this list cause he drove to rivals of the road to insurance he’d win the championship

  29. RacerAfterDusk226

    Will we ever see a crazier close to a championship? Maybe, if mazepin spins coming across the line and wins (more likely comes last) the championship facing backwards!

  30. Kelodius Hm

    so no one is gonna talk about the dutch circuit on turn 3?

  31. Anonymous

    2:54 fuck! 😂😂

  32. Moheed Syed

    I went to Jack Brabham's high school and he's actual name (John Brabham) is written on a plaque at our school.

  33. CloverisCool

    Does Mario Andretti know Richie Hearn, Willy T Ribbs, or Adrian Fernandez?

  34. Gabriel Cerqueira

    If it was the other way around, Hamilton would not get the 3 place grid...just saying

  35. v4d3rm4n

    Just one word. Maldonado

  36. Timtim grimgrim

    I consistently get 0.198 I should be an F1 driver

  37. Matthew Pressley

    Crybaby Lewis will always get his way.

  38. Henry Dillard

    sochi be like:

  39. LaczPro

    So, you're basically saying that Brabham could've just done the same Kimi did at Monaco, and be a champion while getting drunk in a yatch?

  40. tehsidewinder

    "to make up for reliability" and shows a Honda B16 getting plugs changed, smh >: (

  41. McLaren

    Hello, I'm Monza from 2021 😀

  42. dmurphy1578

    If all you are is an f1 team what the heck else do you do.

  43. Chanse Dawes

    Latifi or mazepin

  44. Ben Vernon

    The non finishers were Mazepin and Mazepin again!!!

  45. Edvinas Rupkus

    FIA: penalty for not leaving enough fuel in the tank for testing. Dq from the race

    1. Samuel Jayachandran

      yea imagine that shit back then.....although considering Moss argued for Hawthorne's reinstatement to P2 in Portugal, Brooks might have said that Brabham deserved the title.

  46. JaimeE

    It would be legendary if Russell helps Hamilton win a world championship

  47. hacker's profiles

    Also the verstappen Hamilton crash was protected by that basketball ring

  48. John Smylie

    next power unit, 2 stroke lawn mower engine with 6bhp and the rest electric... get it round yea formula e..

  49. Anonymous

    The steering wheel is basically how to turn on a girl! 😅😅

  50. KingHoborg

    Here I am thinking, 'Since when has the aesthetic design of an F1 car won out over function?' Apparently when it was a safety system... That makes sense.

  51. Shawn Elliott

    That thumbnail tho

  52. Kopli-Vanja

    The future is R3 😂

  53. Jeff Carr

    You should do a vid on the 1982 season where Keke Rosberg won the title, with only one race win in the season.

  54. Biler i børnehøjde

    Spa 2021 entered the chat

  55. fep_ ptcp

    I remember the thrill in 2008 Interlagos title decision. But this here is badass

  56. Não Morra

    You guys should make a video about Jochen Rindt. I mean, what happened after he died? How was the celebration of his championship? How was his funeral?

  57. Mike

    They are afraid of redbull, they are too good, 🖕 the mafFIA.

  58. golgo 13

    and by the way max moove was NOT ON, he was almost out of the track when he got in the back of HAMILTON, how is it "ON" if a driver atempt an overtake when he's not fully on track ???????? if it worked he would have to give position back, i dont know what you're talking about dude.

  59. golgo 13

    stop saying "no one want to back out", thats just NOT TRUE AT ALL !!! only ONE driver has been trying to avoid theses mooves, and its HAMILTON, verstappen has never backed down EVER, thats just not fair. MAX has never tried to calm things DOWN, what a poor segment of the show, i coudnt go longer than that i had to turn it off.

  60. Madhav Sajit

    "Tournament starts on 10th September" Wtf1:*uploads video 4 days later*

  61. Calvin Soria

    Why i think that this 5min video is faster than a 1min video in tiktok

  62. HiddenMica82

    The Helmet and Halo are a good combination. The helmet can have fighter jet class of transpatent material assisted by air ducts for cooling.

  63. Aaron Board

    Hope he had 2 litres of fuel left.

  64. layerdballoon

    Because of freedom of speech its easy

  65. Josean Pizarro

    I’ve seen a crazier one The great Ricky Bobby vs Jean Girad

  66. mick blankespoor

    i had once a go kart race and the firtse 14 on the grid came over the finish line between 1 second it was so close

  67. Parth Darji

    Anyone here noticed the 3:02 khichdi meme😂?

  68. Ryan Rathnayake

    2021 monaco gran prix mclaren used the gulf livery

  69. The Aroused Eunuch

    4:48 SUS. :)

  70. Dave Roberts

    Here’s a question. Why did RBR send Albon and Lawson over to DTM and who’s winning?

  71. 藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac

    3:06 if you want to get rickrolled

  72. mikea hiooi

    That was the best race of the season so far!

  73. Huzaifa Mufaddal

    I'd like to see someone get the gear shifts count here

  74. Sharoon Machado

    road to 1 million

  75. Paul Anderson

    Yas Marina

  76. Alexandra Hogan

    ummmm, Bruce Mclaren won a world championship with a car he built soooo? (I am so confused)??????????????????

    1. DamienE11

      Bruce Mclaren never won a championship. His team won several, but all after he died.

  77. Oxcart

    All Ecclestone's ideas! I'm so glad he's gone.

  78. 4ppych

    You misspelled “led”


    Hermann Tilke Raceway!