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  1. Sayantan Mukhopadhyay

    What's new with splitting the battery into two parts alredy many phone who uses more than 50w charger use that strategy

  2. Zinku Das

    Wait for apple to bring usb c to iphone in 3050

  3. Edrian Santos


  4. John Doe

    So I can watch a cat video while I drive?



  6. Jhakkash BK

    Not only one time xiaomi always in a budget smartphone📱 💗💗💗😍

  7. tractor tyre

    Didn't show any ads and useless notifications

  8. Not so Gullible

    I doubt a single second of that was recorded on a phone 😭👎

  9. ✨GK Ch.✨

    Fun facts : you charged almost 25% battery while watching this video

  10. Afan Khan

    Is that you Mr Stark?

  11. Walter Galvis

    Why not start with the basics? Some lenses that make optical corrections automatically for people who already wear glasses, sometimes companies are so blind!

  12. ๛ꪑiᥴkꪗ Ᏸꪮꪗ๛

    Nice ❤🙂

  13. ๛ꪑiᥴkꪗ Ᏸꪮꪗ๛

    Thanks for sharing 👍🏻

  14. j hercoles

    The ugliness IS OVER 9000!

  15. Shizu Tanako

    This is why Xiaomi is the best company, it's price is reachable while it doesn't compromise a lot in it's products (they do add a charger in the box, not for a false love for environment that a certain company claim), and they even reach out and socialize with their tech reviewer and enthusiasts, and community.

  16. Javierpal Fordring

    The Google one was ban, and it had a much more smaller footprint...

  17. Vals9

    I guess photo preview will be green tinted as well.

  18. Abdul Aziz Ur Rehman

    Can I get miui 12 update for redmi note 5 or not

  19. Carla Gabrielle

    E se eu quiser tirar uma selfie? Como faz?

  20. Rahat Hasan

    outstanding 💝

  21. Rahat Hasan


  22. JR 127


  23. oscar guijosa

    I can't wait to see scam likely in front of my face 20 times a day

  24. SataPataKiouta

    Enjoy the unique Xiaomi Service Framework - running constantly in the background , recording and sending to China servers whatever you say , hear or see! Now you don't need your Xiaomi device that used to come with Xiaomi Service Framework, sending to China servers whatever you say, hear, or write by you and your contacts! Enjoy endless monitoring of real life individuals you bump every day on the street , your work , your gym , your home , even your bathroom! New revolutionary glasses technology for only 1999.99.

  25. Bruno Barreto

    Caralhooooo!!! (igor3k)

  26. Juan Gabriel Eraso

    The name of Song?

  27. Umi Fadilah

    Iphone is the best....!

  28. YellowCapAlex

    0:47 Crapple

  29. Josue Misael Marin C.

    Solo les falto decir que necesitan tomacorriente de 220V y aire frio constante al dispositivo para que no se caliente y cargue a los 120W

  30. Tenzin kunsel

    Hope education department won't find out 🥲

  31. The Subscription

    Black guy took the white pad and white women took the black pad, Just saying ⭐ 0:52

  32. anarchist tree

    I'm sure that one day this will actually be the norm. And I'm sure it won't have more dire consequences for humanity. /s

  33. Ioan - Luigi Cojocaru


  34. ___Neves___

    how many times did they drop the cell? 🧐

  35. Artorias

    This is too big to be useful

  36. Hardik Salodia

    Idk why it's gonna fail coz in apple you have a way amount of optimised software but in android you have laggy experience

  37. Solid_Snake

    The best smartphone if you want to get spied or censored by the chinese REGIME. LONG LIVE INDEPENDENT TAIWAN 🇹🇼 🇹🇼 🇹🇼 🇹🇼 💙💙💙

  38. Noname

    I'm the only one thinking that this glass look like fallout UI , LMAO

  39. Solid_Snake

    The best smartphone if you want to get spied or censored by the chinese REGIME. LONG LIVE INDEPENDENT TAIWAN 🇹🇼 🇹🇼 🇹🇼 🇹🇼 💙💙💙

  40. Solid_Snake

    The best smartphone if you want to get spied or censored by the chinese REGIME. LONG LIVE INDEPENDENT TAIWAN 🇹🇼 🇹🇼 🇹🇼 🇹🇼 💙💙💙

  41. Chaotic Crypto

    that moment when you in a room full of people tappin on they glasses....

  42. johnny gomez

    Watching video on my redmi note 8

  43. Sayak

    Just waiting it to be launch in india

  44. Rare Indian RI

    I will be getting that mi 11 it's super

  45. Rare Indian RI

    Wow superb beautiful I have 26 watt charger but your 120 watt is dam so cool I love it

  46. Baka Xhaibi

    I'm using one of Xiaomi's fast charging phone it drains battery so quickly cuz of the fast charging.

  47. Baka Xhaibi

    Fast charging drains battery more quickly, what about that.

  48. fasilvp Fasil

    Design not good

  49. Aamir Khan

    Yeah man our co workers started working on the batteries at the end of 2019 itself they didn't reveal us but told that there will be surprise but we got to know about it this year first quarter me and my team was working on the camera sensors had a great time

  50. Falfool

    "Imagine every smartphone function integrated into what you wear" ayyyy can't wait to play Clash of Clans on my shoe

  51. no

    wow that some good quality videos, i wish that miui global was that good too

  52. Yuriy Putsan

    Cool, чекаємо в Україні 🔥🔥🔥❤️🇺🇦

  53. Ali Mahmoud

    Isn't this just google glass...

  54. DeviLefty

    Well that's cool

  55. LayerZlayer 2000


  56. Mohammad Hafeez

    Please Poco x3 NFC cemra blur problem solving please update me

  57. mehmet ali Şanlıdağ

    Very nice 👍🏽 xiaomi

  58. arash molani


  59. أغاني أجنبية 🔥


  60. WakenDown

    Hey Xiaomi All you need is a best Animator for Marketing your products to provide Satisfying Video's. Thank me later.

  61. عمار ياسر


  62. Siva Chandran

    Some day all this special features will be normal in a phone.

  63. ecuanis89

    Can't wait to have it tomorrow 😍

  64. John Lee

    And for those who will use it while charging what's on your mind??

  65. Diogo Paulino

    If it's the same display as the first generation 11 Lite, it sucks because of Black Crush and Pixelization on that cheap screen. Not worth it. I bought one and returned it in less than 48 hours because of the horrible screen.

  66. ShahAb AhmEd

    MI will be first to announce, Nuclear powered cell phones...

  67. Faisal Azmii

    I saw this 5G phone already in Qatar Mall 3 months ago

  68. Muhammad Areeb

    Don't purchase mi 11 lite 4g it has serious green tint and black crush issue 😡

  69. tayokarate

    Is that stand part of it?

  70. Muhammad Areeb

    Give update and fix green tint and black crush issue in mi 11 lite 4g

  71. Muhammad Areeb

    Mi 11 lite 4g has serious green tint and black crush issue.

  72. Muhammad Areeb

    Give update and fix green tint and black crush issue in mi 11 lite 4g

  73. Muhammad Areeb

    Fix green tint and black crush issue in mi 11 lite 4g