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  1. Ossy Ancelotti

    Kinda want Hamilton to break his record and kinda don’t

  2. Raiden

    What a beast

  3. TheTripol

    P1 Sebastian, P1.

  4. Guto Signorini

    This is a true moment

  5. Kevin Rodriguez

    What happened to Bottas car?

  6. K K

    You don’t get a name like Iceman for nothing

  7. McPlayer8t

    it’s a great insight to hear Nikita talk like this, sure he gets a lot of hate, but when you hear from the man himself, it gives an entirely different perspective. Personally, I hope he can prove himself in Formula 1, I am a fan and I’m not afraid to say it.

  8. Garin Akbar


  9. Soy Fercho

    I just entered to dislike F1 channel for the first time... not worth a second of our precious time. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 It is sad how money can harm such a glorious sport like F1 linning up assh**** like these. 👉🏼👌🏼

  10. StrobeLightGaming

    Well. That was disgusting to watch…

  11. B Zilla

    Lewis doing exactly what his hero did...can't fault him for that...Senna was a nutcase on track with that you either back out or we are coming together

  12. Interesting Banana

    Alex Brundle sound so much like his dad

  13. 근멸의덤벨 :무한다이어트

    Red bull gives you wings

  14. Max G

    At least it didn’t work vs Villeneuve

  15. Diego piriz

    Its not the same whitout The TORPEDO :(

  16. anjo2

    2 years later, from P20 to P3 on 2021 Italy

  17. David Vasquez

    What about Perez’s podium in Sochi after both Finnish drivers couldn’t agree with who’s taking the final podium? What Kvyat’s drive in Sochi last year?

  18. noni_thebestjuice

    Leclerc brothers really have great talents. I hope I can see both Charles and Arthur in F1.

  19. max

    Guidos faster.

  20. Thelosouvlakia

    This interview doesn't really deserve those dislikes. It's been one of the most interesting ones so far.

  21. Sheldon Schuhert

    I apparently missed the part when Perez was a mclaren driver

  22. Road Warrior 2020

    That's one of the reasons he's thee *ICEMAN!* I so miss watching and rooting for my man Kimi.

  23. Lucas Ribeiro

    I'm here 3 years later to say IT WORKED

  24. hwd71

    Raikonnen has to lift: 'Leave me alone, I know what I'm doing'.

  25. Max G

    Thé initial impact was 75G. How could a human survive this? The blood pressure in his Aorta. Physiologically mind blowing

  26. Emil Serafino

    F1 pandering to the zoomers lol

  27. mitchel marvin


  28. Andy Cyr

    His team can probably see behind the smoke and told him to flat out. Its a maybe.

  29. LabGorilla

    Chauvinist 🐖 . After that first video of him came out , he hasn’t let anyone down. Add that to his shocking driving and you’ve got the full package.

  30. CGIPadawan

    12 years old. Moving out. And living away from family. Considering his privileged upbringing, it sounds like a tough deal just so that you can "challenge yourself, grow up, and see the world". I get the feeling the Mazepin household is a bit tough to grow up in. also... 8:05 - the correct pronunciation of "Fedor Emelianenko".

  31. hanif prananda

    One of the best video! 💯

  32. Gazza Boo

    Great stuff from back in the days where you were an actual driver. Modern f1 is dull.

  33. Just Avaition

    Atleast he has matured, somewhat

  34. askeeter84

    Horner firing out that f1 knowledge

  35. Gabriel Aquino

    MazeSpin 😅

  36. Gamer 3995

    I can believe that it was race 1000

  37. Jonrich Corpuz

    Smh all on should be above Landi if Lewis didn’t crash into him twice

  38. Kelodius Hm

    Red Bull: Yeah let's give the fastest workers on Max, So we can win tons of races.

  39. JFS

    Some times you just tighten your cheeks and just run through…..

  40. MaquiNando

    they simple ignored Fittipaldi's triple outside overtake, on his first weekend in a F2 car... never drove with carbon brakes before, and did it on the fastest track of the year

  41. Travis Fubu

    Lot of butthurt max simps in the comments crying about this

  42. Hanindhya Chandara P. D.

    Max: britney ehhhh... eh nico Me: whos britney i think he thinking about britney spears

  43. ewartlambert

    Dude went in like “ if I die, I die…it is, what it is”

  44. Garin Akbar

    When Ayrton Senna win at home... The crowds are so incredible....

  45. Aidan Guimond

    Imagine you turn on your tv at 4:03

  46. Gaetan Dubreuil

    What is a song?

  47. Joey Tidon

    😳📸 Sebastian Vettel caught using auto tune.

  48. Aidan Guimond

    Landos crash still gives me goosebumps

  49. Momo Tillo

    Goosebump warning at 8:47

  50. Purab Kothari

    Ricciardo's on thin ice with all these last-second saves lol

  51. LoverBoy

    The commentary was way too savage bruh😭😭😭

  52. James Stewart

    This is F1 version of -sending it-

  53. Renato Moreira da silva

    the super hero

  54. Uqbah Kabir

    And Nikita Mazepin SPINS the 2021 Russian Grand Prix!

  55. Renato Moreira da silva

    Senna lives

  56. Celso H.

    A vida é assim. Quando você está no melhor de si, aparece um idiota dissimulado cheio de razão, querendo captar atenção e desviar o foco. Grande lição de vida . Parabéns a seriedade e valentia de nosso Samurai 👊👊👊

  57. José Luis García Ferruzca

    Thanks for letting me know in your news that Redbull has updated it's engine to beat mercedes as as if they did not have with the curves of the circuits ahead, the battle is a lie. Just to give the championship easier to the blondie boy.

  58. Kanishk Garg

    Human beings are glorious

  59. Louis F Koorts

    Michael is a legend and more. He caused tears of joy on a regular basis. My words can't reproduce... I miss him. 🙏🏻❤️

  60. Daniel Johnson

    Announcer: "Kimi will have to lift" Kimi: "Yes yes shut up leave me alone I know what I'm doing"

  61. Ian Chris Mejarito

    hahaha that laugh kind of normal to me hahaha

  62. Mehras Amirhakimi

    Why Russia flag hasn't shown?

  63. Jefferson Vasconcelos

    1:03 Senna dá uma olhada pra ver se não vem carro, depois passa a marcha com o gesto do tipo: vão se f****

  64. Edu B. Rojas

    Barrichello que desastre 🤣

  65. Plisskenation backfromthedead

    Gotta love felipes attitude about his hungary accident lol i got hit in the head with a spring, whos gonna pay for that? Lol glad he can look back and laugh

  66. RBenceHUN

    Everyone: I wanted number 7 Kimi: So I just picked one

  67. Muhammad Dannis Abdullah

    Two ferrari come togethers first lap

  68. Maximo Giachino

    8:09 It´s called racing

  69. dsadas sddasads

    just beautiful

  70. v mann

    Full send

  71. Maximiliano Castro

    Whats up with GP SOCHI race Highlights?

  72. Ross Makibbin

    I wouldn't.

  73. TMOS Gaming 2k60fps Gameplay

    Just came here to say:You are geh



  75. Angelos Alexandrou

    Jokes aside it was pretty dangerous