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  1. Mira sing

    Wow 👏

  2. serena willams

    Shawn if you're gonna be inactive after the album release like last year when you disappeared after the tour, im gonna me sooo mad. Im gonna cry 😭❤

  3. Z o s i a x


  4. Shawn Mendes in my blood

    Santo dando spoiler hahaha é cara dele💓

  5. Juicy Juice

    I’m so hype for this song

  6. Bia Archer Menezes

    i can't wait!!!

  7. Andrea Marselletti


  8. Pamela Hilari

    Amaré esta canción

  9. Aka

    if WONDER was the end of me, what will the entire album do?

  10. Aka

    am so sorry my teachers but this friday i will only be streaming shawn and crying, sorry in advance but this human means so much to me

  11. Jotaro Kujo

    When I first heard this song on the documentary I was shook. I instantly fall in love with it.

  12. diya nayar

    I am so excited he is an inspiration he is so kind. Ily Shawn

  13. alex

    omg wonder album is gonna be a bop cant wait

  14. Good Vibes to wake up!

    How to stop negative Addictions like Thoughts? Change a negative habit with extra LOVE as the NEW Normal and become, what you really are. Pure LOVE.

  15. Sara Santelli

    sto morendo raga non vedo l'ora che esca l'album aiutooooo

  16. Federica

    We love you Shawn

  17. Pramesh Ram Sainju


  18. Good Vibes to wake up!

    The second Law of Creation: After a wonder, don’t stop LOVE, the extra LOVE is the NEW Normal in Wonderland. Where is Wonderland?? Where isn’t it?

  19. Gabriel Hauw


  20. saanchi dhimole

    Getting a strong feeling that this song is going to be absolutely wonderful 😍❤😌

  21. נויה ארניה

    Who here from his movie “In Wonder”?

  22. Helmut Dao

    Let's start a new music career. Don't watch my channel.

  23. Good Vibes to wake up!

    ALLWAYS ACT according to this LAW of Creation: LOVE first. Finish all your wonders every time with some extra Love and do not forget, to teach that extra Love.

  24. Moodii Person

    Most Pure Person award goes to this man in my opinion.

  25. Renata Permatasari


  26. Max Inne

    The way he said "out" reminded me he is Canadian

  27. Saray Cl


  28. Tayeef

    I really love your hair man😍

  29. Sara

    This is the best. OMGGGG such amazing voices !! wow you 2 are truely inspiring !!

  30. Nguyen Lam

    Justin in Einem's style

  31. Neylaka

    Can't wait for the album ! It's gonna be sooo good 🔥❤

  32. Suga Kookies with waRM Tae


  33. Music Studio.S


  34. Marina Parvaiz

    I’ll keep saying until I die but Shawn is such a pure person, his heart and soul is just to pure

  35. Šárka Bubnová

    I can't wait for whole album!✨😽👀

  36. Intuition Goddess

    Wow. Even then.

  37. Ta!am Khan

    ohhh!!! this boy's voice is very awesome.... he should be a professional singer!!

  38. Michelle Loyola

    Ok but I just came to see if someone knows the chords😅

  39. Hilde Biebauw

    Great team !

  40. Sabina Hope Banerjee

    Voice crack at 3:24.....🤧

  41. anula

    wow can’t wait!!!

  42. Iza Nowak


  43. hyperXpro

    I spend my most of time in “recording”,“gameplay” and “editing” and “uploading” . I need all my brothers and sisters to support me 🙏🙏🙏🙏jhbv

  44. F. I

    He has one of the sweetest smiles I have seen. Keep smiling, keep shining... 🥰

  45. Aslı melek

    justins pijamas lol



  47. Lucas XI

    Love ❤

  48. gal barkel


  49. Sophia CaiLan


  50. Tushar Sharma

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  51. Remedi Gregory


  52. Sandip Mandal

    I wonder whether shawn knows I exist