Hello, I'm Luke TheNotable. Yes, my name is supposed to be spelled that way.

I play a range of popular video games and make content on those games.

Enjoy my interesting yet crude humor and always STAY NOTABLE!

The subject matter of the content on this channel is intended for audiences 13+ and in some cases 17+
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  1. Sarah Forsyth

    5:53 0_0

  2. Alana Smith


  3. CancerStars

    I am happy that the king of notable things is back.

  4. Ninja Alex

    I love the sound of the halo 4 sniper life if you do

  5. That broccoli man

    yesssssssssss continue pls

  6. _Piratax_ Gaming

    do skyblock next !

  7. Ryanigoscamed / OFFICIAL

    I found some weird number stuff I think there codes

  8. marlon detorres

    The defeated dragonfly actually fool because spaghetti successively move worth a abrupt waiter. young, innate stepdaughter

  9. StupidlyLazy

    200 days??????

  10. Ariyan Masoudi

    You are best youtube

  11. Aaron Van Tassel BJJ

    Keep this series going luke!

  12. Ded Inside

    At this rate Luke's gonna conquer every mode there is by the end of the year 0_0

    1. Julie Geary

      he should do sky block next

  13. Julian Tharsen

    make 200 hundred days and finish 3000 days

  14. Michelle Long

    I almost spit out my tea when he said 3000 days-

  15. Tont

    200 days now 😡

  16. SAAppi kyyli

    Do 200 Days on this

  17. Julie Geary

    You should do 100 days in Minecraft skyblock

  18. Sabeet Khan


  19. Roblox with Bentley

    Man I wish you could do his on bedrock edition.

    1. Northernite Music

      @M3K 88its literal superflat

    2. M3K 88

      why cant you do it?

  20. Infinite swag


  21. HamsterMC

    Me before watching this video: *Who plays Minecraft superflat?* Me after watching this video: *Who doesn't play Minecraft superflat*

  22. Zachary Dalton


  23. Fleur Waters

    200 days flat and 100 with Tors

  24. borg

    You sounding like Eren with all the slimes/slime hating and walls keeping them away.

  25. Virtually Accurate

    I hope when he does 3000 days it isint titled "I survied 2523 days in hardcore minecraft" because we know what that means.

  26. Orbitat

    All the comments are so recent

    1. Yt Music

      1 second lol

  27. Justin Pillcorema

    I watched the entire thing it look beautiful

    1. Pablo Villa

      me too lol just now

  28. Hugo Neale

    Could you do other single biome hardcore survival episodes like warped forest, crimson forest, snowy world, desert world, ocean world or cave world

  29. Joy RT

    Who else thinks that when you’re playing Among Us on computer the key for reporting a body should be F so you can pay your respects

  30. Raymond Matlob

    Woah this already has 445k likes in 3 days!

    1. Woak


  31. app thompson


  32. Jorgue Luis Martinez Gutierrez

    hey i dunno my cousing was asking if there was a playing league of legends 100 times i dunno if you wanna do it but it will probably be entertaining

  33. Tiffany McNeill


  34. Shadow ZR

    Claim your : here before 10 milions views ticket

    1. Betops


    2. Everett Bice


  35. Joy RT

    Please can you do tors 200 days there’s so many people that want it

  36. Little Bitch


    1. TubboInnit


  37. Tallin Playz

    i get inspired by you, i built an emerald base and it turned out nice

  38. Huseyin Telli

    Do 100 days without sleeping

  39. Tallin Playz

    i am your biggest fan give me a shoutout.

    1. Nope

      This is hilariously straight forward

    2. Bandit S

      no ones gonna give you shoutout kid

  40. Jedi JonnyBoi

    New motivation to get out of bed 34:09

    1. jcfiggy


  41. Roy Cummings

    Love the video it made day since I have to stay cause of covid

  42. NWR studios


  43. YummyQAQ

    Hey guy I am pewDiePie sis so they tell y’all subscribers to this Channel and me!!!

  44. Jaa Kob

    Im so glad youre making these 100day videos. These really save my boring Day and make it actually fun

  45. Awesome_Sawsome3

    if u put a conduit on an iron trapdoor that equals a completed conduit.

  46. Kid2

    1:00:07 had me dead

  47. Exilote

    alternative series title: trading villagers for 1000 days

  48. Nathan Coe

    I want 200 days with the tors like if you agree

  49. Emerald lit

    Every comment here is 1min ago lol

  50. Adi Nitu

    post a new video now brudda u gat 7 billio miollon viws brudda cme one 100 game days ios only liek 24 hours ples

    1. Yellow flash

      english please xD

  51. russian red panda

    Hey plz do 3000 days on hardcore plz

  52. Vincent Lego

    I am making this comment less than half way through the video, so he may have done this, but he should make a fishing pond, and fishing rod

  53. whobert

    why these comments dont have any likes

  54. Samuel Bevis

    New fan, this was a great find

    1. Emerald lit

      Yeh it was same here

  55. YummyQAQ

    Hey guy I am Luke sis so they tell y’all subscribers to this Channel and me!!!

  56. Posh Turtle

    Did he just curse 😳

    1. Bill W


    2. Matt on hotspot

      thats what im sayin

  57. Kyouka the Egirl

    14 y/os when luke gives his stuff to tors: UR A SIMP UR A SIMP UR A SIMP UR A SIMPUR A SIMP UR A SIMP UR A SIMP UR A SIMP

  58. 華

    Lmao hey

  59. FBI-Chan

    Slime Hitler

    1. Slime

      Uhm... i feel offended

  60. Pledgedrex

    Pls make more of this

  61. bruh

    DEcameras: this is a fun video! Four years later: here you go!

  62. PoGe _Seraph

    anyone else having trouble with world download

  63. August Ganse

    Plz do more

  64. Lotimis

    LTN: I'm having a heart attack, but that's okay! It's Open League!

  65. Tyguy711

    As a switch player....I can confirm....this is accurate

  66. Evan Knopp

    Cmon make more lol.

    1. • molly

      it has been 3 days my man

    2. HomereQ

      bruh, playing 33 hours of a game and then editing it doesnt take 3 days

  67. Caleb Loewen

    Best series on youtube no doubt

  68. AstroGamer 5273

    Should do a series of moded flat lands

  69. im

    LUKETHENOTABLE do what no man has done do 100 irl days in Minecraft

  70. SkyLeL

    WE NEED 1000 DAYS!

    1. Heboo Videos


  71. Matt Morgan

    commenting for 200 days

    1. Heboo Videos


  72. Brandt Crosby

    Yeah! I am addicted to this type of series from you, so please do more!

    1. Heboo Videos


  73. magicmushroom

    I just don't know why people would come to this video and dislike it they must be pretty stuck up. Like what were they expecting?

    1. Heboo Videos


    2. IshBomb YT

      Good content


    The more u murder .. The better ya get at it

  75. TheChoosenOne

    u can cure villagers multiple times and get better trades if you do it 3 times u will always give 1 (of the item he wants)

    1. Jona Boktr

      Watch the video till the end

  76. AriRiviera

    the fire nation: 24:21

  77. Chris Ellis

    1000 days

    1. AA Playz