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  1. Patti Manders

    Good for you! Love your honesty!! You’ll be helping a lot of people!

  2. Jessica McPherson

    I liked “Jac Gets Her Life Back” but regardless, I am living for this journey. Im excited to see you find yourself in this new phase of your life and can’t wait for the way it changes your channel.

  3. Jessica M

    Amazing I heart you!

  4. stacey swadish

    I lost 40 pounds over the last 2 years. At the end of the day it’s all about consistency. Making choices that you can stick with long term without feeling like you are living without! Diets are so hard to maintain because life isn’t predictable or easy 🙏🏼

  5. Dez B

    Make life easy girl and get some adderall

  6. Lindsey Mathis

    I am all for and supportive of you and your journey to be healthy but DAMMMMNNNN GIRL. I LOVE you a little thick. You look amazing

  7. Emily Marie

    You got this !!!

  8. PriscillaNilla

    Absolutely love this you got this girl! 💕

  9. Olivia Kain

    Yayyy we love you!! Health journey ❤️

  10. courtney metcalf

    Make as many of these videos as you please. I love it. My kinda stuff.

  11. Montarobi's Channel

    Eew with the bugs will be washing better wowza

  12. lashay bailey

    I'm so proud of your progress!!!! I'm on the same wave and I really needed this!!!

  13. Kristy Dicks

    I’m literally doing this with you.

  14. Susan Sirianni

    Hire a chef.

  15. Waterbeauty

    Looks yummy that smoked salmon I will try that Alfa sprouts what blender do you have ?

  16. David C

    You go girl!!!!

  17. Nicole Godown

    He needs to post that breakfast meal!!!

  18. Arlen Loving Life

    I can 100 % relate with this. Love you girl. Stay strong

  19. Johanna Williamson

    I recommend Ghost Whey Protein in Marshmallow Cereal Milk for when you have sugar cravings!! Also fruit…lol.

  20. Lucy

    You need to walk outside to get the full benefits of walking. The sun and nature really help with my bad mood and stress.

  21. Danielle Flagg

    Thank you so much for being so open and sharing your journey! This is such a huge motivator for me to do the same.

  22. carmina johnson

    Do the CARNIVORE DIET, I promise you will love it and it’s amazing ❤️ I’m a part of CARNIVORE DIET FOR BEGINNERS and it’s been seriously amazing for me, not ONLY you do loos weight, but, it heals you and gives you so much energy 😁❤️🙏🏼 check it out!!!

  23. None

    I’m feeling like this right now. Been around 112pounds all my life, but over the last 5 years I’ve been fluctuating and now I’m 40pounds up. I really want to get healthy again, but it’s so hard to get motivated. Food is my drug 😕

  24. Victoria Paganias

    You’ve got this girl! This video legit made me cry 🥺🥺🥺🥺 you’re being so raw and honest. I see so much of myself in you in terms of yo-yo dieting. I’m so happy to see an influencer promote healthy ways to loose weight! You’ve got this, and we’re all here supporting you ❤️ you are beautiful, you are loved and you are worthy ❤️🌈

  25. Cari Winter

    Omg, I can't believe how big Jada has gotten! Baby is grown up! 😭♥️

  26. Nina Kimiko

    Soooo here for this!!! I gained so much weight over quarantine and developed a really unhealthy relationship with food. I eat for comfort too but also when I’m really happy I just want to eat my favorite things!! Loving your journey as I am on my own journey as well!! You got this girly!!!!! Proud of you!!!!

  27. Jomara Style


  28. JacWills

    This makes me feel motivated!!! I know it’s hard but you’re doing great and it will be so worth it!!!

    1. JacWills

      Okay I just got to the end 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  29. joriepresley

    I really appreciate how real you are about the struggles that you have to make healthy choices. I think that it’s really wonderful that you can feel good about the swaps that you’re making and don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not doing well because you’re doing absolutely fabulous and you’re inspiring me, dairy or no dairy!

  30. Cole

    Proud of you!

  31. Cari Winter

    I love you jac!! We are here for your journey babe!!

  32. Jenny Anderson

    Thank you for sharing this. I've never loved you more. You're a bad b

  33. Val Mcgee

    You're still gorgeous ....

  34. Waterbeauty

    Your doing awesome takes time cheering you on 🤗

  35. lizzie roncelli

    This literally gives me life. You are my motivation

  36. Crystal Bodenheimer

    The DREAM 😂😂😂😂

  37. Michelle Ryan

    Your skin is so beautiful!

  38. J F

    This was so encouraging! Right there with you.

  39. FunFearlessBeauty

    I cant wait for my niece to grow up so I can spoil them like that

  40. 13Princessdee

    I love this because it’s real! I’ve felt the exact same way with my hubs because you just feel alone and thinking what is “ healthy” to eat but ur starving and you don’t get help. It’s just sooo frustrating!

  41. jennn26

    Is not a diet is a lifestyle and you’ve already taken a step in the right direction. This will only work if you’re doing it for yourself. Take it day by day. Some days will be hard and you will cave into eating “bad” things but don’t everrrr deprive yourself from food. If you want to have a smoothie for breakfast and a cheeseburger for lunch DO IT. There’s no right and wrong you just need to find a balance with it all. Is okay to have those “fatty” foods but make it into a meal not a whole day of bad eating. I’m excited to see your results. Sending positive vibes girlie.

  42. Amber Fregapane

    I can fully relate to the being addicted to the needing to feel stuffed to be satisfied. It's so fucking horrible. But I'm glad you are sharing this with us because some of us are on this journey too 💖 it's very hard but so fucking important. Thank you for sharing

  43. Alyssa Lemus

    I feel this so much. I’m on the same journey with you 😭✨

  44. Lily Creel

    if it was easy everyone would do it. you are so strong girl. i am 18 and i lost about 20 pounds over 6 months of learning a new healthy lifestyle and i know how hard it is

  45. Shell Soto

    Girl you at the end crying over food is MEEEEEE! 😫this shit is a fucking struggle

  46. Jewel C

    I'm so for this!!!!! I'm so damn excited for you too!!!! It's going to be rough as balls but keep your eyes on the prize!!! Don't let that light go dark!!! I've been here in this same position so I relate HARD!!!! Keep shining Jac!!!! You've got this!!! I love you so damn much!!! I'd hold your hand from start to finish if I could 💜💜💜💜💜

  47. N Haaz

    Girl.. keto was the answer for me. You'll need to flush out all the carbs and sugars. It's about commitment and that's the hardest part but you'll see change after a few weeks! Good luck!!

  48. Francheska

    FOLLOWING!!!! Omg I can relate to this so much.

  49. Laadi Kishkish

    Hey football!!! You used to be pretty.

  50. Whitney Carr

    I love this! We are about the same measurements and I feel the same. I am almost working again to lose inches and work on my rock climbing technique because it's something I love to do!

  51. Catherine Parry

    Good for you! I have been in the same gear shift since having my second baby. I have been tracking macros (I’m more so focusing on building some muscle mass) it has really helped me realize what a serving size is and just opening my eyes to balancing out different facets of my diet. We all have to start from somewhere, but it seems like you have the right attitude. If I give ANY advice, don’t rely on motivation. Disciple is what you rely on, just like brushing my teeth, I get my workout in. Sending you some positive vibes!

  52. Meredith Bull

    at around 20 min in when shes cooking in the kitchen with no makeup and her hair up she looks adorable. i love how rosy her cheeks are.

  53. layray210

    girl you need a personal trainer! gaining more lean muscle mass will help you burn more calories in general, which will help the weight melt off you in combination with eating cleaner (most of the time) but also letting yourself splurge every now and then. restricting yourself is the key to failing in the diet world, always leads to binging

  54. Nicole Lee

    I can relate to how you feel 100% I was at work today and just uncomfortable bc my jeans are too tight. I’m frustrated bc I eat like crap and feel awful!! I think what you are doing is absolutely awesome. Putting yourself out there makes you vulnerable and it’s not easy! However you never know what type of inspiration you may be to someone who just needs a little push like myself. Out of all the make-up artists I have ever followed you are by far my favorite! Your beautiful, your real, and you just seem to be genuine. I pray one day I have the opportunity to meet you in RL. Don’t give up! You got this!!!! 💕

  55. Ananais Aden-Swoope

    You got this girl! This is awesome! I wish I could do this too! 😘

  56. Koke gmz

    Omg it’s like I’m looking at myself in this video. I’ve struggled for years trying to start eating healthy and exercising. It truly sucks. I’m not motivated nor can I commit. I’m so happy you started this journey and you’re showing your most vulnerable self. You have no idea how many people feel the same and are trying. Your definitely helping me to be better and that it’s ok to not be perfect. Slowly but surely it’ll be worth it. Thank you! ❤️

  57. Sharlee Coulton

    Find some fitness/exercise that you enjoy ! Fitness should be enjoyable and not a chore, try boxing , weightlifting, dance cardio, step aerobics, kickboxing , there are a heap of things that are fun. I enjoy going for hikes, boxing, weightlifting and step aerobics. It makes the workouts so much more fun and easier to do !

  58. Bee Lynn NYC

    Don’t let yourself go on that scale more than 1x a week at MOST. Healthy means no obsession of weight right? You’re not gonna see the changes every 2 days. And if it goes down 5 pounds on day 5 and up 6 Bc of muscle you gained it will be discouraging. “Healthy” includes healthy thoughts and healthy mind. Not just food and exercise. Loving you includes the mind

  59. Rebecca T

    Walk outside, it’s so much better!

  60. Kayla Guerrero

    I seriously love this!! I’m battling with weight too after my baby he is two and I HATE how I look and feel in clothes. I have never weighed as much as I do now!! You’re doing it give yourself GRACE!! There are Quest taco protein chips so good and Crunchions which are made from red lentils and they are so yummy!!

  61. Lexis Cramer

    Hang in there! People are dicks.

  62. Donna Steele

    I weigh myself once a week I’m completely naked my hair is dry I don’t have any jewelry on it is hilarious. I’ve had a gastric sleeve though so my weight loss is a lot different than yours. But I wish you the best of luck and hang in there and do the very best that you can and you don’t owe anybody anything remember that! You do what is best for you.

  63. pmoz238

    Thank you for blogging your day to day with us along your journey! Hang in there! I myself have struggled with yo yo diets up and down. I have yet to pick back up where I left off 😮‍💨😭 Im happy you have a great support system! Can’t wait to watch the rest of your journey next episode !

  64. Sydney Davis

    I’m actively in the same journey, so many of the same feelings are so much of the same feelings I’ve been experiencing! Love your honesty with yourself, your struggles are the same as mine!! Keep working at it you’re doing amazing!!! Love these vlogs will always watch! ❤️❤️💛

  65. Desiree Perez

    I love everything about this series🤍

  66. Donna Steele

    Hang in there ODAAT Girl

  67. Ashley Moen

    Girl I went from 160 to 127 after a year of a lot of work!! It’s a lot of work but so worth it. I do calorie counting and an exercise bike! I eat out of every food group, just smaller portions and substituted a lot of snacks with low calorie alternatives.

  68. Mari

    It's definitely not easy! I know you work a lot, so it's not going to be easy to get your workouts in.. but, you must if you're going to succeed! Wish healthy eating would be enough, bit sadly after a certain amount of weight gain it isn't. My suggestion would be to get an early workout in, like 5 or 6am maybe. Rest after your workout, and then start your busy day.

  69. Sharlee Coulton

    I’ll definitely be following this series Jac, I feel exactly the same as you. I put on weight from being on prednisone, steroid weight is so hard to lose. I like to eat depending on my emotions aswell, and the same as you, I’m so uncomfortable with myself, my clothing, everything. Just want to feel confident and happy again, my self esteem is so poor. We can do this ! ❤️❤️

  70. Wendy Schnapa

    You will make it and feel so much better!

  71. Jess Were

    Im so here for this lifestyle. proud of you!

  72. Maritza Bauza

    Omg, this is so me right now. Love that you are sharing, thanks for sharing. You got this.

  73. jacklyn kelleher

    Loved everything about this style video, keep going girl you got this, i always say nothing tastes as good as healthy feels 😘

  74. Beth Huston

    I have gained 30 pounds and you have inspired me to try to lose weight again.

  75. kayla marie

    oh Jaclyn, I’ve been watching you for SO long and I’m very invested in your journey to feel good and confident again 🥺 I wish I could just move in with you and be your little cheerleader all day long! I cried with you when you felt Jordan wasn’t prioritizing your difficult journey ❤️ you’re doing SO GOOD babe 🥰 can’t wait for next week’s episode! 😇

  76. andrea kim


  77. Jennifer Brock-Swearingen

    Love this! You’ve got this.

  78. chayli bennett

    seriously thank you so much

  79. Jennifer Foster

    First, you are stunning! Remember that. You are beautiful. Believe it!

  80. Logan and Ali

    You got this girl! Keep strong and keep going 🤍🤍 ps you can always try and make a healthier version of your favorite meals!