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  1. Everett Sykes

    All governments are run by self interested idiots. Killing the golden cow of duty free is just stupid

  2. The Forge Master

    When the Black Tusk roll up on DC:

  3. Scott Clanton

    Hey that is filmed at MCAS Yuma!!! My home town

  4. alan guiver

    Love how they use a commodore as a support vehicle. Fuckin things are just as flawed as a two wheeled plane. On ya australia.

  5. Waisea Vunilogologo

    Kamikaze copter ☆

  6. Lil Greenie

    Big brain plane

  7. León MarVel

    Entera fea la weá de barco.

  8. Alec Pitts

    I've been where the LSOs are (called the LSO Platform) I work on their comms equipment... Holy shit is it terrifying when a jet is coming in. Especially at night.

  9. James Johnson

    That one person who pointed that out: soooo can I be employee of the month?

  10. Main man Marco

    You know what else can do a 90° flip in less 30 min

  11. Cpt Baraa

    What a great feet that girl 👍🏼

  12. SleepyLoli

    Big underrated fat fridge. Cool vid

  13. #### Beans tac

    It looks like they put a Huey in a crusher then stopped and put new engines on it

  14. Krypt DaLa Krymm

    Or just don't swim in the ocean

  15. Renuvu

    One Body two souls

  16. James Johnson

    Holy jam rolly that’s a big momma

  17. Carrie Morley


  18. Element115

    To prevent shark attacks I just stay out of the ocean. Seems to be working

  19. iProdigist

    That ass, though.

  20. Extract_ VeXy

    That’s super cool

  21. Extract_ VeXy

    How does that not fall over

  22. justin bevans

    Thought people in nasa were smart guess not

  23. Anandh Raj

    Nobody is gonna ask about the guy pulled into the deep by Shark? Did he survive?

  24. Jeff Jay

    Great huge radioactive battleship that will contaminate the waters when we sink it

  25. 289pinto

    Cool 😎 literally 🥶

  26. Durkee Thompson

    I will have to Fight an i heard you when u meant RIP 😂😂😂

  27. Dogefyed Studios

    everyone gangsta until they see this video

  28. Caleb Plumridge


  29. Kodos 2020

    The who??? The coastguard???

  30. ಠ_ಠ

    THE QUEEN TANK(full scale) Queen stats: 470,000 health 15 speed Ultimate 1: (Run the frick over) Does 50,000 damage on contact Super 1: Summon miniature tank Max.3 Passive Ability: Water walk Worker tank stats: 25,000 health 20 speed Ultimate: (Fire in the mother trucking hole) Shoot from the main cannon of the tank Causing great damage: 450 Passive Ability: Explode on death causing immense damage: 999

  31. Robby Wallace

    All sounds shitty. But ide rather that then death

  32. Raspysquares

    Now I know a bunch of useless info about submarine paint and tiles lol

  33. Ted Lucas

    copied from a cheeky google search: "The Queen Elizabeth class is a better class of aircraft carrier than the Ford class because it can generate more fast jet sorties per day than a Ford class despite using 12 fewer fast jets and all of the alleged advantages of a Ford Class are either irrelevant, just a different approach which (is neither superior or inferior) or overshadowed minor points. The Queen Elizabeth class is very efficient at launching aircraft and is expected to be able to make an average of between one and two more sorties a day per F35B than a Ford class can make per F35C/F18. Being STOVL help with the efficiency but the Queen Elizabeth class has other features and doctrinal advantages (such as mechanised weapons handling and no permanent deck parking) which also help improve the number of sorties per aircraft per day. A ford class can use the F35C which can internally carry 2000lbs JDAMs which are better at destroying buildings and bunkers than the 1000lbs JDAMs which an F35B can carry but 1000lbs JDAMs would still be powerful enough (even if a few more had to be dropped) and JDAMs are not dropped every day so the Queen Elizabeth class’ higher sortie rate is a bigger advantage; bunker buster variant of the 500lbs Paveway IV has recently been developed that, when tested, has been found to be as effective against bunkers as the 2000lbs Paveway III and the F35B is able to internally carry the 500lbs Paveway IV. The F35C does carry more fuel than an F35B which gives it a longer range but the range of the F35B is still quite long and the F35B does not need to factor in as much rerouting distance as it can land almost anywhere. A look at recent conflicts shows almost no situations where an F35B could not have reached the combat zone unrefuelled when an F35C would have been able to (hypothetically if F35s had been available in previous conflicts) and when refluing is factored in the range advantage of the F35C becomes much less relevant. STOVL configured carriers can operate in air refluing aircraft but they would have to be tilt rotor (possibly a modified V-22 Osprey). A similar solution can also be used for airborne early warning to gain an improvement in maximum altitude an endurance (but not in quality of radar) over helicopter based systems but a helicopter based airborne early warning system would still be enough. The Queen Elizabeth class is more efficient than a Ford class, requiring a complement that will never be anymore than 1600 personnel (including the ship’s company, embarked marines and the air wing) which is about 35.3% of the 4539 personnel required to operate a Ford class (the 2600 figure does not take the aircrew into account). The Queen Elizabeth class is much cheaper than a Ford class to procure (two Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers are cheaper than one Ford class aircraft carrier) and to operate but the decommissioning costs of the Queen Elizabeth class will also be cheaper (it may be possible to even sell it after 50 years) because there is no nuclear reactor. Being conventionally powered instead of nuclear powered is an advantage which the Queen Elizabeth class has over the Ford class. This is an advantage partly because it saves money but also because it making it quicker to take a Queen Elizabeth class out of port in an emergency (bringing a nuclear reactor online takes a while), there is no risk of radioactive contamination in the event of battle damage (so it is safer the both the crew and the environment) and a smaller crew is required so fewer lives will be put at risk. Having a nuclear reactor is not an advantage for an aircraft carrier because, unlike submarines, aircraft carriers are continually dependent on supply ships for aviation fuel, ammunition, spare parts and food (even if they are nuclear powered) so having to refuel the carrier is no disadvantage. The Queen Elizabeth class has enough surplus electrical power to integrate systems such as EMALS so replacing the Phalanx close-in weapons systems with a laser based alternative (like Dragonfire) would certainly be viable. This means that the argument about nuclear power enabling a carrier to use lasers is irrelevant as conventional power can also allow lasers to be used" credit: Patrick O'Keefe that should settle it.

  34. Weston Peabody

    I really wanna see this thing in battle! That thing looks unstoppable!!!

  35. Richard Sauceda

    Luv ur video thanks for posting! Could you or someone out there explain to me why are ALL aircraft carriers built the same way, with the island on the starboard side??? There must be a reason or is the answer so easy I'm just not seeing it?? 👍😎

  36. Gemini Jake

    Tuxon? Maybe...just maybe...its Tucson?

  37. Muhammad Ali

    One of the most beautiful ships ever built

  38. dodshon88

    My mates dad got fired from the RAAF for crashing 2 F16

  39. Anthony DeFabees

    Why the FUCK would the captain and helpers be outside like this?

  40. Whiskey the Crusader

    Duh its clearly becuase they got fed up with ammo racking

  41. Kew0976

    Old ironsides

  42. Mapiau Cachu

    *shoots balloon* Soviet General: CYKA BLYAT PIZDA

  43. Russell De Castro

    That boneyard is a reminder of how corrupt and wasteful the U.S. military is"🤔 build more!

  44. mim zim

    Where can i have one

  45. Covidisa hoax

    What does Israel trick america into fighting all of Israel wars ? Is it because they are growing boarders in middle east?

  46. Eric Moeller

    What a stupid creation

    1. Eric Moeller

      Naval boat for Florida

  47. Isaiah Schmidt

    This dude just roasted windows

  48. Super Trini Gamer

    What the hell, on my phone I double tapped it and it liked the video.

  49. BAD battleAXE

    Best prevention don't swim in the ocean

  50. Vilda Chaya

    Every time I got a paycheck, and looked at taxes, all I could think of was this nonsense

  51. Steel Beam

    Ooooo so this is where my taxes go to

  52. Brink

    How to survive a shark attack... Rule #1 Don’t go where they have them. Rule#2. Go back to number one.

  53. Eric & Elisa Hammond Wright

    Attention ladies, no diving with sharks during shark week!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  54. Candice Stevens


  55. Catherine Mary C.

    That’s a big chain and anchor.

  56. G00NiE 765

    I call it the flying fukk yall fill in the reasons why yourself answer like bc noone wants to intentionally pay alot of money by giving a flying fukk

  57. Sperling C

    People in the north pole be like we use chane saws to scrape our wind sheild

  58. James Edward

    I’d be calling 9-1-1 if I seen that from a distance lol

  59. Theoiscute

    If you don't pee in the ocean, someone else will do it, and the shark will eventually find you. I personally would die out of a heart attack before the shark attack. Don't tell me to stay calm sir I might not be conscious at the moment

  60. X33 Ultrasound

    Do they have the ability to pen armour? Also, how far would they go on for if they were to miss?

  61. Joaquin Balaguer

    Thats for the people who swears that humans are a beautiful race.... At the end most of the things they invent its just to kill each other

  62. la

    Okay, sure, but why don't aircraft carriers have sails?

  63. Cameron Karus

    Need this in the next battlefield

  64. Yunus Sanni

    Why going through all this for what purpose, can any body explain, it seems very poor engineering for me but hey I don't know the reason.

  65. Dcaruss

    Soviet March intensifies

  66. PurXion

    "tzyom, tzyom, tzyom"

  67. Victor Rice

    The super guppy is at Ellington Field in Houston

  68. viitonen

    youtube plane

  69. Theoiscute

    I hope we'll never have to use this info

  70. Mark Stoudt

    This is one of those times when you would like to ask the people who envisioned this horror, what were you thinking? Did you actually believe this was safe or was this just some sort of a test bed for other potential vehicles?

  71. David Smith

    Flys pretty damn good it seems to me that mofo is pulling some serious as Gs banking like that.

  72. Max Million

    Sorry I got distracted by them cheeks bruh. 💀

  73. Black Illuminati

    So to sink it u just pop the balloon .genius

  74. Sunday Mourning

    30% getting spinal fractures?!? That's a very large percentage!!!

  75. Russ C.

    She’s a beauty

  76. Gonb

    Imagine if the Anchor hit a school lol

  77. Link The Fox

    All the military fund goes on air shows whenever to queen lives another year and well she might make it to 150

  78. A brick

    Worse it was a mad catz controller

  79. Dylan

    That thing is a sitting duck at 23 miles an hour


    🤣🤣 perfect ending 👌