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  1. Zio Lan

    I would've just used a step bit

  2. ace 88

    Your fckn breath man... Go see a dr man, that sht is not normal!

  3. Justice For All

    Have no idea what's going on but it looks cool

  4. Knight Rider

    Idk what is going on🤪🥴 but still watching cause it looks good

  5. Isaac Clark

    С похмелья?

  6. J

    yeah that's called paid by the hour, get your shit together

  7. fahzy house

    Aku dimana?

  8. tatman5780

    Now it's too big

  9. 999SHI

    Did anyone else feel really uncomfortable when you could here him breathing lmaoo

  10. Austin Skinner

    Holy heavy breathing . Put down the cheese burger bud

  11. ThirtyThree

    Right. Seems simple enough...

  12. Anastasia Celestine

    There was a part where it sounded like the cable would play "Blue Monday" by Orgy. 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Caleb Kinard

    The shakes are giving me a stroke.

  14. Alex Gor


  15. samdaman921

    *heavy breathing*

  16. Shane Dillon

    I always wondered how plumbus’s were made.

  17. plumlogan

    Sparky breathing like the Taliban's coming to check his work.

  18. gadgetman36

    David can still use his Klein USB A tester to test USB C sockets. All he needs is a USB C to USB A adapter. I know this for a fact because I have the same tester and have tested USB C.

  19. Gilpesca

    No Brasil isso deve custar uns 10 salários mínimos

  20. The Boujee Foodie

    You made a mess of the wall though

  21. Bret Green

    Top tip. A measuring tape can do the same thing.

  22. historyplaygamers Cris


  23. Small Fry

    If you can feed it through the adapter I'd imagine you could get it in the hole of thT nest

  24. Tony Macaroni

    I'm poopin

  25. xrrxy vvoi

    i literally dont know whats going on why did i watch the whole thing

  26. Rig 86

    Wow you should patten that maybe call it a wall plug 🤔

  27. Asaad Musaitef

    Boi what hell am I watchiň👽. Still gonna give it a like

  28. Kenneth Reed

    Can’t believe you can do all of this during an earthquake.

  29. Sam N

    This is why we should all respect the trades

  30. The Mechanic

    It’s funny to me. This is not complicated at all it’s just his craft. To those who don’t k ow what it is it’s pretty mesmerizing

  31. XxTravdamanxX !

    THAT'S DUMB!!!

  32. donethisbefore1

    My favorite part is when he mashed the cream cheese into the whatsamahoozit!

    1. xrrxy vvoi

      Cool but, these cables look like candy so they're going into my mouth

  33. Oliverio Carmona

    What in the Parkinson’s Disease is up with camera man😂😂

  34. spoiled genius

    Your hands are shaking too much...... You can't be a sergion.........

  35. Ty'shawn Tillman

    I have no idea what any of this stuff is but it satisfying so I'm going to leave a like

  36. bokimalou

    This is what crafting a lightsaber without the force looks like

  37. Rudra Shivagana


  38. idk what I'm doing

    Dose he have erily sings of Parkinsons syndrome

  39. Ricaedo Gimenez

    Todo eso para ver multimedios

  40. NIC-O

    My dumbass thought he's making a astronomically strong beyblade launcher at first🥴

  41. James Cleary

    New hole was too big

  42. John Denato

    Electrician’s asmr

  43. Kaireh Ismail

    I knew shit was getting real when I saw the knipex tools.

  44. Sean Stewart

    So glad people Know how to do this

  45. Noob King

    Cool but, these cables look like candy so they're going into my mouth

  46. Mike Fox

    Where I live we call those markers

  47. Joshua Lee

    And this ladies and gentlemen is how you get free Cinemax

  48. Ben Lowe

    Hank Schrader would not be a fan. You shouldn't be terminating minerals. You should be categorising and storing them.

  49. Hamek Mbleot


  50. Chris P  Simms


  51. CJ F

    Shake much... Girls you have dated are probably very satisfied

  52. Slim Aldo 163

    You can do it in 60 seconds when you do enough meth to make your hands shake that much

  53. Matthew B

    HAHA Like saying it took only 3 hours to make a lord of the rings movie🍿

  54. Sasuke Uchiha


  55. Abel Alveres


  56. Penfold8

    This took longer than 60 seconds. Ediring it down doesn't count!

  57. Loser Box


  58. Grichka Bogga

    It's a lot of stuff and work for I don't know what.

  59. Jacob Proto

    ya but can you run 30ft of heat trace in less than a month so i can insulate this fucking pipe already?

  60. 다잇쏘

    수전증이 심하다~!손을 먼저 정상으로 만들자~!

  61. breakneckvision

    I don’t know what happened but it was soothing.

  62. Christian Griffith

    I like the use of screws to tighten everything

  63. Maybe Maybe not

    All that for a fancy TV antenna.

  64. gojitmal1978

    As an electrician, I can say I am glad I don't have to deal with this nightmare mi cable.

  65. R1ch V.

    as overused masonry bit walks circles around x2 the dimensions on the marxman mark... give me the consistent 3/16 sharpie... 🤷 PRO TIP -- if no ink left just smash in said mounting wall as hard as possible and get at least a full day out of it!!! YW...🤣🤣🤣

  66. Oliver Hussick

    How many pints before you started filming?

  67. Jacob Mccoury

    How do you make the detonator

  68. Scott Thompson

    I thought nick mighta of been with seeing that he was there

  69. DerMetzger

    What a GIGANTIC pain in the ass... Wow

  70. Free the Real Keep the rest

    I should’ve tried to be an electrician do you know how much they make in New York City and especially a union one it’ll 🤯🤯🤯🤯 definitely got my respect

  71. ratsalive

    Thanks for the chat with you lot today. Gladly bought you a cuppa in exchange for a cap (and brilliant videos) and luckly bumped into DS .. lurking by the loos 🤣

  72. Chris Milbourne

    But this didn't take 60 seconds. There's cuts. Cuts everywhere of different moments. Time has literally jumped minutes / hours / days and you expect me to believe this is all in sixty fucking seconds? Get outta here! X

  73. Grenever

    I'm high rn and this is the single most interesting thing I've ever seen.

  74. Ryan

    This looks like forbidden candy

  75. condor5635

    The marksman? Are you serious? I called it a black sharpie. Lol

  76. dave farmery

    That orange plastic left on the nail looks shit

  77. Stephen Coulthard

    Why is that box better than a dry lining box?

    1. Brian Hewitt

      @Stephen Coulthard only through the back

    2. Stephen Coulthard

      @Brian Hewitt can't you gland to a dry liner?

    3. Brian Hewitt

      cable termination

  78. 5thGen

    Can someone explain in English this time?

  79. Fc Wiid

    Not gonna lie this made me crave liquorice