The official channel of MAYTREE, THE Korean Acappella group who performed over Asia for concerts and gigs, etc.
Maytree is a professional mixed a cappella group founded in 2000, and has been active ever since, in all sorts of performance, concerts, TV and Radio shows, commercial music, CD recording and education. Our own unique color comes from our refined arrangements, original pieces, the powerful vocal drum and harmony. We have been finding ways to make brand-new beautiful sounds with the human voice.

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  1. Jonathan Testardi

    S6 and S10. Wow

  2. Gabimaru

    내 귀를 편안하게

  3. Euphonious InfinityVibes

    Disney and Columbia is just... 🥺❤️

  4. Ikhram _.

    1:00 awwww look at that cute girl😍😍

  5. TKM Sora

    Me vi uno de sus videos y ya no me dejan de aparecer No hay quejas.

  6. 아빱TV

    추억돋네요 귀호강하고갑니다♡

  7. lqcca

    that thumbnail is cursed

  8. Arles Eve Angeles

    i love the voice of the long haired girl.. her pitch is high but soft in the ears it floats when she hit high notes

  9. Md Mizan

    They are Korean? 🤔 Koreans are very talented!😍👌

  10. Chlebb

    It's 4:20 AM.... And I'm watching this. It's beautiful.

  11. Alka Jha


  12. SevenTailedWolf72 ft. BLACK*ROCK Studios

    I am binge watching these I can’t get enough.

  13. Isaac Lacang

    The magic fans are back in the vids!!!

  14. KentangChannels

    wow i am new here!! this is so great!! New Generation of Pentatonix xD

  15. sathvik 47


  16. Xx_Angelo Gwyn_xX

    Is Uplift used in elevators

  17. SevenTailedWolf72 ft. BLACK*ROCK Studios

    I subbed and I love S6.

  18. technoise hacks

    How you good in taking place of music instruments 😂😂🔥🔥

  19. Mr. Blaze FF


  20. Felipe Santana Sales


  21. Guilherme Ramos

    Brasileiros presença

  22. jailbirdx0x

    Is this post sponsored by @Apple ?

  23. Synthesized

    Jesus christ

  24. Akash Rathore

    Amazing 😊

  25. allarounder lass

    disney and universal hit me

  26. Chitipat 4110

    Fantastic sound l like that

  27. TajSZN

    The S6 tho 💕😤


    If you want to hear the Red Guy.. Use headphones..😊

  29. SevenTailedWolf72 ft. BLACK*ROCK Studios

    I think my favourite was the silk and the uplift.

  30. IguanaYT

    They replicated it soo good that this video got copyrighted by more than 5 companies

  31. Rayhan Suneo

    Galaxy S8 when that sound i used

  32. I Clucksies I

    I subscribed after watching 2 videos

  33. Tyumpah78

    Galaxy J Series please !!

  34. Harry styles

    The lady who was in Colombia picture intro just born agine in an asian form1:10

  35. f_r0m

    The person in black can sing very well.

  36. Chefsito


  37. AeroCraft26

    Imagine waking up to see these guys at the end of your bed to wake you up. XD

  38. Ben Huang

    Personally I think s2 is the best

  39. butterscotch fudge

    The Disney one gave me chills✨

  40. Shawna Oliver


  41. Michelle Chen

    Galaxy S9 was definitely the best.

  42. Diegoclank7 sd

    The real bts

  43. K- Jisoo义

    It no benefit

  44. Chavez -SAUCE- Mendez

    Why haven't apple commented like windows?😂

  45. Veronika 3

    Oh my God, you are SO AMAZING! This is beautiful! Congratulations and thank you for all this art

  46. Claire Sam Palma Batiller

    The white guy in the thumbnail. Damn.

  47. ruth Ang

    I amso in love with you guys!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  48. Dream_PL


  49. INDIAN

    0:22 this one is really satisfying 🙃

  50. ZR1Terror


  51. Naufal Luqman H

    Where j2 prime thats cool phone

  52. The Heng Art

    Pitch perfect alternate intro.

  53. Ikmalnasir

    Imagine if this got copyright claim.. Ed Sheeran: Hold my Beer

  54. Zakkunnn

    I forgot this was "Bruno Mars - Treasure" because the only thing I can hear was "DUM DUM DUM DUM PEPE"

  55. MVTW

    The S9 one is dope

  56. #nofreebloxburg

    The girl holding the tablet deserves an Oscar award, she basically didn’t move! That takes skill

  57. Glitch yt

    Is it japanese

  58. Mr. Creeper

    This video is for mario fans

  59. glcar

    U got the disney one wrong that triggers me cuz it was so perfect except one note

  60. joseph webster

    i usually have samsung galaxy s8+ and the ringtone is more better with their voice

  61. Đinh Huy Dương

    Why did Samsung take these guys audio?

  62. - moonlight286 -

    You forgot when you purchase spmethng its like ba ching!

  63. Jamar Clark

    The S6 sound affect though

  64. Iseline Francoia

    Amazing 👍👍👍👍🖤♥️

  65. straykboom

    0:18 сuм

  66. Vespoid

    i found peace.

  67. Gold N

    U are so good.

  68. Leo Junca #vempraloading


  69. Moon_iemoon 月

    PAM PAM PAM!!!

  70. No brainer comment

    Can you do the arabic nokia sound?

  71. Sydney Schmidtke

    Okay but nobody’s talking about how good the Netflix one was.





  74. Snipe

    Is it just me or does the dude on the left look like the PogChamp guy?

  75. Obag Najul

    I wish this was in English I don’t speak Japanese

  76. Fares Rodríguez

    Hay algo que los surcoreanos hagan mal?

  77. Rat Matat

    Imagine if they were scrolling the wrong way 😬

  78. Ari Arifin

    I miss watching movie in theatre huhuhu

  79. khalil mansour

    nobody: youtube recommendations at 4am: