Robbie Williams is a singer-songwriter and entertainer from the United Kingdom.

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  1. Melody Grey

    One man and 12 cameras recording everything. That's symbolic.

  2. Jens S.

    Cool. 🎄 Have a great Advent 🎀

  3. Annet van Veen

    I ❤ this song!

  4. Melody Grey

    Another brilliant, catchy Christmas it!

  5. Los arcoiris Son divinos

    Sus ojos me enamoran. Tiene esos ojos jóvenes. Y risa pícara.

  6. Los arcoiris Son divinos

    Hoy escuchándolo ya casi diciembre 2020.

  7. Thomas Mills Music

    His very best song! Very U2 vibe

  8. manchester Lees

    Love the comedy lyrics in this song - nobody does it better than RW

  9. michelle morley

    Great song love it well done Robbie gave me a smile thank you so much x

  10. Nerferoth Drake

    Once upon a northern city Where I lay my head Trying to hear Saint Nick's footsteps Awake in my bed All the presents I hope I'll get are runnin' through my mind But I'm not sure Santa's real anymore 'Cause I heard it from my teacher at school I don't care what they say to me 'Cause I still believe it'll be the best Christmas ever (The best Christmas ever) (The best Christmas ever) The best Christmas ever (The best Christmas ever) (The best Christmas ever) Many years have passed since then and More has been revealed Now I sit with all my children I know Santa's real I can't wait to tuck them in tonight 'Cause I need a moment with the love of my life I don't think she could mean more to me 'Cause I still believe it'll be the best Christmas ever (The best Christmas ever) (The best Christmas ever) The best Christmas ever (The best Christmas ever) (The best Christmas ever) I remember those dark Christmas days When fairy lights would vanish in the haze Sure, I heard a voice sayin' "Stick around" to me 'Cause you will believe, you and your family Just you wait and see It'll be the best Christmas ever (The best Christmas ever) (The best Christmas ever) The best Christmas ever (The best Christmas ever) (The best Christmas ever) (La la la la la la) (La la la la la la) (La la la la la la la)

  11. Peter Sutherland

    Never been a fan of Robbie .. but what a beautiful song .

  12. Bemantix

    Ignorant self-righteous pop star who believes in ridiculous conspiracy theories.

  13. sarah coke

    There's one thing all his songs have in common, great lyrics and rhythm.

  14. Laura Amaro

    Back to listen this album 🤩🎄🎄🎄

  15. HarryS

    This impressive song is perfect for 2020

  16. R SvSbg

    Thank you for this magic-manifesting lines, Sir!

  17. craig88

    Decent. I like this!

  18. Nicola Wilts

    Awe this one is great 😊👍

  19. McDonald's food

  20. Aurora Mariucci

    You are fantastic, to reason you can not stop christmas😘🙂

  21. Gav H

    Why isn’t this played on the radio! Modern classic!!

  22. Nothing But Love

    Robbie saving Christmas again like!!! 🥰🎅🏼❤️

  23. Clarence House

    Wow, the bots are out in force. Sounds like a song at a kids nativity play.

  24. k m

    November 2020?

  25. Ben Cameron

    Glad Tyson left them high notes for Robbie Williams to sing

  26. Ben Cameron

    Excellent cover...Well done Jamie and Robbie

  27. Ben Cameron

    Perfect song

  28. Angela Cassidy

    that was brilliant thanks robbie

  29. Ben Cameron

    At last!! A more upbeat, jovial Christmas song

  30. klaus llumamor

    22 years listening your music, the best singer in the world, My Wish for christmas is can to see you in live someday. Love you. Claudia. (spain)

  31. sehhi vooty

    Only Robbie could sing/write such an appropriate Christmas song

  32. Hazemos

    When you're in Syria so you're at war under a pandemic 😅 merry Christmas everyone 🎄

  33. Kathryn Evans

    Only Robbie could sing/write such an appropriate Christmas song

  34. Ilma Bernardo

    Thanks Robbie you're great!!

  35. Angel 74

    Amazing song 😍🤗🎄🌨⛄❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😘❤❤❤❤

    1. sehhi vooty

      A good feeling, in bad times.

  36. Урантөгс Жамъян


  37. Harry Harrison

    Well done Rob! Ace song and I have shared it amongst my nearest and dearest. Just to add, I have bought the song in the hope that it adds a little, to make this the Number One Christmas record, I believe it should be. Best wishes and thanks again.

  38. Alessia Cafarelli

    Ma che meraviglia, mi sono commossa 😭💘🎄

  39. LightSpell28

    this song hits different in 2020! let's just not venture to shopping centers; keep yr distance

  40. Stephanie Mathieson

    This has made my year xxxxx

    1. Harry Beaumont

      *this has made my year more shit fixed that for you

  41. Michael Ch

    This song actually made me smile for a bit ☺️ Thanks Robbie

  42. Diego Bercianos

    ¿A quien mas le dijo su profesora de ingles que escuchara esta canción? Pdt: Españoles reportense no quiero estar solito

    1. Diego Bercianos

      @Beatriz Carmona Te entiendo escuche el disco y yo escucho siempre la radio antes y despues de ir al colegio y nunca oí hablar a nadie de este disco lo subestiman mucho

    2. Beatriz Carmona

      Me encanta la canción, y no entiendo como no hablan en la radio española del disco ni de canción, y eso q el disco ya lleva un año. Me da la sensación de que soy la única española que la ha oído 😔

  43. Spud Byrne

    Good job on it rob but no one can sing 🎤 it like Noddy and slade

  44. CF Français

    вот так если вы искали переводы всех комментариев на русском

  45. Positive Mind


  46. Gilbert Orth

    That's so british, but i love it. Greets from Germany.

  47. Andy B

    I was genuinely surprised and impressed by this. Generic pop star suddenly becomes an actual big band jazz performer. No, I'm serious. Robbie was unremarkable as fourth of four, but now he's doing his own thing and he's really really doing it well. Robbie, you've made big band jazz cool again, and I salute you, dude. You're a credit to the genre.

  48. emmeline fernando

    Love the way you sing it!

  49. Nick Albasha

    I freaking Love my precious priceless Immortal Life. Ps Love commen sense Thank you kindly lmfao True story

  50. Attila Somodi

    With all respect Robbie, this song is as empty as my bank account. :(

  51. Ismael Hernández

    Thank you, you don't know how important these kind of video and message are. God bless you.

  52. Marcin Kowalski


  53. Oliwia Zgola

  54. John Robertson

    The Robster saves Christmas

  55. Zilda emanuel

    I loved it this song thank you Robbie for sing this beautiful song on direct with you lovely voice was incredible I still listen you voice sing very close to me in another place but you voice was there really was beautiful thank you I loved it ❤️❤️🌲🎄🎵🎵

  56. Daniel Taylor

    Another Robbie song that I had no idea existed. How has this passed me by?

  57. VL LV

    Народ, может с винтовками "Кремлю"

  58. Will Allwright

    I bloody love it!!

  59. Rob hay

    Why 1984?

  60. Чачка пипсов

    Русские в комментах: *оценивают песню* Иностранцы: да.

  61. Shark GT

    No, this is Slade!

  62. Geno Fashion

    We've been spared the years We've should have shared each day I love you daddy But I found my way.... You know the world Is an evil place? My boy is grown now he's found his way We're going through changes We're going through changes It took so long To realize And I can still hear His last goodbyes Now all my days I'm filled with fears Wish I could go back And change the years

  63. Zilda emanuel

    The will be begets successful like was angels because all about this song sad and the thus beautiful words give all emotions for be so thru Robbie beautiful song ever 🌲🥰🌲🥰🎵🎵

  64. Florian I.

    A good feeling, in bad times.

  65. george martin


  66. mcswiftino

    Love this! It’s such a bop!

    1. mcswiftino

      @Harry Beaumont well that's your opinion which you're entitled to.

    2. Harry Beaumont

      It's shite. What are you on? This song is only a bop in the way that it is an assault on everyone's ears.

  67. злая шишка

    Где русские??

  68. Joaquin 1522

    Me suena a un tema de The Beatles

  69. saul el youtuber

    i miss when there was no quarantine and being without mask

  70. Shaun Brooks

    Omg this song is so adductive......defiantly sums up our year. Thanks Robbie for a fantastic song . x

    1. Harry Beaumont

      Yes, sums up our year well. Shit song for a shit year.

  71. Sonia Kaduk

    Nice song , Robbie 🤗

    1. Harry Beaumont

      It's god awful. I would only say "nice song Robbie" if Robbie was a toddler when he wrote it.

  72. elofan0 eldorado

    fab song this Robbie heard you introducing it on heart radio :)

  73. Anne and Ash

    My daughter and I love it, she's been singing it all day.

  74. Luz Lopez


  75. asioe kiou

    ?? But enjoying the video. ????

  76. C h a r l o t t e

    Oh my lord the whole comment section is one decade old:0

  77. Summa Thompson

    This was playing while I was being born, my mum and dad could hear it playing in the background

  78. Andrea Sabine Wagner-Henn

    Love ist 🥂👏🍾🍷🥂❤️ 🎠⛷❄️☃️

  79. It's DaveW

    I think you've been listening to Cats In Space!

  80. Lewis Hawkins

    Boris Johnson ain’t ending Christmas 🎄 we will stand against him thanks Robbie Williams 🇬🇧