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  1. Nancy Ramirez

    are u a taurus moon?

  2. Ross With No Sauce

    “Thicc and chocolatey” I didn’t know yall made my ass into a food! Thats so cool!

  3. Jan Kurczynski

    The noodles... Why not just air-fry fries?

  4. Nour Gouda

    so ain't nobody gon talk about Naomi singing Butter in cursive whilst sounding constipated-

  5. Thurid Grüenberger

    Drink water or old you breath

  6. Qawi Ghani

    this look literally feels like u wer doing a tiktok video before this

  7. Katie

    "Don't hide. I know you're there." You're so adorable Love from Chattanooga

  8. Beyuti Burrows

    Making the clothes wet first helps the color spread 😂😂

  9. wonder bug

    she is a total mood

  10. Sarah Willacker

    Vincent doesn't like WATERMELON ???

  11. Aleah Pennell

    I love how Naomi said omg I'm so fake. Lol

  12. Shannon Andreas

    next time your make Poutine use the cheese string cut up as your cheese. but got job! - A Canadian

  13. Aleah Pennell

    Brocolli shirt @aleahjeanx

  14. Violette Antunes

    Hiii a long time a go a Girl was Your friend because you was see her to a party in Allemagne and this girl her name is Magali blackspirit and is my mom i dont know if you remember her😊😇

  15. Jayla Hernandez

    how long did your tooth gems last?

  16. Ceyda Günes

    Wie meine Alexa auf Lautstärke 10 um 01:00 Uhr auf Naomi reagiert und sagt: „4 Minuten ab jetzt“ 😭😭

  17. Melina Reitz


  18. Fatherthekid

    Her Russian while reading the condensed milk is actually really good👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  19. Not your Papi

    Collab with Charlotte!!

  20. Not your Papi

    Glad im not the only draco fan

  21. Not your Papi

    Is that book not upside down??

  22. Italiana Vera

    I honestly love this 💜

  23. Cheryl O.

    Yes please make more air fryer recipes! This Gabe me new stuff to try!

  24. Melissa Myrie

    Did Naomi take out her tongue ring? 🥺

  25. Berfi N


  26. mallory grice

    i’ve always used bell peppers instead of jalapeños

  27. Victoria Anna Dirie

    Omg I through you watched glow up season 2,because of the lips😂 I LOOOVE YOUR MAKE UP 😍😍💗

  28. Amelie

    I AM OFFENDED- WITHOUT THE CHEESE KURTS??? POUTINE WITHOUT EM???? EGHHHHHH ( just a joke btw im canadien but do your life bestay! )

  29. Emily Koch

    Auch wenn es zu spät ist aber ICH HABE AM 25.APRIL GEBURTSTAG😂😂❤❤

  30. oh no pepe


  31. Camera Williams

    I need to know what lipgloss you used ❤️❤️❤️

  32. Raistlin

    Is that a tear and a star in your eyeliner? HISOKA?

  33. Ki Bo

    Airfry a marsbar in breadcrumbs

  34. stueckwerk

    "i want the hoodie" @stueckwerk_c

  35. I eat Yaoi

    me: watches videos without any reaction also me: laughs like a donkey because of anti shoulders

  36. Pingipinguh Pingi

    What Asia shop did you go actually?

  37. Gindac Ana Maria

    She has the same bedsheets like mine 🤩🤩🤣

  38. Inna wr

    Dumme frage, aber wieso kann sie eigentlich so gut englisch?😂😅

  39. Minebabyboy:3


  40. MajesticWolf

    Im American and know German, but your German humor is so funny lmaoo

  41. Zara Johnson

    Why does she remind me of Flula at 9:06 😂😂😂

  42. Carolyn Mumbua

    You have a great voice 😁👍🤗👍👏🔥💯👍

  43. Lia Reitzig

    Naomi= jimin The Other Girl ( im sorry i dont Remember her Name ) =RM / J-Hope

  44. Ellie Reynolds

    Yasss more air fryer videos

  45. 5oul ρi0η33Я

    And I am going to try n make them cheese balls and fried pickel omg.

  46. McKenzie Danielle

    I cant be the only one that thought the purple bag ones were the original 😂

  47. Bunkin buleberry

    This is the reason all the women In vid are singel

  48. Monique BlumE

    Verfolge deinen Traum lass dich nicht unterkriegen und dieses Video bist halt ganz Du. Nicht aufgesetzt, schräg und du hast eine sehr super Stimme. Mega Sprechgesang, da war ich sogar echt überrascht. 100% Brokkoli 😉

  49. Linda

    jetzt hab ich voll hunger bekommen :(

  50. Summer Claeys

    the last one i am gone try it looks dilish mmmmmmm

  51. Messiah Chigozie

    My initial thoughts are that lays mashed potatoes would be overly salty lol

  52. Jack Turner

    Wheres the before and after ... I cant tell the difference.

  53. lealvrz

    7:38 dieses pohhslay hat mich gekillt hahaha

  54. Ariel

    I want DA HOODIE Dont have insta but my twitter is @MRS_MC12

  55. jinjiaers

    i think vincent was talking about vera wang the wedding dress designer 😭😭✋

  56. Grachi Truffello

    Le puso leche condensada al pan??

  57. Grace Mchenry

    Not me being ✨lactose intolerant ✨✌️🕊💖

  58. Andrada Preduna

    Jesus Christ what a shit

  59. Lizzy :3

    Forgot your username so typed "broccoli German" and you were the first result 🥦😂❤️

  60. lolwut

    Every time Im sad I watch your videos, you have no idea how much you uplift my mood

  61. Violette Antunes

    Tresh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  62. Violette Antunes

    I love how you say helloooo every one🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  63. Violette Antunes

    I very like Your makeup 🥰

  64. Craft craziness

    She is cracking me up I almost fell on my bed WTF🤣

  65. Talea Maier

    But wait is that Hisoka makeup....

  66. Rahma Wafid

    i have the same oyster sauce

  67. Nellox

    Langos macht sich darin auch echt gut, gab den Flair einwenig back als es keine Weihnachtsmärkte gab 🙌🏻

  68. Tamago Jiken

    You look so cool with broccoli hair!

  69. Medina Hoxha

    shes so annyoing like ugh :/ she try to be funny but bruh shes not ! aufwiedersehen 😒☺️

  70. Medina Hoxha

    shes so annyoing like ugh :/ she try to be funny but bruh shes not ! aufwiedersehen 😒☺️

  71. HappyDissappointment

    Vincent be like ThAts sEeEw mOch mATe 🤯

  72. Patty Witt

    Love your makeup and dress!❤️

  73. Lara Paneto

    Make Brigadeiro with the condensed milk!!! It's like a brazilian chocolate truffle :D you just have to add powdered chocolate and a spoon of butter, and stir until it gets thicker! It's really yummy!