Luna & Venza. Leopard & Rottweiler. Cats vs dogs


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    Dog and cat friendship. Black Leopard and Rotweiller playing in snow.
    #Shorts #Leopard #Rottweiler

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    1. Luis Enrique Alvarez

      Linda imagen, beautiful image

    2. Micheal Draconis

      2 awesome pets

    3. Rabdita Kaur

      Adorable sweethearts ❤❤❤

    4. Duumee Fowoonee

      Dog was like "is that? Pussy I smell?"

    5. вай нах

      Скажите где можно купить леопарда прошу

    6. Atthan Cro-Magnon

      He forgot how to cat.

    7. ookry

      Are you in Narnia?

    8. Kevin Keegan

      That scenery is amazing

    9. Duvan Andres Solis Arrieta

      I was watching, and when it ended my cat came from the right (it scare me a lot).

    10. Fırat Özden


    11. Нурба Адл

      Красота хотел бы такую себе домой

    12. Dahntae St.Pierre

      Crazy that cat don't even know how dangerous it is.

    13. Παναγιώτης Καφαταρίδης

      0:04 i conquer this beast.

    14. Niceguy Jjjj

      Wooow cool

    15. Daryl Jackson

      Cats are arseholes. Fact.

    16. foshizzlfizzl

      A Panter is a black Jaguar as far as I know. Are there black Leopards too, which you call Panter? Just curious if that's something I didn't know?

    17. Вадим Сугак

      Какой это нахер леопард

      1. Çрыч Møрдыч

        Обычный. С пятнами. Но с мутацией меланизм

    18. French Toast

      I thought it was like a wild leopard then I saw the collar

    19. fernando nn

      Me parecio ver un lindo gatito...

    20. Сливы из соцсетей

      Пантера и собака

    21. Electric Cafe

      The volume was up full when that sniffing sound hit my ears, still laughing now.

    22. Brenda Birkinshaw

      Beautiful leopard

    23. 4 strhike

      Homie said I will walk all over you

    24. Ephraim Prestley


    25. MrJohnyApplez

      I thought it was gonna be a Teddy prank on the dog. Nope, its real.

    26. usmc0311

      No matter the size of the cat, humility is not there strong suit, they are indeed a breed of dicks

    27. ChenChen

      0:04 is that really the dog's smelling sound?

    28. Diane Watson

      The scenery is breathtaking! Beautiful animals.

    29. Scott Grasser

      Dog be like, biiiitch?!

    30. Orbit The Rapper

      I want to know how you had trust in that cat in the first place. Like the very first time you let them get close

    31. G G

      Я подумала что это какой-то отрывок из мультфильма Анимации. Классные, 👍🤗💖

    32. MShamir

      I can see Godzilla just behind the snow.

    33. jay

      Howd they grow so mich coco cane

    34. MR KRABS

      The rottie in submissive position other wise there be blood all over that snow. Good choice dog

    35. Prime Aggravator

      Aw cute

    36. Daniel Madison

      This looks soooo peaceful

    37. Lia T

      That VIEW tho👀👀👀👀

    38. Rex Colubra

      I need context here lol

    39. Shaun Bang

      Cats are so weird! They just go up to you and stand on you like they own you! Hahaha

    40. Seymour Beaver

      That panther would destroy that dog in seconds if it wanted to.

    41. Joe guitare

      Oui j'adore la panthère noire. C'est comme mon chat mais plus gros et il n'a pas un rothweiler comme ami.

    42. Greeny Blueish

      That's why other animals try to get higher than anything else, it's called dominance over the other "pack" leader. You find dogs try to do this to their owners all the time.

    43. probotboyxxx


    44. caring lynx

      where is this place?

    45. forever young


    46. Libs Suck 3000


    47. Chakir Yassin

      Is this a leopard or a puma?

    48. Bobbie Standingbear

      Beautiful CAT!!

    49. Adriana Gonzalez

      Que belleza de paisaje. ...y de hermosos animales.

    50. Mrt Kck

      The black leopard is one of the most beautiful animal I've ever seen

    51. Zain Alabedien

      When is this game coming out?

    52. Chakietta Hall

      Beautiful that's how u know God love is real..💖🙏😇

    53. Garrett Zell

      🤣 if anyone ever tells you cats aren't an invasive species they are wrong

    54. iGot7-Wiz*OneStay-Aroha-Army-Once-OneIt

      Beautiful place and beautiful animals!

    55. Jeff Emerson


    56. Raul Unzueta

      Leopard claning his paws on the rottie lol

    57. Giovanni Ribeiro


    58. Liz.C.8384

      I can't believe that background BTW WOW!!!!! How ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You're so lucky to be seeing that first hand, it's truly amazing!!!💜

    59. Clément Vaccari

      Non mais qu'est-ce que c'est que cette bestiole ?? On dirait un léopard des neiges noir !

    60. Liz.C.8384

      Rotti sniffs Big Kitties butt, turns his said says nope I'm good right here thank you, Mr. Kitty you can stand wherever you want LMAO 😂👍💜

    61. m Matt

      That Rottweiler looks so comfortable there in the snow.

    62. HollywoodSaint 57

      Cats are so dope!

    63. Crossword131

      Is that a Black Panther? Cuz Wakanda is supposed to be warm.

    64. Jamshed Hamdard

      Is that a black snow leopard!!?

    65. HYCE42

      Friends that take coke showers together stays together.

    66. Елена Олейникова

      Потрясающие виды,- подумал Большой Котэ

    67. Soul Alchemist

      In the thumbnail I thought the cat was Godzilla XD

    68. Rod Farva

      Leopard inside house, tail grabs vase, throws it across room into the wall and shatters. This scares said leopard who proceeds to run through the wall and tears through mattress to hide under bed.

    69. Jim Rustle

      Cat: excuse me bro, I gotta check out the scene. Dog: ***Sniffs ass** HEY, YOU'RE NO DOG!!

    70. Joseph Zugoola


    71. A little bit of everything 29

      I want both of them and where r u it is beautiful

    72. KBK

      Вообще-то это пантера

      1. Çрыч Møрдыч

        Да, эта пантера леопард

    73. Эдуард Санд !!!

      Смотрится как черный барс !!!)

    74. 19Marc79

      Why did this video get > 4 Mio hits in just 12 days ? Is it because of Tik Tok ?

    75. lV Banshee


    76. Ki

      Is that a black snow leopard? 😲

    77. Sagar G

      What in the world is that thing..... They never taught about this cat in the book? Hello 🤔🤔🤔

    78. Sig

      Damm he got a big tail

    79. Steven Noble

      Poor doggos just like mommmm he's being a dick.

    80. Leeanna Call

      I love 💘to see animals together and care for each other,when they are suppose to be enemies. People can learn a lesson from these. Even when you are different you can still care for one another. Hugs and kisses 💋. 🥰🐾🐺🐾🐺

    81. Kisisina hasanah


    82. Kisisina hasanah


    83. Jamie Musclip

      Why do u have a leopard?

    84. М И

      It's panther, not leopard


      Oh my god 🌺🤩😍 Wonderfull whether

    86. Максим Перфеза

      Очень круто!

    87. Djilali Damine

      Magnifique panthère des neiges

    88. Joshua Baker

      That's sick

    89. Shinju Inoue

      It’s just absolutely too cold, especially for a cat‼️😰 In extreme cold, a cat can die in six hours, a dog a little over ten⁉️ So please keep that in mind when taking them outdoors in extreme weather conditions 🙏

      1. xNDFA_ GHOSTx

        They sleep outside

    90. SuperSaiyanSeanTaylor21

      Sniffs butt* "He checks out"

    91. The ToeCutter

      I never understood why idiots domesticate wild animals..

    92. Monkey Monk

      Gorgeous kitty.

    93. Rio-Mel Madronio


    94. Alec Stan


    95. Jared Howell

      I thought that was a big cat no that’s a damn leopard

    96. Руслан Резнов

      Какая красота во всех смыслах классно

    97. Ethan S. Chalifoux

      Red Dead Redemption anyone?

    98. Cinemix HD

      O cachorro: hum toba tá fedido