Why the M1 Mac is SO FAST - Apple Silicon Explained!

Rene Ritchie

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    In this video I’m going to tell you exactly why Apple’s brand new M1 chipset is just kicking the ever-loving silicon out of Intel right now, kicking them right out of the low power, entry-level Macs and, in some cases, posting results that just clown even higher power, higher-end PCs.
    Why? Because of Apple's heavy investment in integrated, scalable architecture. That's what lets them cover all these products efficiently, without the complexity that would come from having to treat each one as a separate client.
    And it also means M1 gets to leverage many of the same latest, greatest IP blocks as A14. Only the implementation differs.
    For example, the compute engines are close to what a theoretical A14X would look like, 4 high-efficiency CPU cores, 4 high-performance CPU cores, 8 GPU cores, and twice the memory bandwidth and higher memory
    But the M1 CPUs can be clocked higher and it has more memory. iOS hasn’t gone beyond 6GB in the iPad Pro or latest iPhone Pros. But the M1 supports up to 16GB.
    Then there are the Mac-specific IP. Things like hypervisor acceleration for virtualization, new texture formats in GPU for Mac-specific application types, display engine support for the 6K Pro Display XDR, and the Thunderbolt controllers which lead out to the re-timers. In other words, things the iPhone or iPad don’t need… or currently just don’t have.
    It also means that the T2 co-processor is gone now, because that was always really just a version of the Apple A10 chipset handling all the things Intel just wasn’t as good at. Literally a short series of chips Apple had to make, and run BridgeOS on - a variant of watchOS - just to handle everything Intel couldn’t.
    And all of that is now integrated into the M1. And the M1 has the latest generation of all those IP, from the Secure Enclave to the accelerator and controller blocks, and on and on. The scalable architecture means it’ll almost certainly stay that way as well, with all the chipsets benefitting from the advances and investments in any of the chipsets.
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    1. Rene Ritchie

      1. Go to curiositystream.com/reneritchie for the extended version of my chat with Jonathan Morrison on Nebula! 2. Erratum: I blanked on the iPad 3. That was the first AX-series device.

      1. Cool Cmsc

        @St S Hmmm... yes.... But, as is the thrust of this vid, that’s not what Apple has aimed for with M1. You’re focused on the numbers, hence your comment. Apple has focused on the experience. It’s really hard to notice a second here, a second there when things are quick anyway. That’s your point and I agree. What we notice is the experience, improvements in the experience. And at the low to medium price-point for a quality laptop/desktop, the M1 is spectacularly better than Intel competition.... and that’s experientially independent of a second here and there.

      2. Chris T.

        I've been sleeping on Apple. Been a Windows and Android user all my life. The M1 chip is revolutionary and compelling enough to make the switch. I've been telling everyone around me that ARM is the future. I didn't know it was Apple to be that catalyst.

      3. RRP

        @Jonah xcode M1 tests ive seen also look very impressive compared to intel

      4. RRP

        @Jonah I just think if your coding mac apps, you want to be building apple silicon apps. Also maybe buy an old intel mac when prices start dropping and you could test universal apps for compatibility

      5. Jonah

        RRP yeah but there are some issues people talking about I need to clear my self is these issues are gonna solve with some future software updates or should I wait a little more.

    2. nothing human

      Good night intel

    3. lacloss dubarry

      when I click on your links I have to sign in then your links disappear what gives is it me missing something

    4. Patriot Tech

      Excellent video. Love the way you explained how it all works while staying very engaging.

    5. David Hardwick

      Great video Rene - I always learn a lot from your presentation!

    6. Colin Doyle

      m1 ssd wear issue on 16gb? m1 ssd wear issue on 16gb? m1 ssd wear issue on 16gb? m1 ssd wear issue on 16gb?

    7. Colin Doyle

      Everyone hiding from this topic :( ** M1 SSD WEAR ** ???

    8. DonC876

      I never liked apple. I didnt like the price uptick for just having an apple product and the comparatively bad performance. i dont like the os AT ALL - feels like using a toy computer and everytime you need to fix something you have to enter shell commands. Also mac os updates regularly broke the installed software, which never happened on my windows machine. I always disliked that they don't provide proper graphics cards in their systems and disregard hardcore gamers completely. But what they have achieved with the m1 is really incredible, and i am super stoked to see the next higher power chips to come. I could see me getting a computer with apple silicon in the future, the only thing holding me back would be the lack of proper windows / linux support. I dont believe that they will make rosetta 2 work on other OS installed on their systems. But i really wish they would, and allow for overclocking of course ^^

    9. L e s l i e

      Apple = Genius, dito

    10. bunsmom gauthier

      The M1 is a piece of trash. After 2 months of non stop issues it is now TRASH yes TRASH it is loosing and or corrupting my songs and pictures, therefore it cannot be used !!! Hundreds of $$$$$$$$$$$$ in the TRASH CAN. Apple support knows less than the clerk at my local Staples (very true not just letting off steam) This product is being Beta Tested by the customers per an apple supervisor.

    11. Rowan T Cregan

      Got my iPhone 11 late in its cycle. Then the iPhone 12 came out and I don’t care. The iPhone 11 is a perfectly suitable phone. I will be holding on to it.

    12. Doc

      Can we at least agree that gaming machines are not the same as productivity machines, and therefor, should not live in the same space?

    13. Daryle Hamel

      Fantastic research and content Ritchie- there’s a reason employees at Apple have a metric ton of respect for you.

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      What a wonderfully informative, easy to understand video. Thank you Rene! Hats off to you for explaining what a big deal the M1 is to the rest of the world.

    16. Welfare States

      Fuck, Rene, this video is so damn good.

    17. Karen

      If Apple Silicon is replaced with Raspberry Silicon, the price goes way down. Why is Apple Software so expensive? Do Apple engineers aspire to drive Teslas in Texas and party with Joe Rogan?

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      Really great explanation, with a lot of historical background. This is great work thanks!

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    22. System Error Message

      "studied the most common workloads and optimised for it" this is what AMD did with the bulldozer and got badly rewarded because apparently what gamers think is best for them is best for all, when the bulldozer line beat intel significantly in the more common workloads from web browsing to code compiles, was only slower at number crunching.

    23. Juan Acosta

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    24. BrittleRose

      Think Intel got too comfortable, thinking no one will compete but now they might need to up their games.

    25. Pavel Ungurean

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    26. SFB

      ah now i want a new Mac

    27. stoltobot

      Great video. I’m glad Apple finally returned to giving love to the Mac 💻

    28. Aidi Zhang

      Thank you for your in-depth presentation and reviews on Apple going the extra mile as always! In 2012 after years of my desk top PC crashing and breaking every 2 years, 4 machines and 2 laptops. I purchased a Mac mini it has never let me down and is still working today, Next an iPhone, MacBook Air and now the latest iPads I have never looked back for they have never let me down. Happy 😃 and not frustrated because I have a virus 🦠 or something going wrong with software or hardware. I woke up from the PC, Android unhappy way of life, thank you 🙏

    29. Don. Timeless

      Hope to see on r u m b l e also (I separate it because they delete my comment) All ports from now & on should be usb c thunderbolt & it should have been before! Old ports should be stopped! I only agree with doubling the ports of usb c thunderbolt. This port is so amazing that you can only by plugging external monitor that supports usb c thunderbolt you can plug the mouse, K/B & headset to the external monitor!!

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      Even with all this power, the cursor suddenly disappears and have to restart the M1 macbook

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    35. SeanPerrin

      Did you just say "a kick in the apps that they needed" because I LOL'd.

    36. nafnaf0

      Sure the M1 renders videos really well, but it overall isn't that much faster than the competing Intel tech like the i7-11000 series. It is much more efficient from a power consumption standpoint. All that being said, I do think it is only a matter of time before legacy x86 based processors are completely dead in the laptop space and replaced by ARM. Everyone would like a laptop that work as well and has battery life as good as the iPad Pro.

    37. Carlos Ribeiro da Fonseca

      Throwing more power at the CPUs is what AMD did with their Bulldozer, and later Piledriver, microarchitectures. With time, they went from 95 W to an astonishing 220 W which is 22 times the TDP of a Apple M1 chip. It got so bad for them that they had to literally go back to the drawing board and come up with the Zen architecture almost from scratch. Intel... Intel seems to be where AMD was back then.

    38. Rudy Raito

      i am sorry but your video don't really explain why M1 is so fast... it is better to watch other video, who explain exactly the reason why M1 is so fast...

    39. Frank S

      A bit long winded but good


      Thanks for the information . I am awaiting the delivery of an m1 laptop . Not the pro version . It will be my second apple product, the first being the I phone 12 . Keep up the good work .

    41. perf b

      5nm scale and 64 layer chips are a quantum leap, things are getting radical and the average noob has no clue what is coming. The complexity is beyond any human comprehension and makes me wonder how developers are going to stay sane trying to understand it all, I feel for them. It is too bad we never hear from the engineers behind the scenes of these revolutions from TSMC and Apple and Intel, due to corporate secrecy. Historians of technology in the future will be mystified how it all happened.

    42. Cooper Lindsay

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    45. klam77

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    46. Kenny B

      I could cry. This is beautiful. A masterpiece. Enormous job!

    47. Plasmo20

      Problem for me is that MACs have always been too expensive compared to PC world, so no matter how 'exciting and fast' the M1 proposes to be I'll still be using my 2011 iMac 27", because I wont afford the overpriced and under useful iMac 2021 etc. Sadly, PC is more useful to me whereas the iMac feels safer in a hacker world, so I am stuck somewhere in between. If and I mean IF the M1 iMac could let me run a SAFE PC via bootstrap (or whatever it is now) without the hacker protection overheads etc then I might be interested.

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    49. Albert de Keyzer


    50. Zulu Voodoo

      Sounds exciting, too bad apple doesn;t respect civil liberties. Never buying Apple again, in fact picked up 2 new Galaxy phones for the wife and I. Apple, Amazon, Twitter, FB traitors to America.

    51. Stewart Bennett

      in summary, CAPITALISM WORKS BEAUTIFULLY....Every time.

    52. Gacheru Mburu


    53. pete detraglia

      The Apple M1 cpu got smoked by last years AMD 4900H mobile chip. Also AMD with Nvidia graphics cards destroyed the M1 chip by 300% in graphics benchmarks...Both the AMD laptop and Apple laptop were very close in price...So tell me again why the M1 is so great??? Also the M1 chip ran 20 degrees hotter than the AMD 4900 CPU....AMD RYZEN 5000 series cpu for 2021 will just put the M1 to shame...Sorry Apple but your about 3 years behind AMD performance wise...

    54. phoudthavong thephanonexay

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    55. Vcd Vcd

      Im not an apple user. But i gotta admit apple CEO has a better vision than intel CEO. Even AMD CEO is doing better than Intel CEO.

    56. Andrew Persaud

      Learned my lesson from the past. Don't jump on first gen stuff. The second release will be even better and you're stuck with first gen. Sign me up for the m1x. Saving my money for now.

    57. André

      I have 2019 MBP and considered upgrading to an M1 Mac, but the shiny new Mustang is always awesome in the first year you have it. I am looking for the Toyota Camry of laptops.

    58. Paul Bras

      Great video, great down to earth, yet detailed explanations. So, as a non technical middle aged white guy, let me get this straight; Apple develops the fastest CPU, you pay their insanely overpriced prices, and after 6 months when Apple wants you to replace your product and buy yet another overpriced new one from them, the CPU has been code instructed to slow down to the slowest speed on the block. (has something to do with the size of hard candy coated gumballs, batteries or any other WTF excuse they lie to you about) Technological development and progress is indeed exciting, integrity in the way you conduct business and treat customers MEANS SOMETHING, Apple scores pathetically low!

    59. Andre Noble

      Is there a Cliff Notes version of this video?

    60. Victor McAuley

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      Concurrent is the development and delivery of a hundred ton light sauce that is intended for reducing the size of chip architecture some four hundred times.

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    72. eleventhoughts

      That was very helpful and educational!! Thank you for your time. I am very excited about M1. My previous laptop wss dell, I had it for 11 years and died recently. I was thinking to go mac for my next one and M1 feels just the right time for me to do so. I keep on reading articles on the internet to educate myself more in Apple systems and this video was the best

    73. Moses Garba

      After waiting so tirelessly I just got help from *4Gcyber* on instagram. He is awesome he got my device fixed within a short time

    74. Moses Garba

      After waiting so tirelessly I just got help from *4Gcyber* on instagram. He is awesome he got my device fixed within a short time

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      the past few years i wasn't excited by what the tech world has been coming up lately... the increment isn't that amazing and the cost shot up so much... but this one is very interesting... more on efficiency and i think this will really change everything in the near future... i hope for the better.

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    84. mrbigberd

      Content to milk 32-bit is both misleading and wrong. It takes 4-5 years to create a new core for a new ISA. Apple shipped in just 2.5 years. They could be so good that they even best ARM or (more likely IMO), there was funny business and politics happening behind the scenes.

    85. VIVID-EFX

      I'll admit, I had to Google and wikipedia a good majority of the terms used in your video only because of my lack of computing knowledge but walked away feeling like I just earned a 4-year degree in Apple Computing Technology from a 35:02 minute video. Well done (LOL) now I wonder if I should just wait it out to buy my next editing laptop as the M1 emerges into the M(?). Again, well done explaining not just the M1 but explaining the motivation behind it and setting the stage for what the future holds.

    86. Lycras

      Apple has now the ability to optimize software hardware wise and hardware software wise. It is the best you can do. Intel is still angry with MS when they where programing Msdos and Inlel gave them set of 10 rules which they where ought not to brake, but they broke 9. So insted of sit down with Ms to optimize hard/software, they just spitting out cpu and go: Here you are MS. Is Intel still upset whith MS for not following their rules 40 years ago? In late 90s and in begining of 2000s there where talks Intel should abandon X86 arch altogether, so they adopted Itanium arch from HP and developed it firther with HP. It was new arch and everyone new you would have to run an X86 emulator for older programs compatibility and all programs had to be rewritten and recompiled to Itanium arch. At least me and my friends new that, and we had other emulators like commodore 64 or amiga and bunch of console emus, so running x86 emu wouldn't be so hard on an faster cpu. But Intel was to afraid of failure, so didn't release Itanium to general public, only for servers and corporate. Instead they made x86 Pentium 4(netburst) which lost with AMD Athlon. So after lost battle they took P3 arch,which worked for them during 90s and buffed it a little to create Core Duo cpus which later with more buffing became Core Ix cpus. Thats what they are, just buffed up Pentium 3 cpus. Just run TestCPU, app from 2002 on any core cpu and see what it detects :). All good thigs must come to an end. Intel does not have any new x86 architecture, they should have abbandoned long ago. Are they going to buff up Itanium and market it now? Whole two decades to late?

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