FIFA 22 | Official Gameplay Trailer


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    Go inside FIFA 22 with the Official Gameplay Trailer. Powered by Football™, FIFA 22 introduces HyperMotion Technology on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Stadia, elevating every match across every mode:

    - HyperMotion Technology unlocks:
    - Full Team Authentic Motion
    - Machine Learning Flow
    - Tactical A.I.
    - Kinetic Air Battles
    - Composed Ball Control
    - Player Humanization

    Plus, enjoy a Goalkeeper Rewrite, True Ball Physics, Explosive Sprint, New Attacking Tactics, an even more Immersive Matchday Experience, Big(ger) Goal Moments, and more fundamental advances all over the pitch. Learn more about FIFA 22 gameplay in our Pitch Notes:

    FIFA 22 releases October 1, 2021. Pre-order the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition before August 11 and get an untradeable FUT Heroes player from December 1!

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    1. G. Breydel

      The lootboxes are not talked enough about! The football world is fake, exploiting kids psycho and making them gambling addicts. The end is near, the Hell is real.

    2. Line Richie


    3. Kirr1x

      FIFA on pc LIKE PS4? REALLY MAN?

    4. Bubby Johnson

      It’s not EA’s fault that players don’t want to put their settings on semi-assist & or on full manual, they’ve given you the control since fifa‘13, this new generation🤦🏿‍♂️oi vey! ***and might I add the more fifa keeps changing their, already perfected formula since the ignite engine, to cater to the more casual whine & complainers, more enthusiasts are just going to go the competition, which imo has the best hands down football game as of date, and happens to be on mobile! So much the mf’s changed their whole franchises name! & if they replicate that experience on to console, sad to say, but it’ll be curtains for fifa, Yet FIFA’s gameplay is definitely the 👑King on console & ‘22 looks promising, just a heads up to my fav game dev ever EA#1, time will tell.

    5. Jinnawat Suphalakorn

      You guy has just cancelled demo release, what a confidence.

    6. Trelogavros 7


    7. Anh Nguyễn

      The ball is too light. The movement of the ball is not realistic

    8. Alan Eduardo

      Só eu que não entendo porque o escudo do Liverpool mudou. Mas na apresentação ainda mostram o antigo.

    9. Joel Berg

      still need to go into the menus for 30 minutes before every match to make sure all the defense don't try to be strikers. This is what finally turned me off of the series, against any half decent player, you need to give everyone special instructions to even hold their basic shape.

    10. Elias Olivera

      we want the countries of south america!

    11. Jason Statham

      Fifa s worker. How we can make fifa 22. Different to 21. By given Mahrez 89


      Why ronaldo rating is so downgraded and who said lewandowski is better than ronaldo 😳😳😠 please high up ronaldo rating to 92

    13. Osman OTLU

      EA dostum artık kimya kartlarının kaldırmanın zamanı gelmedi mi ? oyuncuları bir de böyle izleyelim bakalım değil mi?

    14. Number One


    15. 홍가네Cinema4D

      그래픽은 더이상 발전이 없네요... 그래픽 발전때까지 기다려요~~

    16. Dragonitro

      what did they change

    17. Bextroider222

      why cant you guys create a neighbourhood just like nba2k

    18. word

      it seems to be another disappointment

    19. Luke soccer 21

      Dude there is no way FIFA 22 release date: October 1st, 2021 My 13th birthday: October 1st, 2021

      1. Dragonitro

        Happy (early) birthday

    20. Keith Vassallo

      If they just introduced all this now, what were they doing the past years?

    21. redfox2500

      Graphics looks like old gen even God of war Ragnarok , Spiderman 2 , Horizon Forbidden West have 100 times better graphics

    22. Arifidzi

      Lmao ronaldo 91 rated?

    23. 762459

      3:24 screw that give us Marvin Tyler and Alan smith

    24. Count Dooku

      Here we go again Boys ,. Same Game , Different Year .

    25. Kool Graffiti - future dishwasher

      drunk losers really enjoy this game

    26. Pratik

      Annual heist

    27. Karan Nagwekar

      "We got a bunch of players to put on motion graphics suits and then we did nothing with all that data because it would've been too much actual work to implement that and debug it in time for releasing our game in 6 more months"

    28. Babushi BOO

      Here we go another fifa another scam , Makes you spend money and and makes you buy new one every year.. Scammers 🤮🤮👎👎👎👎

    29. I’m hayyan

      FIFA 22 is so cool I wish I could buy it

    30. Q Komodo

      I'm still waiting for the day you can customize your commentary team? It would be unexpected but appreciated if polished

    31. Jota

      Sale el 1 de octubre no?

    32. MHD SARR

      Mon portable ne peux pas prendre le jeux c'est dommage

    33. Игорь Лакост

      Короче как всегда ,нихера не изменится кроме меню (будет другого цвета),и нового тцрнира лига конференций,,но фантики побегут покупать

    34. FlyNY

      what are the differences in gameplay?

    35. Stan SFA


    36. Kamogelo Leshaba

      Just release a software update on the old games greedy pigs🤣

    37. Michael Moore

      prepare your cash for no changes

    38. Enoch Atsu

      I can't wait

    39. TheYuszman06

      I want to know if in this FIFA22,is CR7 at Man Utd or still at Juve.

      1. WzZE

        Fifa put in every single summer transfer, of course Ronaldo is at man United why wouldn’t he be

    40. Mas Hidayatullah

      Awesome (๑♡⌓♡๑)

    41. Jeremy M

      And still looks like fifa 14

    42. Cyrus

      Dear fifa creators: Hear me out...Playmakers can run!!!What I mean is you can have an 85+ pace and 80+ passing.

    43. Cyrus

      Every time they say “beTter coNtROl” and “nEwEr gRAphiCs” yet they just add more and more player settings and make poor player ratings!!

    44. James D

      Let's actually hope they use the new consoles to ACTUALLY give us something worth paying for,And maybe have the squads up to date???

    45. Giriboy99


    46. Kenzie Uncles

      First person maby

    47. Whizzywiz

      Meehhh. 🙄

    48. متع عقلك

      Messi fans will not play to barca anymore. Lol

    49. CHH Mo

      I'm not gonna buy it this year and I encourage everyone to do the same

    50. Enzo Tomazini


    51. NCFC_Fan

      Why is no talking about that all of this is ONLY next gen - PS5 and Xbox x

    52. Beatable

      Bruh only for rich kids is the hypermotion😑

    53. Papa Ted

      I bet none of this is actually in the game. It’ll just be an expensive marketing ploy.

    54. steven baez


    55. Matheus U

      It looks terrible.

    56. N de Nayib

      same piece of trash.

    57. _AmeyG

      Я надеюсь там будет ЧМ 2022

    58. Drew

      Bet Jorginho will still catch up with mbappe on the counter though 🤦‍♂️

    59. JJOnA

      Estaría bien que cuando el jugador sudase el pelo mojado se le quedará pegado a la frente

    60. Kian McGovern

      I hope Martin Tyler and Stewart Robson can be commentators together

    61. Enes Qaili

      Demo when

      1. WzZE

        Normally mid way through September but they changed it last year because of Covid so not 100% sure

    62. joão Vieira

      The game is still trash!!! This is fifa 20.2 or fifa 21.2!!!! Wake up EA, dont try the same thing all over the years with the hypermotion or those kinds of things that you waste all your money on to make the game even trashier!!! Stop it, no more!!! E-Football will be better this year and you are going to lose gamers that except a better game every year

    63. dani ♡

      oh wow they're making another fifa 13 sequel who would have thought

    64. Streal

      I hate EA for not letting pc players enjoy their pc that they have spent 2000 dollars on or less and giving us pc players old gen.and having to spend another 500+ for an xbox series X or an PS5 EA hope you change your mind because us pc players are devistated for your selfish actions. SHAME YOU ALL

    65. Jos Do

      This will be the first I won't buy. Every match now has at least four goals and is super unrealistic. The game is aimed at teenagers buying packs so needs to be end-to-end and 'exciting', not realistic.

    66. DELETED

      Can someone please gameshare me fifa 22?

    67. Sohnemann Sohn

      Always the same every year 🤦🏻‍♂️

    68. Shishir Uchil

      Improve defence ai

    69. Brian

      Players still glide on the pitch 🤦🏾‍♂️

    70. obama barak

      I cant even see the difference anymore XD

    71. Nawaz Saiyed

      If fifa games would get into car manufacture, then they will release the same car just with different colors every year and call it new features

    72. Leppó

      noone but this game for pc until they bring out hyper motion, even then perhaps don't , it should be on pc in the first place.

    73. Leppó

      not bringing the newest technology to PC when its probably your biggest money resource aswell, are you guys for real? you won't be seeing a penny from me, can't believe you've done that, and you blame it on the system requirments? LMAO

    74. chris

      I hope this has a good sound track🤞🤞🤞

    75. Muhamad Shaqriy

      Fifa 22 is terrible. They should improve the graphics of the spectators and the lighting. The controls are already great in 20 and 21.

    76. Muhamad Shaqriy


    77. Muhammad Yasir Amin

      EA will definitely edit this game as Cr7 is in Manchester United & L messi is in PSG !!!

    78. vok vek

      new proper servers, or we all move to UFL, do it EA it's literally your last chance. scammers.

    79. Aaron Barrientos

      Mínimo cambien ya al narrador , Fernando Palomo ya es muy aburrido escucharlo siempre , eso hace más aburrido el juego !!

    80. Thando Zungu

      Nah brah y'all say this every year

    81. Ana Stojevska

      Goran Pandev 🇲🇰 new updated face ????

    82. Fabian Myers

      We want more celebration

    83. Rxshford YT

      2:38 had me weak 😂 can’t believe they thought it was ok to keep that in the trailer

    84. 絵の具


    85. Stevie G

      Ihr hortet die ganzen Lizenzen und bringt nicht mal nen Managerspiel raus. DFL pocht auch nicht drauf und kassiert nur die Gelder. Ihr mit eurem scheiss FUT und was weiß ich. Ja man kann viel Frust rauslesen, aber weil ihr mit den Lizenzen nix gescheites macht. Wozu Create your Club? Man hol doch Fifa wegen den Lizenzen. Augenwischerei, lenkt von den Kackgrafik ab. €A Sports💰

    86. Alex Roberts

      @1:35 "All 22 players smarter on the pitch" What are the editors/producers of these videos even looking at when they paired that clip with that sentence!? 😩😩😩 'ere we go again lol

    87. Ralf Yeo

      With their Server, Whatever new feature is unless

    88. Abbass Sabbah

      Today i ve preordered the standard edition of fifa 22 the game looks really amazing on paper but don t know about the gameplay can t wait to get on the pitch and play i m loving the game already

    89. Mason

      And for last gen 🖕🖕🖕🖕

    90. FYAF

      Only if fifa added shirt off celebration

    91. Jay Shan

      Please add the 5 substitutes...

    92. Carmine Marconi

      2:37 - Fifa 22 Makes your keeper more reliable between the post...... Keeper Proceeds to make a simple chip look difficult lol

    93. Usman Khan

      Curse you EA for not bringing hypermotion on PC

    94. Salty P!

      this is all good and all but what do you plan to do about input delay, lag spikes and speed ups, retarred amounts of high server pings? are you still going to say oh its your internet? or are we going to see some improvements there?

    95. Yes Fit

      I only saw that defending will still be a revolutionary nightmare

    96. maggie

      Too little too late. FIFA lost their way a long time ago

    97. Anele

      So.....The reason there was COVID was that FIFA can call up all football players for Motion Capture?

    98. GAMOTV

      can't wait to smash my controller

    99. Hopester

      Not gonna lie, it looks the same to me lol

    100. dark side

      Add this Gameplay for PS4