Kylie Jenner: Grinch Cupcakes with Stormi

Kylie Jenner

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    In celebration of my KYLIE X GRINCH collection launching today, Stormi and I made Grinch cupcakes!
    Shop my limited edition Grinch holiday collection at today at 3pm PST

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    1. Dee b

      I just stumbled across this video , omg Stormy is so adorable .🤩🥰🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁

    2. Maricarmen Serrano

      Adorable 🥺💖

    3. mildflower

      She's one of the cutest kids i've ever seen 🥺

    4. Riya Podder

      Stormi is such a cutie! Kylie is blessed to have her😌

    5. Diana Miteva

      Omg I'm addicted to watching Stormi 😀

    6. Gyovanna Castillo

      Kylie such a good momma and wow that baby her manners are just on point and so sweet 💛💕

    7. نور رسول


    8. Faizaan AHMED-ZINU

      funny how u need those nails for baking cupcakes lol

    9. Emily An

      Kylie have so much cameras that stormi and her is confused where to look

    10. keyri Valadez

      You are the best Kyle and just like stormy ❣️❣️❣️❣️

    11. Iaanna Kanaplianik

      She is just so adorable I have no other words 🥺😍😍😍😍😍

    12. Cloud Roblox

      I wonder what its like to be the daughter of a rich and popular family

    13. Stephanie Rivera

      I Love kayli jener

      1. Emily An

        My ovaries just jumped out of my body and jumped my man 😩

    14. yesi king

      So so cute

    15. elaine ღ

      this is so cute

    16. malika life

      aghhh when is stormi gonna stop with the cuteness

    17. ori de ruta



      Am I the only one who was waiting for the frosting to fall out of the bag?

    19. Mohammad Warrad

      Kylie turned off comments on the office tour vid cuz she doesn’t want ppl talking about her fav drink. Does anyone have any idea what that drink was. It was def iced tea but brand???

    20. imaginary world

      Baby is so wise,warm and cute.

    21. Robert Pourierd

      En serio de English

    22. heloisa santos

      Esse é o comentário brasileiro q vc tava procurando :)

    23. ꧁Y̸A̸M̸Y̸ K̸ P̸O̸P̸꧂ ʏᴛ シ

      Who the fuck wanted KYLIE JENNER's first daughter to come out black? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    24. Patience Jenkins

      Kylie is literally so good mom ‘cause not every 2 year old knows word like “you’re welcome”, “patience”, etc.🥺😍

    25. Denisse Medina

      She has such good manners for how young she is lol 🤗

    26. H Tb

      3:12 Kylie:thank you Stormi: Your welcome Me:🥺🥺😭💔

    27. Sade' D.

      My ovaries just jumped out of my body and jumped my man 😩

    28. aiym karimova

      Stormi is so cute😻

    29. Ximena Durán

      2:55 idk why I'm so scared that kylies nails pop the frosting bag lol (I absolutely loved the video tho, stormi is so cute 🤍)

    30. April Nash

      Stormi is so sweet! You got this mom! 😭💗

    31. LivMay Aesthetic_Girlies

      Stormi so cute x🤍

    32. Carissa Nettey

      How is she the 2nd worst parents in the Kardashians?,She's actually the best parent ever!❤❤

    33. Trinikawai12

      omggggg the way stormi said: what are you doing mommy it litteraly meled my hearttttttt

    34. Yilan Zhang

      I like how the video is actually "Grint Cupcakes with Stormi," not Grinch Cupcakes with Stormi sitting around.

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    37. Santiago Blanco

      Stormi is the most adorable kid i've ever seen :)

    38. Santiago Blanco

      Why are you 2 so perfect😍❤

    39. Cate H

      Why do parents pretend they are baking with their children and then let them do nothing

    40. J Fu

      Very sweet

    41. Luz Fashion y belleza

      What biutifllu

    42. Gershon Nollido

      I love baby stormi growin up very kind and polite 🤧❤❤❤

    43. Amel Ohda

      i love Yous so muche

    44. Rosyuly Heredia

      yo soy stomie en la cocina comiendoce todo mientra la otra persona cocina

    45. Jean Que

      am i the only one who watches kylie jenner vids just because of how adorable and cute stormi is????

    46. Liv

      Best mom ever award goes to…

    47. Gamze Yegin


    48. Aliyah Watts

      So i was just on Kylie cosmetics, and i wanted to buy the grinch lip gloss but there were sold out i hope kylie can bring it back so i can buy it!!

    49. Nostalgia Vibes

      Hi Everyone, can you help me to reach 100 subscribers? This would be my Christmas gift from you☹️❤️

    50. Gisselle Caceres

      Donde están los LATINOSSSS

    51. Dance girl22

      Kylie actually seems like a good mom

    52. kae Ty

      Stormi said whoa haha so cute!

    53. The Relatable Queen


    54. Abigail Long

      Omg adorable

    55. David S

      How does she pick her nose with those talons?

    56. Geogiana Ganea

      am I the only one who thinks kylies voice changed

    57. David S

      Never heard of her.

    58. Kak Tüss

      Çocuk ne tatlı lna

    59. Lisa Faucher

      So stinking ADORABLE!!! Stormi is so sweet, polite and cute! Loved this and such a cute idea. Love the Grinch!

    60. Pia Gómez


    61. aye aye captain

      The way stormi counts the cupcake holes ❤😭

    62. Mia Bruni

      Kiss i'ts my

    63. WILSON CAT

      Good evening. Thanks for the nice video. I wish you a good good friday

    64. Love Yourself

      Kylie can crash the egg with her nails too msnajsjakaksjsj

    65. Rayyana98

      First gather your hair please😑

    66. Liliam Benites Crisanto

      Quien más buscando comentarios en español

    67. Make-up By Shannon

      Unbelievably cute! 💚

    68. Maya maissa

      Ooh so cute 😍😔😘😘😘

    69. Kyky23

      Awwwww stormi this was soooo cute she is sooo smart

    70. Juliette x Louise

      She’s SO ✨adorable✨

    71. Constanza’ s blog

      Omg your pijama ‘s it’s so beautiful

    72. Tips for you

      She really is a good mom🥺🤧💞

    73. kiara Toribio

      soy el comentario en español que estabas esperando

    74. Pastel Tv

      I have the birthday as stormi



      stormi is so cute and lovely little kylie

    77. rodrigues na

      Stormi...🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰 i love her

    78. YourLocal StupidAndUglyBoi

      I was wishing that she wouldn’t poke storm’s eyes with her nails-

    79. China Nicole

      Stormi is the only reason I watch the videos

    80. María Camila Jiménez lareo

      stormi is very adorable

    81. Yolanda Santiesteban


    82. lillie henson

      ugh this gives me baby fever

    83. Ana Luiza


    84. Ishaan Chandra

      Stormi is looking so cute

    85. Cleo Enev

      they are adorable

    86. Sian Nicholson

      Kylie is such a good mummy, Stormi is so beautiful inside and out

    87. Kat Loves Ariana

      She's so cute

    88. Sudenaz Özkan


    89. ashley mae

      Is anyone else upset they aren’t mixing dry ingredients first bc I am

    90. No Name

      I just like these girls!!!

    91. Anisa H

      Stormis lil cheeks........ she’s so beautiful 😍

    92. Рона Rona


    93. Clsyldy 1166

      They have such a beautiful bond. Love it. Kylie is a great mom. 🥰❤️🥰

    94. Jake Howlett

      Bless her

    95. Na’shiya Lacy

      So beautiful🥺

    96. Tanu Kushwaha 2182

      She Is Her Baby?

    97. Tonmoyee Nath

      Who else love to watch Kylie and Stormi's cooking series? ❤️

    98. jessica susanto

      I don't think kylie making that cupcakes with her longg nailsss

    99. Saliha Öztep

      How cute they areeeee😭❤