He deep fried the steak in butter


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    1. Justin Case

      He lost all credibility when he said "it better be well done"

    2. DiegoM

      Poor cow. Died to have their meat destroyed 😢

    3. Eric Rolo

      If you keep eating good steak you’ll end up living medium rare

    4. AaaStar 22

      Damn this guy dont have a clue about cooking

    5. Vorname Nachname

      People who order a steak well done just shouldnt order a steak

    6. babyyeeter2001

      Medium rare and stakes don't bleed when they are medium rare

    7. Dimexble

      He ain't wrong, bro deep fried his steak.

    8. Aaa Aaa

      This reaction is so pointless

    9. Mimo Rosales

      How you gonna say you’ll be the judge when you say well done. SMH

    10. JL G

      My boy better stick with the FC !! Well done steak yous bumped your head 🤕

    11. sparkkn


    12. Mooshkajoe !

      The amount of culinary ignorance in this video and in the comments is mind blowing.

    13. Allmighty

      All it has on it is butter and salt that said I could eat all that

    14. Carson King

      I like it medium well

    15. Zeyad

      "cutting of some skin" Nigga get off the internet and go read a book.

    16. SexySnopeyYT

      “It better be well done” thats when i decided to exit this video

    17. Antony

      It’s not blood all the blood gets drained out at the market it’s the juice

    18. AnkorCraft Community

      Why don’t you stop judging people and how they cook and why don’t you cook a steak for once

    19. Seth Louden

      No meat other then chicken should be well done

    20. Nate Zokas

      Well done steak might as well not eat it

    21. Sosig

      I respect medium or medium well more than well done, but rare/medium rare is where it’s at. All the flavours in one bite

    22. mosel2010

      They closest to well done I’ll do is, is pink in the middle not bleeding, medium rare is the way to go

    23. jazelle’s wrld

      well done is kids left overs 😫

    24. Elijah Martin

      That ain't a filet mignon

    25. Dominic Deluca

      Medium is the best

    26. Corey Rowland

      Just go bite a cow you rare stake lovers, Im convinced every one just hops on that band wagon because "its what you are supposed to like." Ive had both and I never notice huge flavor difference only texture but it feels like resturaunts oven cook your shit at 600 for an hour when you ask for well done resulting in a poor steak. However that being said Ive had tons of well done, juicy, tender steaks and its my preference for sure.

    27. Girish H

      I don't wanna die of heart attack

    28. mWee_qS

      That ain't filet mignon that's tenderloin But well if you cut it a little pieces it called a filet mignon

    29. anielouis louisanie

      Your face too big at that screen boiiiiiii

    30. Bruv Bruv

      I have my steak blue

    31. ElliotFit

      It’s a New York strip

    32. Jonasliftsalot

      Well done is trash tho

    33. Santiago Guevara-Sandoval

      Asking a large group of people “how do yall like yer steak?” Is one of the most controversial questions GUARANTEED to spark beef 🥩 no pun intended

    34. artursurma

      No clue

    35. Gmoney

      Why people so worried about how other ppl eat their steak?😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    36. Abram Deitrick

      This guys literally eats tires if he like well done

    37. Hirsch Peters

      Love how he tries to now how to cook 😂😂

    38. JCXD21

      😂 bruh said well done 😭

    39. simontheg0d

      "I'm still learning about steaks" yeah then maybe you shouldn't be judging steaks

    40. huricane threeonesix

      Neither of you know a damn think about steak.

    41. Chase Hadley

      That’s not deep frying...

    42. Chase Hadley

      That’s not filet mignon

    43. Brennan Moss

      It is a ribeye or are you stupid

    44. Alex Creasman

      Fuck well done

    45. Chance Free

      Well done....."Blood" All blood is removed during butchering. Every you have learned about steaks is incorrect information passed down by your moronic family members.

    46. Just a sandwich

      Bro he just don’t want no blood. Just cuz y’all wanna eat raw steak don’t mean everybody else got to

    47. Drisen Roman

      Well done? Fuck outta here😂😂

    48. JustAFaheem

      Cringe af commentary bruv

    49. Square torttle

      This dumbass acts like he knows everything about steak and calls it a filet mingon, wants it to be cooked well done, and he thinks the the red juices that come out of steak is blood.

    50. Nephew

      Bro stop talking bullshit. There is no such thing as blood coming out of the steak unless you go to a cow and cut it out yourself and take home. Otherwise it is drained at the butcher. The blood you are talking about is actually mostly myoglobin (a protein in cows muscles). Now quit being a pussy and try those rare and medium rares. So much better than well done.

    51. Sally 2121


    52. Rin

      All my black friends only eat well-done steak 😂

    53. Gracie-lynn Simiskey

      I don't know if it's fillet mignon because if only had it in circle shapes

    54. Bladedcarnival9

      I'd argue with you about whether it should be well done or not... But you're not dome chewing yet.

    55. ms. Ferrante

      This guy is right well done> all other varieties I ain't eating raw steak

    56. Ben Adkins

      You are not allowed to say anything about steak if u get well done

    57. Krays

      I live in asia and i prefer welldone meat than medium or rare.. In indonesia. Old ppl used to cook meat or steak as welldone as possible because if there is any uncook part, it wouldn't considered as edible food. so with that kind of sense, i eat my food that way.

    58. Liam Arshad

      My guy it’s ragoo not flaminyongh

    59. PartyJackal 12

      He looks like a gta character lmao 🤣

    60. Adam Miguel D. Mabansag

      Bruh that is not deep fried

    61. Gamer Girl


    62. Caffinna's Creations

      I like my steak extra rare!

    63. Ri Ph

      This chef takes cooking on another level.👍

    64. Jerimiah Jackson

      Well done steak what a pussy sorry not sorry medium rare is the way we go. I like my steak mooing at me 🤣

    65. nword boi

      bro the dude said don't be all crazy in the comments. Y'all are not just crazy, but y'all the whole mental hospital

    66. Christian Salomon

      He said "it better be well done" 😂😂😂 this guy knows nothing

    67. Joseph Lay

      Guy says i dont want know bleeding steak Entire steak community gets triggered

    68. Jack Young

      I cant with this dude

    69. Ruben Rascol

      Were are his gloves

    70. Michael Curley

      If you don’t like steak bleeding, go eat some damn jerky

    71. L Lane


    72. Atom kid12

      He didn't deep fry it its called basting i think

    73. Carlos black top mafia 379


    74. Drake Novak


    75. Brently_wins

      Everyone: wow that looks rlly tasty Gordon Ramsay: This is f*cking rubbish. Ugh I'm about to puke. What is this. That's way too much butter ,the steak wasn't cut perfectly. This is utter madness. Everyone else: but....

    76. Lonex Omen

      To much butter

    77. John Tilghman

      Well done is the worst steak ever I would rather eat it raw than well done

    78. Yeet

      Go eat ground beef if you want well done son

    79. CYBER HQ


    80. Gremlinz Entertainment

      When you said well done I died inside especially when you said filet mignon..

    81. Nathan Pitek

      Not a filet lol

    82. exnoctem

      “I don’t want no bleeding steak” You sir don’t deserve steak…


        @Captain Random lol sometimes i make medium rare and fully cooked steak i think they’re both good if you cook it right

      2. Captain Random

        @Menace who wants to eat it burnt?

      3. Santiago Guevara-Sandoval

        NO ONE lmao its called “medium rare” ever heard if it? Obviously not since you people who have lack of cuisine etiquette have been chewing on cheap ass walmart car tires they call “Steak”

      4. Menace

        Who wants to eat raw shit?

    83. ADHD SEXY

      he said he won’t eat anything besides well done but when it comes out medium well he said he would eat it🤣🤣

    84. Kyle C

      You’re judging a pro chef and you don’t even know what steak it is🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    85. Yanziel Merced

      It's the dance from fortnite

    86. Hivi

      "THATS BUTTAH???"

    87. Erik Silva

      Don’t like steak when it’s bleeding….. wtf is wrong with you?!

    88. Joshua Kincaid

      Your filthy if you eat steak well done

    89. Niraj Schubert


    90. Rakha ajalah


    91. Just Ring - Simone777

      “Better be well done” :(

    92. Carti Edits

      steaks don’t bleed.. they drain the blood in the slaughter process

    93. Hans Müller

      I really thought mans bouta judge salt bay

    94. AZtecs _

      Not flaiming on lol bro at least I think