Rick and Morty x PlayStation 5 Console [ad]

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    Hear all the marketing points PlayStation gave Rick to say about the new PlayStation 5 console, from Morty.
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    1. Black Acura

      Recently banned from psn I'll be getting an Xbox. 🖕🏾

    2. AJW Gaming

      Ayo what

    3. Kana-Chan

      I'm sold.

    4. DrunkTruck

      i thought this would be an avarge boring sell out ad. which is kinda is but they pretty much broke the rules of selling out damn

    5. CONRADO

      Faiz legendado ou dublado não entendi nada

    6. Stan Pivnik

      fuck sony, love me some rick n morty though

    7. Dank Poster

      I hope this has games from other planets of else I ain't buying

    8. Jay

      The ps5 gang have Rick and kitty on their. Side lmao

    9. Jacek Lutrzykowski


    10. Jack Geist

      Play has no limits Except our stock availability.

    11. L1NUX_ G4MER

      Is it real?

    12. Искитимский -_}MaX{_- Дальнобойщик

      After the game Roy ps5 like a trash)

    13. Josh Evans

      Stop making ads and drop more episodes

    14. KlohsCalls

      "Play has no limits" >sold out everywhere OK, DUDE

    15. ELIAS E;X

      Pero almenos ponganle subtitulos

    16. Radek Unrdem

      Mr. Adult Swin, tell this to Sony: keep putting and investing out more aggressive ads. works with me.

    17. AmaDay Good

      лучше бы сезон новый сделали ;((((

    18. Inf1n1t3 Kevin

      So you are telling me Rick and Morty got the PS5 faster than us because A. They live in a dimension where bots do not exist. B. They are scalpers themselves. C. They stopped time or some shit. D. All of the above.

    19. Ed Aguiar

      With the price of R$ 4699,00 here in brazil, it's a luxury item. For comparison, the minimum salary here is R$ 1067,00, and the average is R$ 2.261,00. So, in order to buy a PS5 here, you need to work for at least two months without expending money on nothing else. Conclusion: Watch PS5 gameplays on DEcameras is cheaper.

    20. oSJme

      So that's it? Fast and buttons? Seems like many people are easy to convice.

    21. Son Goku

      I love this

    22. SavvySteak

      People: We need them game machines! Fake News: PlayStation directly contributed to massive theft hike.

    23. Joseph Carrino

      Life tip: never buy the first generation of anything Also you already know a slim with special skins will be a thing


        Most people already knows this it's the younger audience who falls for this type of hype I would know because I used to do the same exact thing.

    24. Julio Castillo


    25. ya boi ravens second channel

      This makes me want it like 10 times more lol

    26. Leon M

      I..... FUCKING LOVE IT

    27. Robi De Rob

      F*****k PS get a game pass😉 works on : Xbox one/s/x x-seie/PC/ Android 😑.......or buy an ps4 with a ssd🖕

      1. Domus Prime

        PS5 has the fastest SSD out of all consoles and the best exclusives. Fuck xbox and their gamepass with no actual exclusives, just get a PC, Nintendo or PS5 lol

    28. Luke Thomas

      Rick: Buy PS5! Me: Oui Monsieur

    29. ninja bg

      How much kidneys it cost?

    30. wizard of gameing c40

      Is it just me or are they just like raid shadow legands talk about how good when it is not just like raid it is and pay them a bunch of money

    31. Felipe 3024

      Solo por esto la voy a comprar

    32. Javier

      Every store: **OUT OF STOCK** Sony: GET THE PS5 NOW Everyone: *OUT OF STOCK HARDER!*

    33. Rocco Ferricelli

      I dont give a fuck


      If these is an actual adds, then yes. there leiges ahead of doey christmas adds for carrots

    35. Fletch

      Ok I am a xbox person but now honestly........kinda want a ps5 just bc of this

    36. Vladimir Pineda

      I don't mind they doing commercials. But if they are going to take Sony's money, they might at least do something good. This shit is the equivalent of some random movie star taking a picture with a product and saying "I endorse this thing" and that's it.

    37. iphone777


    38. JonasHD

      Xbox is better😇

      1. JonasHD

        @Thecoolanimator YT do what you want🤷‍♂️

      2. Thecoolanimator YT

        @JonasHD not really 😇 no excuse me while I block you Xbox fanboy 😇

      3. JonasHD

        @Thecoolanimator YT ohhh yes... xbox is the best

      4. Thecoolanimator YT

        No 😇

    39. Marianne Noergaard


    40. Morty Smith

      Ok yeah this is the Play station five it’s really faster yeah it super fast way less off those long loading screens u know oh yeah the control has haptic feed back Vibrations That’s simulator in game actions the l2 and r2 buttons adaptive resistance ph yeah man rick This commercial kind of boring you know It’s like the PlayStation is pretty cool

    41. Orochimaru's seal

      Скоро куплю)

    42. Quartermistress

      Does it come with a free plumbus tho.

    43. DaSmuggy

      Really convincing

    44. jeffy249

      They probably had to travel to like thousands and thousands of dimensions to get one

    45. 峰永月

      Played by Scalpers

    46. Łysy Saitama

      PS 5 have limits... Your money!

    47. jannis_ ktmz

      Maybe that commercial is a hint, that there will be a Rick and morty game for the ps5 in the future🤔🔥

    48. Onalerona's Random Thoughts

      Lol I didn't Get the Wi-Fi router. I got the Fridge instead. And since Sony and Microsoft declared that they aren't in competition (it's a no brainer) Id love to see one of my favorite creators do an XBOX ad with Summer and Beth. That would be cool

    49. DBS_ XMP

      yall gotta drop a rick n morty game, not vr, not some mobile game, a proper game

    50. Slurmp Duckletruck

      The best commercial I've ever seen

    51. mxttdot

      tbh Xbox Series X is faster

    52. SARA HAULE

      Man I miss Rick and morty

    53. Miaad Sadar


    54. Radiator

      Too bad they made 42 of them

    55. DareDaviD Pl

      My favorite PS5 ad so far

    56. Anonymous Apple

      The PS5 is so bad that even Sony knew about it and decided to roast it through their own approved commercial.

    57. CGI Future

      "Player has no limits" Homeless kids: SAD UNGA BUNGA

    58. I_Cry_Blood Bro

      They got me. Time to travel in a parallel universe to get one.

    59. The Ottoman

      Ps5 ads are like pornstars on tik tok you can never find them

    60. Emmanuel

      Sony: Get a Ps5 Walmart: No -_-

    61. andriod 16

      Scalpers..........I'm gonna ruin it.

    62. ole petter

      Sony: Get PlayStation 5 Stores near me: sold out

    63. Perronecia G

      now you got me

    64. بركان ثائر

      (*~~*ْﮩﮫـﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫـﮩـہ۽🕊ّ௸🏌🏻♂😹♥️ֆ!*~*آٍلّآٍنً هًذٍآٍ آٍلّمٌسَتٍخٍدًمٌ فُآٍطَسَ مٌنً آٍلّضَحًگٍ آٍنًتٍظَرٍ قٍلّيِلّآٍ.... 😹(آِبَِّتَِّعَِّدَِْ عَِّنَِّيَِْ سَِّوَِّفَِْ آِتَِّشَِّقَِّلَِّبَِْ )ـهُِهُِهُِهُِهُِهُِهُِهُِهُِـُِ-يٌُْآُرٍٰبٰٰيًٌ-دِٰخِٰيٓـٰلُٰٰكِ-ـُِهُِهُِهُِهُِهُِهُِ مضحك جدا* *~~*ْﮩﮫـﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫﮫـﮩـہ۽🕊ّ௸🏌🏻♂😹♥️ֆ!*~:ھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھ ↄᒪᓆ ʟ̤ɾʅᒪᓄ gІ͛ ⁹ ⁹ 𖤐. 😭💔🕊⃢🕊️

    65. Chris Ellis

      Must not be available in my dimension.

    66. Данил Никитин

      Speed 🤪

    67. summoners age

      i cant believe rick and morty sold out

    68. Jos Killer


    69. slizy

      You made me buy it

    70. MEMES Corporation

      Best ad ever

    71. Justifano

      Now I just need to find a reality where the PS5 isn't sold out and I'll gladly buy one

    72. I AM BEARCAT

      Should've mentioned "SONY" only made 20 consoles for launch

    73. Barnett Torelli

      Too bad they're all SOLD OUT!

    74. CR Smoll_Man

      As a Xbox Player, this is funny as hell 😂😂

    75. Jonathen Weise

      I'm so far behind on the backlog of games to play. I don't intend to invest in a new console till mid 2021 and it's just gonna be a larger backlog of games by then. This is a "problem" most welcomed.

    76. Johan Buelens

      To know that Rick endorses a product is good enough for me! The guy is so uptight he could crush a lump of coal into a diamond with his ass alone, so his endorsement goes a long way!

    77. TheRoadWarrior

      Rick and Morty yeah we will take your money then tell everyone you paid is a lot and give you a shit ad 😆

    78. swindle

      Sony: New PS5 (ad) Walmart: cancels my order Me: I GAVE WE WILL NEVER KNOW

    79. Enrique Merlo Lopez

      Best ad ever

    80. Balázs Bittó

      And the narrator at the end aaaaaa

    81. Sergey Mercury

      Is Rick counting the money for the ads? Рик деньги за рекламу считает?

    82. Apple

      🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🏾, rick & Morty plus playstation, 2 of my favourite things.

    83. Funkefeet 2

      So sony did this ad and microsoft made the fridge nice

    84. PaNDaSNiP3R

      Stop teasing me!!

    85. 1066gaz

      Gimme 5. You mean ps5 yeah.

    86. DAZ

      Нихера не понятно без субтитров )

      1. Zonned Comfyshortz

        Рик говорит, что Сони заплатила им много денег за рекламу и считает деньги. Говорит Рику говорить о PS5, но он делает это плохо. Морти говорит ему, что сказать, считая деньги.

    87. randomshittutorials

      Well they paid rick & morty. I love it.

    88. ian woodson

      Actually at this point in time it doesn’t have limits, limits in inventory available

    89. Denniel Manansala

      so where's the season 5?

    90. Ben Ar

      *I call it PS5* and we doing this instead of interdimensional cable

    91. Igor Budzhak


    92. Mighty Moto


    93. K Cheesey

      You might think a one hundred billion dollar company would have stock to accommodate demand and prevent shortages but you would be very wrong. Keep advertising a product you literally can’t even buy 👌

    94. Abdulah Adam

      “Alright Morty go talk about the thing they payed us alot”

    95. 1066gaz

      i will wait until spring 2021 to fetch my ps5 when the pandemic is probably over. I am not desperate SONY.

    96. Suvransu Panda

      'Play has no limits!' Yeah, but our wallets do.

    97. 1066gaz

      Yeah the ps5 is cool and so is amazon. Strangely It can only burn toast though.

    98. In4 Mation

      Xbox just been lazy af