Madison Beer's One of a Kind Met Gala Dress | Met Gala 2021 With Emma Chamberlain | Vogue


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    Madison Beer talks with Emma Chamberlain about her first Met Gala nerves and wearing a one of a kind dress to the red carpet.

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    Madison Beer's One of a Kind Met Gala Dress | Met Gala 2021 With Emma Chamberlain | Vogue

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    1. 믿다

      IM THE GIRL IN THE BACK AT 0:45 😂😂

    2. Courtney Michelle

      they have great vibes together

    3. Chonlada W.

      When your body on Instagram looks nothing like your body on Met gala. Lol

    4. Vodka


    5. Iya Via


    6. Matt

      I couldn’t stop staring at kim petras in the background, that dress was HIDEOUS omg

    7. Skeps

      Okay but Kim Petras posing in the horse girl fit in the back hahaha

    8. jules

      Anyone see horse girl in the back working it???

    9. Salva Abedi

      I love her ❤️‍🔥😮‍💨

    10. leah fettling

      arent the dresses all ''one of a kind''... isnt that the point....

    11. Olive Ohar

      Green is her color

    12. Rey L

      not to be dramatic but madison is perfect she’s literally perfect

    13. raeesah albertus

    14. Franz

      Beer doesn't have a bad angle, crazy!

    15. D J

      madison beer is on another level of beauty

    16. Lily Christmas

      madison and emma could change eyeshadows lol

    17. 𝕍𝕆𝕃𝔸𝕀ℝ𝔼

      I will never not be jealous of the outfits that the ladies wear 🥲

    18. Lord Farquaad

      Who the eff is this Beer girl anyway? I’ve never seen her in anything. She has no personality. She’s like a poor man’s Megan Fox and boooooooring.

    19. Becksnnc

      Can someone actually explain to me what the point of the MET Gala is though? Like what do the celebrities do once they are there? Just stand around and talk to people?

    20. constant fear

      Madison is genuinely a nice humble person

    21. tiva perez


    22. Vanessa

      She kinda looks like Melania trump omf

    23. Destiny Johnson

      Anyone else get sidetracked by the horse dress in the back😂

    24. Jennifer Vidal

      madison is so sweet🥺🥺

    25. Carolyn Miller

      "one of a kind"

    26. Vineta Fai

      her dress >.< Madison i love the dresssss!!!!

    27. Claire Z

      she looks unhealthy

    28. Mary Davis

      me and my bestie at the met tho lmao

    29. Panda Pie

      Disturbing Celebrity worship Many people suffered this year.

    30. Misha Forde

      She’s so pretty 😍

    31. karina lopez!

      I dont like that youtubers are going its going to down grade the met gala to any basic red carpet not say celebs are any less probalmtic 😐

    32. teddy bundy

      I love madison so much

    33. chillinforever

      Madison is just TOO gorgeous

    34. Baptized By Christ

      Why so anxious it should be fun 🤩

    35. Raychel The Child

      This is the sweetest interview! 😭😭😭❤❤❤

    36. Ayesha Pilcher

      Madison being proud of her hit different idk why🥺🥺🥺🥺 I’m proud of them both!!!!!

    37. Valentina Ramos Cobos

      they kind of match. we love to see it.

    38. Amina Amazdouy

      Everyone is so pretty 🤩

    39. Aida Vangaeva

      What happened to Emma😳 she is sooo skinny

    40. Mashrafi Kabir

      cheers if ur looking for Kim in the background 😂

    41. Ruth Warren

      yes, that orange dress marilyn wears is fuckin orgasmic shes magical in it. nice one Madison

    42. Kenzie Dale

      Madison beers energy in this is way more empowering than Megan’s energy towards Emma was.

    43. Gunel Aziz

      Azərbaycan toylarında qızların 90% ı belə hazırlanırlar .. sinə xaric:)

    44. Syawalisa oktafiani Fidal

      Maddie such a cute person

    45. Anjigirl

      I'm so disappointed in the looks they came up with for Met Gala. This if the title didn't say “Met Gala”, nobody would know because outfits just snooze fest (there were couple of amazing looks). They could've done so much with her

    46. Isabel Peterson

      Jesus Christ is our lord and Savior

    47. Mallory Stanford

      madison’s beauty makes me angry

    48. Lea Paulino

      THE MAKEUP!!!

    49. alyssa sirianni

      the “im so proud of u” gave me chills, ik emma would’ve loved that.

    50. Annyms

      God bless, Jesus loves you and died for you all

    51. Sarah Davies

      Wow.... she was so gracious

    52. Anne pan

      i thought madison went to the met gala in 2019?

    53. kathryn bragg


    54. Nicole M

      not the hours dress in the background

    55. suthobay

      Fake and plastic asf

    56. Teolicious

      Madison looks amazing but I really think her dress preferably should have been orange just like her inspiration, since the details of the dress are not exactly the same as Marilyn had worn in her film, there is little to no resemblance in my opinion. Nevertheless, she looks gorgeous! That shade of green definitely compliments her complexion very well!✨😍

    57. Ficus

      Why is nobody talking about the horse dress in the background

    58. Ysabella Cohen-Monfared🇮🇱

      Jewish Queen😍

    59. Taylor Morgan

      not to ruin the mood, but is the reporter alright ?, she looks really skinny... (im not trying to bodyshame she just looks a bit under th weather)

    60. Francis Salinger

      "everyone's nice!" well yea their career kinds depends on it lmao

    61. Aesthetic Princess

      Madison and Emma chamberlain being best friends…. Ahhhhhhh perfect match!

    62. Br0kenMirrors

      Her makeup is fuckin great

    63. Jo Whitaker


    64. L Dixon

      Madison looks like she’s prom queen in 2003

    65. Sophie's FIT

      So beautiful 🌹

    66. Seashells

      Madison looks like she’s going prom

    67. Farah Shanableh

      She's a living doll

    68. ARADAC

      First thing I thought of when I saw her dress was Marilyn's in gentlemen prefer blondes!!! Madison pulled it off beautifully

    69. ARADAC

      First thing I thought of when I saw her dress was Marilyn's in gentlemen prefer blondes!!! Madison pulled it off beautifully

    70. GermainesRandomStuff/ Surgeo and Camsta

      Emma looks like one of The Olsen twins

    71. Tia Marrow

      I swear Madison Beer is just 👑👑👑👑👑

    72. Angelina

      omg she looks STUNNINGGG

    73. West Camle

      What do you think about this ? ??

    74. Amar Autar

      Liza did it better.. just saying

    75. Malea Frost

      Emma chamberlain is one of the weirdest looking girls ever

    76. sabr1na


    77. Sisaac 20

      I could not pay attention with the horse dress lady at the back lmao

    78. Az Man

      She so pretty 😩💗💞💓 I'm so proud of you ☺️💕

    79. Aqilah Lakay

      We need Liza Koshys energy...

    80. Silvio Righetti

      omg kim petras was feeling her oats

    81. Livinia Donnelly

      0:41 we not gonna talk about the girl in the background dressed up as a horse?

    82. leo Leondre

      The only living organism i turn my video quality to max on!

    83. Natural Bby x

      Madison Beer is so beautiful

    84. H Bulgary

      Can we just pause and talk about what the actual F the people in the back are doing? With those horse costumes?

    85. suzenkhan

      Gemini + Gemini = energy 😭🔥

      1. Nakshathra

        are they gemini ?? gadd me tooo

    86. MJ Cortez

      her interviews are all about "is this your first Met?" "what is your advise to me being my first Met?" whatever... also the "I should be dead skinny to be beautoful... especially to Anna Wintour". So cliche.

    87. Jessica A

      Madisons so nice idk why people have to hate on her and emma's so nice and lets people talk and is so inviting and friendly

    88. Jennifer Schwartz

      Madison is stunning and the "Im so proud of you" at the end was really sweet!

    89. Tanyaclips

      they should be besties

    90. kÿhXX 1 = th/best

      1. kÿhXX

        some .f th most chill honest fun fems tbh- so dope

    91. Louise

      Emma talking about how anxious she was on her podcast, girl you’re doing amazing

    92. Maham

      That's suchhh an elegant and wedding ish look. Like how you'd dress to a royal party or something. Freaking looove it


      I love Madison beer so iconic

    94. Sidvart Thunakten

      David Dobrik fumbled the bag on Madison...

      1. Sophia

        and just life in general lmao

    95. Nike

      Wow this look… it’s impeccable! 🤍😍

    96. Summer Yallop

      I love them

    97. Gislany Carpena

      They both looked stunning!

    98. Maddie

      Is it just me or does Emma look scarily thin? I know her body frame is quite small anyway but she looks ill here

    99. Lusahira S

      Wait, but they never show the full dress - well that’s two minutes I’ll never get back