What is the Punishment for Emergency Ejection? #shorts

Not What You Think

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    Ever wonder if pilots get punished for ejecting from aircraft? After all airplanes are expensive and what if the pilots prematurely abandoned the vessel? #shorts
    Footage source: National Archived Catalog

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    1. Culture Screen

      Good to know.

    2. Ron Lawson

      The Biden government is a dealing with this Erection problem by giving Viagra to the pilots !

    3. azthar z

      It would be a bad day if the aircraft was upside-down when ejected 😅

    4. jordan hurd

      Was an ejection seat mechanic you can fly after ejection you just need to be cleared and once you eject 3 times you’re done

    5. Vicious Zero

      I didn't but it's interesting nonetheless.

    6. Daniel L

      In other words. Yes they can fly again. Because uncle sam will just buy 4 more jets

    7. Vernon Rogers

      Sometimes if your going fast enough your arms and legs get snapped and they hang from the tendons

    8. Toure Yacoubou

      I think You are trying to say mistakenly pulling the emergency ejected manual out

    9. CG

      Why did I have hope it was gonna land perfectly fine? 😭

    10. James Duncan

      There are various reasons why smaller framed pilots are necessary preferably 5 ft to 5 ft 5 anywhere between 60 cm to 65 cm is a necessary thing. The bigger and taller you are the more area space you take more complications you could have on your physical self.

    11. P. A. Y. E.

      OK.. I don't want punishment so I hav to die with jet.. 😣

    12. Just Bill

      Would the pilot feel Gs if the rockets were mounted on the jet, pushing the jet away from pilot? This is a physics question a professor asked me in college? I said yes, he said no. I have asked this question a hundred times, and still insist I was correct. What do u think?

    13. Scarlet

      Hey there were 4 fighter behind you And YOU HAD NO WINGS AND YOU COULDNT DO ANYTHING you ejected the Seat Fuck you

    14. Jesus G

      I wouldn't call that a punishment tho, that's more of a medical disqualification.

    15. Kane Smith

      You get a tie if you survive an emergency ejection

    16. Torey !

      Omg that’s crazy

    17. Edgar Cardenas

      $##$$## USA government George Washington blue pen Tony stark barcode 10 federal law free God white house

    18. Chimborgne

      To all stupid comments out there : yes, taking the risk to live the rest of your life in a wheelchair is actually better than being burned and squashed like a watermelon.

    19. Coconut Pog

      I read the title as ejaculation...

    20. Rattlesnake2002

      Why would you get actual punishment for ejecting? Wtaf?

    21. FESTER

      What if it malfunctions and just activates its self, would there be repercussions for the pilot or the maintenance crew chiefs?

    22. Victor Digă

      Bruh this is not fair

    23. RYUU. 50Years and

      Wasted a fuckin millions of dollars just for teaching 😂

    24. Skoty Rea


    25. Greg Craven

      Probably embarrassed cause they shit their pants ... And never fly again ?!

    26. IMGhostRogue

      All I thought about was goose watching this video

    27. Just-in Case

      Goose broke his neck ejecting out of his F-14 in top gun🤕

    28. Don 420

      So because a plan get destroyed and need abandoned the pilot gets in trouble for it ... oohh I forget this is the u.s where everything cost and when it’s broken someone gots to pay

    29. Tammie Stait

      Government irl: no more flying Government in ace combat: *SOLITARY CONFINEMENT BI*CH*

    30. It’s me, 33


    31. Darwish

      Haha if the airplane went upside down, it will eject the pilot straight to the ground

    32. Benny Conas

      Hehe.. reverse car accident..

    33. llama0wn3d

      If you have to use a Martin-Baker ejection seat, the company sends you a special Tie-Pin to commemorate the occasion 🧐

    34. karthik raja

      *"The modern ejection seats"*

    35. leo king

      Well all them tax money on fire now lol

    36. DG

      This channel is the new 5 min crafts.

    37. happyveliz

      Dang that last guy that ejected in the video, that one looked painful... He shot up and kind of spun like a bottle rocket would.

    38. Charming nowhere to hide

      received injuries.

    39. Noily

      Because of health issue, not for destroying a plane

    40. B. Santos

      If you're Anthony Edwards and you eject out of your fighter plane, your punishment is that you play a nerd in your next movie.

    41. loud trees

      so if you really needing it say if they shot ur aircraft to where it's smoking you cant pull the ejection button? so the air force is just a huge set up for yourself🤔🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Every fighter pilot decides when to eject BEFORE they get into the aircraft, when all the boxes are ticked, bye, bye jet, nice knowin ya...

    42. Josh Spontak

      I never considered the question before, but it makes perfect sense. Thanks for the little tidbit of info I’ll never use once in my entire life! ❤️

    43. Ligma Balls

      Consider protecting yourself from inflation that has already begun, control your future and consider and buying silver. #WallStreetSilver subreddit (this is not financial advice)

    44. Potato Face

      Ask Goose.

    45. Dan Fernando

      Because the airplane is much expensive than pilot life!

    46. SpaceMonkey37

      This title is pain stupid, there is no "punishment" for ejection. The military wants its pilots back in the air, it saves massively on training costs. Obviously there are risks involved with electing, but saying that the pilot will be punished is just not true.

    47. Connor xx

      What if you were the pilot and I was the ejection seat..? 🥵🥵🤪🤪

    48. Chauncey Scott

      I mean an ejection took out Goose...

    49. Artsy Media

      This is the CarMightyVids channel. Either this video was stolen or he also owns this channel

    50. Rio Bank

      No. It does not ban them nor do they get into too much issues about it

    51. Bob Brown

      Can you elect just the WSO? Asking for a friend 🙃

    52. Tim Safari

      What a bad research u did for this video ... it’s a shame U will Loose approximately 2-3cm of ur body height per ejection, despite’s all dangers and accidents that can happen during the ejection this is the most likely reason to get banned from flight. Your commander does not want a smurf in the team 😂

    53. Bad Beanz

      Why is the music actually fire

    54. Elijah Hector

      Ejecto seato cuh

    55. Awesome Face Gaming

      Is there a punishment for using an ejector seat? Well no, but also yes

    56. John Hill

      Every fighter pilot decides when to eject BEFORE they get into the aircraft, when all the boxes are ticked, bye, bye jet, nice knowin ya...

    57. Simone Mueller

      It’s called taking so much pressure on your body can you take it that makes a great pilot do you homework I have and you showing me more every day thank you

    58. PPxndas

      Bro what the hell are they supposed to do stay in the jet and die? What’s the point of punishment

    59. Electronic Guy

      Boss: You're Fired ! Pilot: Is it coz I'm disabled or crashed your jet ?

    60. Herman Garcia

      Guys don't watch this, the title is misleading.

    61. Cj Austin

      Ejecto seato cuz.

    62. I’m crying in a corner While i count my money

      So you get punished For saving yourself blowing up in pieces Okay.

    63. im mads

      if you eject at full speed your skin will be torn from your body so yea

    64. Bruce Baker

      I flew the A-4M and ejected. In the early 80s That was the older Martin-Baker seat. 50% of the Naval and Marine Corps Aviators were injured in the seat. I didn't have any numbness or injury after the flight Docs eval but he did say you might have back issues in my 50s or 60s and I was flying again in 3 days. Well guess what they were right!. All I can say keep moving and playing golf until you drop!!!

    65. Kenan Husanovic

      Ejecto seato cuzzz

    66. Max Spies

      It can also make you 2inches shorter by compressing your spine

    67. Specialized 29er

      I'd rather have a few fractures than be dead.

    68. Simon Andersson

      "what is the punishment for ejection" heavily implies that there is a punishment. Which there isn't... I thought we were past clickbait for channels like this one🤷

    69. Rod Romes

      Premature ejaculation yes there is punishment your boss ends up getting big round belly as all your fault that you wrecked her body you have to pay for a youngin for a while and if you're still together after that you still at the hear about that is all your fault that you wrecked her body she had nothing to do with it

    70. Nickolas Collazo

      This is where Alpha Mike Foxtrot comes from. When pilots would call out they were ejecting, ground control would radio back Alpha Mike Foxtrot for Adios M**********r because you could easily get very injured.

    71. D_ san

      Government: How can we punish our pilots? Engineers: EJECTO SEATO CUZ!!

    72. Acoo Znas

      I can't believe they wasted such an expensive aircraft just to test the eject seat, I was 100%sure it would be remote controlled or anything like that, men with that money I could build my own farm with animals and everything and not worry to have not enough money ^^

    73. stephen bernsen

      goose hit his head tho, and broke his neck

    74. nick sutton


    75. Peyton Bodin

      they need to put those on helicopters

    76. Autismo Supremo

      That's not a punishment it's a consequence you brainlet

    77. slappyrats

      No I didn't wonder but now I know and damn it was random 😂 good job!

    78. the king of clubs

      So you're saying i dont want to abandon weaponry that cost my employers millions for no reason. Right. I'll write that down just in case

    79. Natasha Halberton

      I hate that were made so fragile

    80. Indigo Lilies

      Pilot: Ok test ejection Plane: What wait noooo! Falls slowly down to crash and blow up...

    81. Cluless

      i thought by punishment u meant theyed get scolded by a higher up. i was like y tf they get punished for ejecting during an emergencu

    82. Gotti Baron

      The guy that did this 25 times as a test pilot and started his career 6'1 but is no longer tall enough to ride the roller coaster : *WHAT?!?*

    83. S o u p

      tl;dr yes, the punishment is pain and suffering

    84. Sk0lzkiy

      When pulling the red lever doesn't just result in a fine.

      1. Xz36

        Ejecting doesn't result in a fine. You don't get fined for DOING YOUR BEST NOT TO DIE.

    85. Xz36

      MISLEADING CLICKBAIT BS. The actual answer is NO, THERE IS NO MINIMUM PUNISHMENT FOR EJECTING. The minimum punishment for _not ejecting_ is death. SPINAL FRACTURE disqualifies a pilot, NOT EJECTING. Total clickbait piece of crap

    86. Abram Vargas

      Well I would not call it a punishment so much as an injury that makes the pilot in elegible to fly.

      1. Xz36

        Yeah, welcome to clickbait: skipping important details to make people think you're offering something new, when it's the same BS.

    87. John doe

      Moral of the story: If you experience catastrophic failure during flight, just figure out a way to land the damn plane.

      1. Xz36

        It's obvious that this video has a misleading clickbait title, but even if you actually got banned from flying, YOU REALIZE YOU WOULD STILL BE ALIVE RIGHT?

    88. Malone Dick ll

      Hmmm I don't think I would have wanted that job back in the day.... Ok today private we are going to put you in the back seat of this perfectly good jet and then we are going to eject you out .. sir yes sir.. wait what the FFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK

    89. Plastic Harp

      I don’t get why you’d get punished for living to fight another day if your plane is broken beyond repair but alright then

    90. Noah Rutan

      The answer is no unlesd there incompetence caused the accident

    91. Tyler Charron

      Build a billion dollar jet to fiind out that the seat does not go back all the way

    92. rehlos

      rather go out with the jet instead of the jet going out without me

    93. Deaf AuDy


    94. slavik k

      Well if you don’t want to get punished don’t do it go down with the plane.

    95. MAS

      ejection seats more like retirement seat

    96. Rohit M

      What is this background music

    97. Marshall Grimmett

      Couldn’t you just lie and say the controls got stuck or something?

    98. Chris m

      Good to know

    99. Timotious01

      Plane : [almost crash] Ejection seat : “im a bout to end this man whole career”

    100. gumelini1

      Are you saying that the pilots ejecting from jets in the movies and immediately grabbing guns and fighting enemies is all fake?