Surprising FaZe Jarvis With 24 Gifts In 24 Hours

FaZe Kay

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    We Surprised FaZe Jarvis with 24 Gifts and Presents in 24 Hours for his 19th Birthday! @Sommer Ray @FaZe Jarvis
    Idea Credit: @TBJZL
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    1. FaZe Jarvis

      Best birthday ever holyyyy❤️

      1. Marco Lamas

        Happy birthday

      2. Marco Lamas


      3. Agua Raider


      4. Tuanis Name _LHT

        Happy birthday but a bit late sorry

      5. Lil Xxxtentacion


    2. Angel garcia

      My birthday is on the 27

    3. C H R I S_

      Yesterday was my birthday

    4. Mr.j & Mr.k

      That would be lot better if he get unbanned from fortnite

    5. Universal Gamer

      My birthday was on the 23 novenber

    6. Veyy Does Stuff

      1:58 couldve just lift off his shirt and grab all that money that is coming from below easily🤣

    7. Waseem Gamer

      Wait wasen't that lambo in highskys instagram picture

    8. Cam

      Bro kay looks out for jarvis well he is such a good brother

    9. Angel Repollet

      Yo I’ve not watch you guys in forever

    10. Valdemiro Lopes Gomes

      my birthday was nor/21/2020

    11. Sebastian Rivas

      *Jarvis playing fortnite on ps5 kay:WHAT ARE YOU DOINNN *jarvis throws ps5 out window

    12. DIGITAL Finesse

      I got ditto for $11 on ebay 😂😂

    13. janna jones

      That is a rented Lamborghini

    14. S2cond Sway


    15. Eron 737

      I love Jarvis t-shirt

    16. zorey fn

      You should have got Jarvis unbanned on fortnite for his birthday

    17. mikeyonfnbr

      hollly broo

    18. XD Ghostgamer

      14:17 "Just imagine everything is Epic Games" Lmao 😂

    19. KilluaWRLD

      That maid is a baddie😍

    20. marin_ 101

      Happy bithday

    21. Jackson Charlie

      The best present is unbanned in fortnite

    22. RongSammy Hero

      Today is my bday

    23. Hunter Lindsey

      I wish I had hafe the stuff he had

    24. Percy YAU

      I just started the video and I feel like they are going to try and get Jarvis unbanned form fortnite or something

    25. EZC Broo

      He’s got the same birthday as me

    26. ili syazwani

      I love you kay

    27. Typical gamer

      I’ve did everything I really want an iPhone 12

    28. ili syazwani


    29. Eric Man

      Too spoiled

    30. SIDKING 3105

      Happy bday Jarvis...ur damn lucky tho

    31. Sayuki lol Yudistira

      Happy birthday Jarvis!

    32. Sam Ordonez

      best older brother ever

    33. The Boom Tube

      How much money was all of ths

    34. Faze Kiki -_-

      Dang javis

    35. Orca Gaming


    36. YouTube Fat Fat tryhardFaze ttv Ali

      Hss add pot birthday best fortnite player best person ever 24 presents 🎁 crazy presents best person in the world

    37. Keny Cruz

      Can i plz get i phone 12

    38. Rachel Sorenson

      Omg did he not get band for life

    39. A Chin

      he should acctually marry her ngl

    40. Xanthia Dayao

      Hoollllly jarvis your cracked bro

    41. Blitzis_ qt

      imagine he returns everything :)

    42. daddydonnie58

      i love you guys

    43. Ryder Horwath

      You don’t have a lisisns

    44. R3SPECXX ツ

      at the end of the video give my stuff back

    45. angelia andrade

      Don’t date sommer ray she is not your tipe

    46. zuygj bnsv

      Kay was like 20x more excited than jarvis

    47. RunItUp

      Who else new there was going to be a ps5 👇

    48. b.j j.b

      Happy bday bro

      1. zuygj bnsv

        Javirs ur bday is 5 days later then mine

    49. XODeath9011 Xbox

      Spends a million dollars 1/2 the amount of my house on a birthday like what

    50. Floreen Graves

      hi faze jarvis

    51. loser voltz

      Me when she said no more hoe 13:12

    52. Dio

      The wedding was so... Awkward

    53. Tony Alboustany

      I like this brother 😅😅

    54. Its LevYT

      Happy birthday jarvis

      1. Brent Lovett

        Hollly happy birthday Jarvis

    55. Mathgau Scoot

      Happy birthday 🥳 jarvis

    56. Alison Contreras

      they should a highsky 24 gifts in 24 hours

    57. Joaquin Aguirre

      They should have let you play fortnite man like dang Epic games that's why I deleted fortnite PLAY COD

    58. kobe bryant 24


    59. Boomer Diamonds

      Jarvis has to get a licence

    60. Meaghan Gallagher


    61. Sameer Khan


    62. Acton Lord

      Can I get jarvis old pc?

    63. Elijah's Adventure Awasome

      Javirs ur bday is 5 days later then mine

    64. Alfie Springett

      Happy birthday

    65. AFK 89

      These videos hype me up

    66. Adrian Ryan


    67. Adrian Ryan

      From fortnite

    68. Adrian Ryan

      Ur unbanned

    69. King Sergeo

      Happy birthday Jarvis

    70. Yash Nair

      And my parents won't even let me get the new Xbox for my birthday

    71. Eduardo Bermudez

      Ayy yo I know you don’t know me and i see that you give Jarvis all these gifts and all I want is a PS4 ca no you give me one plz

    72. cedric Corbi

      Wow Jarvis my birthday was 21 november and yours 20

    73. シNIKOシ

      Happy birthday 🎁🎈🎉 my guy

    74. Trey Shelton

      No way he didn’t smash the maid

    75. Mazen Hegazy

      Imagine if someone got u unbanned for your birthday

    76. Janelle Bearcub

      Them grieving in that lamb like the old faze house

    77. allala les fans

      and i got a book fore my birthday lmao

    78. Jxson

      12:05 FaZe Kay never hired him he was already the FaZe Chef he was in Nikans video #StopTheCap #FaZeUp #FaZeKay #NoHate #HopeErr1doinwell

    79. JFN

      I swear he has a birthday every month

    80. Penny Wise

      that's why i want to be on faze.

    81. Tiff King


    82. Zatchy Boy

      Damn sommer dodged the kiss lmfao

    83. Theodor Tveit


    84. Loki Plays

      am i the only one thats sees the woman in the begining in this video walking to jarvis and her name is molly he sid it himself look

    85. Keerti Kaur


    86. Keerti Kaur

      imagine Jarvis was banned from driving cars 🤣


      pls I want a give away iPhone 12 i love you and your videos

    88. Ron Vazquez

      He said “fat jeep”

    89. Pisien

      When jarvis sees Sommer walking down.. OMG! Also I bet Jarvis and Sommer are soulmates...

    90. Alex

      11:56 so that’s who that was in Nikan’s video💀

    91. E7_Heaven

      Just that computer is more expensive than all the things i get in 3 or 4 years.. Lol

    92. Irshaan Ghurahoo

      Happy birthday jarvis lov u guys of faze clan stay healthy and be unbanned on fortnite one day ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎂🌞🥳🥳

    93. LilericYTxd


    94. christopher cipolla

      I am great full for just having my family for my birthday.

    95. yayeetboy123 456

      The wedding I caught that guy lacking

    96. FaZe Hurky 1

      Happy Birthday

    97. Your AverageBoi

      I would love a ps5 or iPhone 12 pro🥺🥺

    98. Savage Dude

      This is how many times they said hollllllyyyy 👇

    99. Savage Panda

      i swear i wish i was spoiled

    100. Oskar Blayden-ryall

      I wanna know the price Bruh 💵