Uncle Roger Think Cowboy Fried Rice SO WEIRD (Kent Rollins)



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    1. Cowboy Kent Rollins

      Thanks Uncle Roger, you come by the wagon and we will cook some beef

      1. Carl Angeles

        fake ass accent

      2. Goodmen YT


      3. Finley Watson

        @mrnigelng haha FUIYOH I am surprised you did not say HAIYAH

      4. Bảo Hoàng Nguyên

        Can u please use modern words please

      5. Sean Zamora

        "Bad breath means you live good life." -Uncle Roger, 2021🤣

    2. Lay's Cousin

      That "Sorry Children" 🤤😩🤤😩🤤😩🤤🤤😩🤤

    3. Charlotte Tan

      fun fact : Felix from straykids know uncle roger

    4. Duti Syeda Ashfah Toaha

      Love Uncle Roger for pointing out animal abuse. Good man!

    5. Riana And Her Gucci Belt

      Felix: *Cooking like a chef I'm a five star Michelin* Also Felix: *burns pancakes* lol

    6. Boss GSCS

      Aunt Roger

    7. Gosu Ame Mizu


    8. Foggy Highway

      Blm joke won the day for me. I can sleep well tonight.

    9. ThugMonk

      MSG, king of flaywer - Uncle Roger

    10. Michelle Cooper

      @uncleroger just bought the mask!!!

    11. rudi shamsudin

      dude, you're funny but can't you stop with the character break. its starting to get annoying.

      1. Boss GSCS

        And hes like hiding in a closet while hes at it. He should be aunt roger instead of uncle.

    12. 我们慕洋犬都是牛逼哄哄的人物


    13. Crick1952

      When Cowboy Kent still does a better job than Jamie Oliver 😂

    14. Roy Martin

      Damn... Who got high blood pressure just by looking at the fried rice...

    15. Nations Community

      Hey, Uncle roger, Why you so racist!

    16. David Young Lee

      3:48 u r back to ur normal voice haha

    17. winson Chan


    18. Levi tube

      Next video he should join a zoom meeting and insult students like if agree

    19. Wolfman狼人

      Uncle roger this chinese youtuber draw you decameras.info/block/q4mrsoCab6XLjKM/video.html At 9:00

    20. Val Zhyce Degurechaff

      9:55 Uncle Roger: "Is this what they call white privilege?" His level of humor is evolving ang it's hilariously scary. edit: Also 13:50

    21. You darn weebs, get off my lawn!

      1:33 That explains why I can't get a girlfriend.

    22. nijuo joing

      drink coke properly without stopping in 2 seconds

    23. TT

      wtf was that 5 star thing at 12:21 , don't start jumpscares Uncle Roger!

      1. An idiot Sandwich

        decameras.info/block/fYNkZoh_ppu9oqM/video.html 🙃

    24. O'Patriot

      Uncle Roger you are so racist!!! Reporting you don't talk like this normally it's a skit. You are culturally appropriating real Asians. You are making us look ignorant.

      1. Hillow Atheee

        Geez it's a comedy. Relax. No one actually take what Uncle Roger does or says seriously.

      2. nijuo joing


    25. Corsaire 1985

      wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffff is that intro?! ... I LOVE IT >_

    26. Alex Sux AT GAMES

      People. Who just started watching uncle roger: this is my favourite white powder Visitors: tf

    27. lil Jin Mori

      Watch Malaysian grandma cook egg fried rice

    28. Ramz Vand

      I see viewers from Unker Roger (Uncle Roger in parody accent) meeting viewers from Kent Rollins. Me be like : "I know both Unker Roger and Kent Rollins " 😂

    29. CubeOfDoom

      Can kids drink Heineken 0.0? I dont mean it lol.

    30. Richard Cranium

      You can’t disrespect an OG and getaway with it.unfortunately, unsubbed

      1. Hillow Atheee

        You acting as if that cowboy is a well-known person😂

    31. Juno Moneta


    32. Kenny Peere

      Hey Uncle Roger, why don't you review the egg fried rice recipe of Binging with Babish, which is currently the 4th most popular cooking show on DEcameras? decameras.info/block/fKFhmqqHmKaXqZM/video.html

    33. 1ppo

      The thumb gives it extra FLAVOR. :)

    34. J Lewis

      Cowboy Kent is a legend..this guy...not so much

      1. J Lewis

        @Hillow Atheee he wont last that long on this platform. his content is already getting stale, imo

      2. Hillow Atheee

        Give him a few more years and he will be. He's still new after all

    35. Benju gurung

      This is so horrible 😱 Even if it's a fusion of east and west but this is just a horror 🤢 As a chef I feel so insulted that he think it's worth of Michelin dining restaurant. 😡

    36. Yvan Lamanero

      Its a matter of preference uncle roger culture to culture when it comes to cooking authenticity doesn't matter as for cowboy kent does it in his own way... cowboy style! deal with it less drama bellies are filled not the mind.. let cowboy kent do what he does most man the relaxing vibes as what cooking channel should be its the entertainment and the appreciation of what he does not with the reaction twisty craziness of a content nowadays...

    37. Mohd Rusli Nur Auni Aniqah

      i love eating fried rice with soup...yummy 😋😋😋

    38. Najeeb Sheikh

      I haven't laughed so hard in over a month since I watched the last Uncle Roger wijeeo!

    39. Win Win music


    40. Mimmi Lindblom

      this was fun the first time, now I can't stand his voice. So annoying

    41. DaRobloxianKnows

      instead of working at restaurants order the food from them and ask if they have MSG

    42. Spencer Miller


    43. bluedust2

      You should make his fried rice and to a proper taste test.

    44. Hillery Chan

      Uncle Roger do you like Yangzhou fried rice? It’s my favourite!

    45. Sight4SoreEyes039

      Uncle Roger, can you try making fried rice his way and reacting to it.

    46. Pacholo Reuben Santos

      Umcle Roger staning JYP Nation artists👍🏻

    47. Nagel Miguel

      Uncle roger guess how i am :3

      1. Nagel Miguel

        Old ///

    48. min min

      Uncle, when will you comeback to Malaysia? I wanna meet with you🙆

    49. Geng Kai

      Thought he would tell kids to get a shirt

    50. Rahmad Setyadi

      That little cow probably gonna get the second worst experience in its life

    51. Pumkin Spice

      Haiyaa! Uncle Roger so weak! Cannot stand real alcohol! Cannot stand flavour! So Asian!

    52. hasnul

      Mr. Pearson needs to start making fried rice too

    53. y1521t21b5

      13:56 *Ba dum tss!* ;-)

    54. chonk cat

      "and now we start wedio" ad : 5 second

    55. Michael BYF

      Your stamina 's gone? Why SO WEAK?

    56. danial afiq

      who is Nigel? he looks familiar tho.

    57. Bill Quisty

      You're not afraid with peanut and msg but why you scared with dirty fingernail, haiyaaa so weak so weak

    58. Josh Chan

      i think you should react to zach choi fried rice

    59. Asanka Ruhunage

      Why you drink a beer if u dosent get drunk

    60. Sean Zamora

      "Bad breath means you live good life." -Uncle Roger 2021

    61. 吳生三


    62. regina aig

      ‚still better than jamie oliver‘s rice‘ 🤣 burn

    63. Hải Dương

      🔫 🤠

    64. Dale Caldwell


    65. IKD_YT

      Does Uncle Roger sleep on a wok at night?

    66. ROM's Quick Bites

      Holy crap you're a STAY

    67. Hobby Jalan

      please review MARIA OZAWA cooking nasi goreng with sate ayam

    68. Hobby Jalan

      please review MARIA OZAWA , fried rice with sate ayam

    69. Apostolos Hassirtzoglou

      That Felix cameo tho ahahah

    70. Muna Hadirah

      Omg hahahha felix I bet stray kids will watch this

    71. Pisces Nygyr

      I didn't expect #FELIX of STRAYKIDS is only uncle Roger knows as a Chef of a 5 Star Michelin with ( video clip 12:15 ) wahahahahahahaha HIGHLIGHTED my Day! daaaaaaaang ..

    72. Ws Ten

      This will be a nightmare for gordon ramsay if he watched it

    73. johnwong my


    74. DoseOfPinecone

      "just cook sh!t in ground" that had me laugh so hard lol

    75. BeepBeepBoi-o

      old bertha 😭😭

    76. 月 / Lunar

      Kent rollins meeting gordon be like "This kitchen aint big enough for the two of us chef"

    77. lukhangele mgweba

      Haiya! Why drinking beer with no alcohol? Why so weak? So weak😒

    78. Kengcha Xyooj


    79. Cyanide

      Heineken 0.0 is like Fried Rice without MSG :'( It's so sad

    80. きあさす

      Any other STAYs only come here for the 5 star Michelin part? 😂

    81. VAV Chan

      can you roast that vegan teacher ?

    82. M Hafidz S F

      Please subtitle Indonesia

    83. Trax Silvan


    84. Jennifer Jack

      Yesss Felix and his 5 star

    85. I GAME you game

      wait can kids drink it to

    86. Muhd aiman

      Im curious to try Heineken 0.0 , I really proceed to drink barbarican 🙁

    87. Gelo martinez


    88. Olivia Cooley

      3:24 breaking character 😂

    89. -sammy WY-

      Skz reference used by uncle roger Me: *holding my nachimbong* DREAMS DO COME TRUE

    90. 宗烨zongye

      Best thing about rice cooker is when your parents tell u to cook the rice u just put in the rice cooker and press the button But when in white country......

    91. Aussie Dan

      Certainly looks disgusting, maybe he should stick to BBQ grilling and not made up recipes outside the backyard.....wouldn’t try it if it was the last meal on earth. You eat with your eyes, any normal person would die with this recipe. 👎

    92. Joshua Waring

      This guy’s voice is like a fucking cheese-grater

    93. ND

      I'm the only one with asian flow in my family, don't know why though. My face turns into a lobster and i start to itch everywhere. it is so annoying :(

    94. White92Guy

      1 being passed down from my great grandmother, 1 from my grandmother who got a induction stove several years back and then another from my grandma on my dad's side after she sadly passed away 10 years ago. Then 2 more from some hunting camps my grandpa and dad stole them from when I was a kid.

    95. Willis

      ngl sometimes butter hits different with fried rice

    96. Anders Eriksson

      All jokes aside, MSG is fucking amazing

    97. INB LY

      Uncle Roger is about to become The K-Pop Egg fried rice guy

    98. laman012

      Lol@auntie hershia draining the rice in COLANDER.

    99. Geoffrey Chaucer

      Crack me up., uncle roger.. u savage!!!!😜😜😜

    100. Dlanor Tuigalad

      This video is so funny.🤣