She Wants to Freeze Herself

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    1. The Nodnarb

      So you found a woman where did you find the woman?

    2. Spideyx 123

      She’s going to be the next captain america

    3. mohammed haddaoui

      Bruh totaly bruhhhhhhh

    4. mohammed haddaoui

      She doesent have a life That she thinks about it funny but no one can ascape from the death

    5. Nezuko Kamado

      I'm so confused

    6. D4RK¶∆¶

      everyone gonna die this planet gonna die


      But my allah say in koran every hunam die onece a day

    8. Ergi Gamer

      "i found a woman , who will never die...her name is Linda" Me: Hmmm...i think I've heard this name before. **Walks out of the room** **Shot on iphone music start playing** Also me: *Oh f*ck*

    9. P the double- chin YT

      I the she is Linda h

    10. sami X 0 X

      Kullo Nafsin Zaekatul Moat. 💀☠️

    11. shilpa kharat

      Living forever is a big mistake

    12. kamleshwar jain

      Queen Elizabeth be like You chose the wrong race

    13. fans Nikidi

      This 1 minute guy: linda Me: Linda H.

    14. xTiffanyx

      That's a sick idea haha

    15. Tactical

      ‘Her name is Linda’ *hears shot on Iphone song* Me: *panicking intensifies*

    16. Dev Soni

      That lady is Lame 😂😂😂

    17. Coco Memes

      Click bait

    18. Ryan

      Me being British: OUR MAJESTY ETERNAL LIVING

    19. G4.60Gavin reiley siaton


    20. ALI Omar saeed

      🤨 like seriously wow Never thought that Human can be dum Everyone will taste death

    21. Kevin Martinez

      Damn she can't win gulag

    22. Jennifer Lopez

      Why does this remind me of Captain America

    23. MTruby99

      Like Alex Hernandez

    24. Ambuj Mishra

      That's not gonna happen

    25. Sarah Townsend

      Ha ha ha it’s 2021 all we got is a pandemic

    26. Ismat Isaki

      Winter soldier program is a thing now

    27. forgottengames

      Fallout 4 irl

    28. Karim

      Most stupid idea I have ever heard in my whole fucking life lol. Y’all don’t know what death really is. 💀

    29. Joan Nwokolo

      You can't cheat God

    30. game pro legand

      Good bye hart i will be with my dad :)

    31. Leslie Diaz

      I hope she don’t die if she did then I whole die for her

    32. Ahmed Dayyani

      Nice joke

    33. Sofia Pomaco

      What about her parents . They won’t be the same because they’re not frozen

    34. biruna yacob

      Me: wow

    35. Hari Luitel

      The world will end in 5079

    36. Aisha Hussain

      I’m so afraid of death-

    37. Foofy

      The truth behind the Queen

    38. June Abrahams

      I want that

    39. Theamae Greaves

      That's literally what happened to captain america but his was by accident

    40. Yorki maldonado


    41. DoriftoTV86

      I don't have studies, but knowing what the action of freezing ppl cloning truly mean and imagining their consequences scares me. I always support science, but these things are the one that I can't. I cannot explain it because it would take me AGES (not exagerating) to make you understand how wrong and sick and ethically horrible can this thing be. All I can tell you is that you can understand it on your own by simply using some logic, nothing more. But, knowing this society, if the day will come these kind of things are possible, I'm sure noone will think through enough and will stop it. At least they won't think about it only after some decades. This is my opinion, that is all, lemme know what you think. I'd be glad to hear.

    42. DICTATOR

      The minute you die.. you will be dead forever

    43. Binyam K

      I'm an HVAC tech annd I would like to seehow this would turn out!!

    44. Sai Laxminarayanan

      If they find this out it can be used as a cure for cancer.

    45. Alex

      That sounds like Dr stone season 2 ending

    46. New account 342 Made by

      I don’t think this is possible ngl no one knows your last second of death also what happens if you get crushed my a speeding car what are you gonna do? Put ice on her? By the time people notice she is dead

    47. XxSunny CrossingxX

      Nas I love how you include women in most of your videos because some people think women are weak and it’s good that you do that Edit:my Mom loves your channel too :)

    48. Trung Cao

      U die so others born U greedy old .....

    49. Fiorem09

      What happen with their souls

    50. Six

      We all gangsta til the scientist dies

    51. Putra Manshah

      The secret of queen Elizabeth

    52. adib sahli

      I think you need a soul

    53. Ice cream for free

      Found a wome who will never die... Me-da queen. Freeze the body till scien.... Me-edo tensei no shit.

    54. The Magical Land

      I am so after of death to I can not even stay I a room empty lucky her

    55. Black devil

      It is not possible. It is the rule of nature that everything that starts will end one day

    56. Rafsan Islam

      That's one of most dumbest content I have ever seen

    57. Paranaque_Properties Sangcap

      i think god will accept her to live again (maybe😅)

    58. Darkshadow_9112 Playz

      This maybe will bring back rappers that died like xxxtentacion

    59. Deepika N.M

      I bet she has seen titanic 2 trailer and had this idea

    60. misscaitimac

      Is this supposed to be weird? This is a thing. There are multiple companies out there who will do this for anyone who can pay.

    61. Tatenda Bwititi

      Wishful thinking.

    62. Noob Army!!

      It's okay I'm good dying

    63. Mohayayo Bibo

      Bruh stop believeing in that poopy facts every body dies!!!! not lives again!!!!! That girl has more stupidity than productivity

    64. Amrin VK

      Any one who remembered melting me softly?

    65. Ibn Naz


    66. Rith- Thearika

      I mean she’s afraid of nature

    67. Crazy Clown

      they will be unfreeze by the smart zombies

    68. Cloudyxsoftie♡︎

      “She is so scared of death” Me: WHOS NOT?

    69. Carl Tantano

      If Tyler1 would be the same as her... Tyler1 would live for 50 years and pass for 5 second

    70. Annette Alforova

      Bruh, that is impossible, no matter what happens, your soul will send to the sky and judged whether you go to heaven to hell. Just saying, don’t come at me with your conspiracy theories. Thank you

    71. Red XD

      So the IPhone meme will not die

    72. Gourav Kumar

      Which means the "Shot on iPhone" memes will be paused for 100 years?

    73. Conner Dunaway

      This is the Walt Disney special

    74. • ˢ ᵗ ᵒ ᵒ ᵖ ʸ  ᶠ ᵃ ⁿ •

      plot twist, she freezes to death.

    75. THE SLOG

      She is linda.h iphone master 😂😂😂😂

    76. Marika Kudlak

      She is probably dead right now like WOW!!!!!

    77. Marika Kudlak

      Probably not even real...........

    78. Tjah Perkasa

      Linda H.

    79. Hann Marie Clymer

      This is some real Austin Powers shit

    80. I love cats

      I also don’t want to die

    81. Bhanu Pratap

      This is how zombies attack is going to happen

    82. ꧁𝑃ℎ𝑜𝑒𝑛𝑖𝑥 𝑅𝑜𝑠𝑒꧂

      Humans: Omg it’s time to bring her back!! Her in heaven: Alr God I guess my soul is coming back to the cruel world I’m supposed to die in. It’s alr I’ll be back in around 60 years. God: Alr see ya Linda. That doesn’t make any sense. Spiritually speaking, your soul that’s either in heaven or hell is not just gonna come back in your body cuz you froze them. Science can be dumb sometimes

    83. Tamara's Lashay

      Me too 👧

    84. LidaA Ahmadi

      Nope not transferring my heart

    85. Lily Saccone

      Him: talking about what Linda said Me: excuse me-.. um- WHAT how if this even POSSIBLE!?!?!?!

    86. Mick Andrews

      I’m really not afraid of death The trick is think about the torture of living forever

    87. Daii

      Idk man can't run from death that easily sin is in our core but Yeshua defeated it. Yall can alwast accept that gift. If god wills👍 God bless.

    88. Franky Aguilar

      Me too I’m ax Scared of death

    89. Homey King

      You NEVER want to live forever. Why you might ask. Well if you are alive forever then you have to see all your relatives die, see the sun explode and see the world end and continuously fly in space

    90. Francisco Ulisses

      I wanna freeze me too i have nothing to lose

    91. ur typical foxypromax11


    92. Lost-uchiha

      Hell no

    93. Hyphen Gaming

      Thats the most stupidest thing i have ever heard😖

    94. Not Toxic ace

      Lite:ok linda

    95. Mikey Mike12

      But think about it all those celebrities that you can’t see cuz there dead all your family dead can’t see Dinosaurs dead can’t see Kobe Bryant Cameron Boyce dead There’s a time for everything And you can’t become the longest person to live if your the the only person alive

    96. FoxyFlix Yt

      That would be so cool boys I think we're on are way to becoming immortal